Tuesday 16 August 2016

#71 GENESIS - Wembley, London 1975 (Flac)

Empire Pool, Wembley,
5th April 1975.

(First circulated March 2009) 

Sourced from the master reels, the audio quality is stunning.

"One of the most bootlegged radio broadcasts in Genesis' history was recorded at the Empire Pool, Wembley. Genesis played two nights at Wembley and the BBC were contacted to record both nights. Some sources quote the recording date as 14th, but comparison with an audience tape from 15th shows the recording is from the second night. The proliferation of this show on bootleg is partly due to the large number of broadcasts it has received: at least three by the BBC; several world-wide broadcasts of a BC transcription LP; some King Biscuit broadcasts and numerous Westwood One airings.

The first broadcast on BBC's "In Concert" program, 12th July 1975 at 6:30 pm, was bootlegged by the classic "Awed Man Out" (TAKRL 1975 - LP), minus 'Watcher of the Skies'. The BBC pressed a quadrophonic LP to accompany the original broadcast, hosted by Brian Matthew and named "POP SPECTACULAR featuring Genesis In Concert". As often happens with BBC LP's this transcription differs from the corresponding UK broadcast: 'In The Cage' was added at the expense of 'Lilywhite Lilith' and splicing out a couple of chunks of 'The Waiting Room'. Although an encore, 'Watcher of the Skies' whenever broadcast is always the first track played. Curiously the final verse of 'In The Cage' present on the audience recording, is edited out of the broadcasts giving the impression Peter forgot the lyrics." (David Dunnington)

1. Watcher Of The Skies 7:45
2. Cuckoo Cocoon 2:21
3. In The Cage 6:49
4. The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging 3:04
5. The Story of Rael (part 1) 1:30
6. Back In N.Y.C. 6:00
7. Hairless Heart 2:35
8. Counting Out Time 3:54
9. The Carpet Crawlers 5:43
10. Lilywhite Lilith 2:36
11. The Waiting Room 9:34
12. Anyway 3:35
13. Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats 1:13
14. The Colony Of Slippermen (part 1: Arrival) 1:53
15. Ravine 1:28
16. The Light Dies Down On Broadway 3:32
17. Riding The Scree 4:41

Source: BBC master reels, except “The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging”
(Westwood One ''BBC Classic Tracks'', show #92-34) - provided by Alessandro Vasserot.
Restored (mainly phase correction and de-noising) with Cedar Cambridge.
Digital SQ-Quad decoding with Adobe Audition scripts developed by Andreas Kempf.
CD-Audio: specially remixed from the decoded Quadraphonic masters with reduced ambience (Stereo).

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