Friday 18 March 2022

THE NATIONAL - Live in Chicago, 2011 (Flac)


A live broadcast special by WXRT FM, to promote the National’s then current album ‘High Violet’, released on 10 May, 2010. The 13 song set-list is equally split between the new album and ‘Boxer’ from 2007, including six tracks a piece with one older classic, ‘Mr. November’ from ‘Alligator’ (2005).

For sound quality, this is the best National show I have come across to date. It’s crystal clear and features the vocals and guitars high up in a brilliant, sparkling stereo mix. There is so much drive and energy to this performance, it’s really life affirming and if you’ve read many of the comments I’ve made throughout the Bootlegs of the Year document, you will know I’m not given to such hyperbole. I’ve listened to many great live shows in 2021 but this is certainly one of the absolute best and a personal favourite, just superb.

After suffering a family loss and the ensuing trauma over the Christmas Holiday period, it was a show that helped me through a difficult time. It's included in the yet to be published, latest edition of Bootlegs of the Year (2015-21). Which, hopefully should be ready sometime in April. 

The National
UIC Pavillion, Chicago, IL.
24 April, 2011

Recorded from the WXRT FM re-broadcast on 21 April, 2013

01. Anyone's Ghost 3:17
02. Mistaken for Strangers 3:44
03. Bloodbuzz Ohio 4:45
04. Slow Show 4:57
05. Squalor Victoria 4:47
06. Afraid of Everyone (w/Richard Perry) 4:54
07. Conversation 16 4:27
08. Apartment Story 3:50
09. England 5:17
10. Fake Empire 3:28
11. Start a War (w/Wynn Butler) 3:41
12. Mr. November 4:51
13. Terrible Love 4:35

Time: 56:39

Lineage: HD over fm>Sangean HDT-1>Rotel-05 SE>SoundBlaster (Live! 24 bit External)>wav(CD Wave Editor)>flac

Note: This is not your normal FM broadcast. The performance, the mix and recording are virtually perfect, it sounds so good and is reminiscent of a high quality pre-FM source. Play loud and enjoy.