Wednesday 26 October 2016

#97 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - The Complete Nebraska Session (Flac)

The Complete Nebraska Session
Colts Neck, New Jersey
December 1981 - January 1982 

Alone In Colts Neck
Labour Of Love  LOVE 001

Volume 1, was the gem of the Lost Masters set for many people. The long-awaited original acoustic version of Born in the USA can finally be heard, and the true meaning of the song cannot be ignored in an arrangement somewhat similar to the solo acoustic tour version, albeit a bit faster. One has to wonder how differently the song would have been received had this version been released.

Downbound Train was another song supposedly recorded for Nebraska, and, it must be said, was done a favour when Bruce and the E Street Band later recorded it for Born in the USA.

Child Bride is essentially Working on the Highway but slowed down tremendously, and some say that Child Bride is better than it's album counterpart; a friend said that if the entrepreneurs behind the Lost Masters were ever tried, they could play Child Bride back to back with Working on the Highway and they would be acquitted.

Another interesting note is the song Losin' Kind about a couple who commit a crime before crashing their car in the snow, essentially the same song as Highway 29, released almost 14 years later on The Ghost of Tom Joad album.

1.Nebraska (4:27)
2.Atlantic City (4:02)
3.Mansion On The Hill (4:00)
4.Born In The U.S.A. (3:04)
5.Johnny 99 (3:32)
6.Downbound Train (2:26)
7.Losin' Kind (4:52)
8.State Trooper (3:07)
9.Used Cars (3:01)
10.Open All Night (2:49)
11.Pink Cadillac (5:24))
12.Deputy (5:30) - aka "Highway Patrolman"
13.Reason To Believe (4:01)
14.Child Bride (5:27)
15.Dream Baby (0:34)
16.Precious Memories (1:11)
17.Nebraska #1 (1:15)
18.Nebraska #2 (1:13)

Total Time: 60:01 

Solo acoustic demos for "Nebraska"
Taken from the original 4-track cassette mixes of the "Nebraska" acoustic home demos
Tracks 15-16 Location(s)/date(s) unknown

Original Labour of Love disc---EAC(secure)---SHN   (7-2003)
(Re) post newsgroup ABMS > Traders little helper verified SHN > WAV > FLAC Level8   (11-2006) Info taken from Brucelegs

Further information on the sessions can be found at Brucebase, the bootleg title 'Complete' being a bit of a misnomer see:


  1. One of the most audacious albums ever, practically straight from cassette to vinyl. Gotta love the high-res lo-fi ambition of it, and the songs ain't bad, either. Thanks for this!

  2. Yes it took him four albums to get the production right finally on The River.
    Next album "I don't need no production"

  3. Whoa ... Splendid, thanks a ton!

  4. This is just magic.
    Thanks for the gold nuggets you offer.

  5. is no more

    1. Yes, they gave up in disgust after the Springsteen Ticketmaster Dynamic Pricing row.