Friday 26 August 2016

#81 TELEVISION - Double Exposure (Flac)

Double Exposure
(1974-75 Studio demos)


Regarded as the “Crown Jewels” of Television bootlegs. It’s unfortunate that a band so influential and culturally important has few quality sounding bootlegs available. This is one of the exceptions and gathers the late 1974 demos, recorded at Good Vibrations Studios in NYC. with Richard Hell on bass. (see first five tracks) and the August 1975 demos (see tracks 6-11) recorded with Fred Smith on bass - part of the session for Terry Ork of Ork Records. Ork released Television's debut single Little Johnny Jewel in 1975. That single was included on the expanded re-issue of 'Marquee Moon' and a more recent singles compilation.

An Italian bootleg label released this in 1992 on catalogue number DE-92SC. ‘Double Exposure’ has some low quality live tracks inserted between the two studio sessions, these have been omitted from this silver disc lossless rip. They can be found on the CBGB's and Piccadilly Inn, Cleveland, 1975 live bootlegs, in better quality, especially the latter show.

01. Prove It (4:43) 
02. Friction (4:28) 
03. Venus (3:28) 
04. Double Exposure (3:07) 
05. Marquee Moon (7:07) 
06. Hard On Love (4:28) 
07. Friction (4:33) 
08. Careful (3:07) 
09. Prove It (4:54) 
10. Fire Engine (3:12)
11. Little Johnny Jewel (7:03)

Lineage: Silver CD rip
Running Time: 50:14

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