Thursday 17 May 2018

#112 CAT POWER - Black Sessions 2008 (Flac)

This wonderful Black Session by Cat Power was originally downloaded sometime in early 2008-09 and saved to data disc, my method of backing up, before the price of separate hard drives dropped. I discovered it amongst a clutch of other discs stored in a Doctor Martens box under the stairs. The DM's are long gone but fortunately the audio files remain.

This is a solid contender for inclusion amongst the greatest Cat Power bootlegs. The sound quality is quite startling for an FM broadcast. The uploader's notes contain no information on the equipment used but it must have been a high grade audio system.

Many of the torrents I downloaded 10 years ago, have appeared in re-seeds but this one is not easily located (at the time of writing). The only flaw is that there is some interference to the FM reception, at points throughout this show, and that may have been a factor in excluding it from the  original100 Greatest listing. A Sangatte commercial boot of the session is also in circulation. I've not heard it and it's possible that it may have been sourced from this recording. If it is a different source then it will need to go some to be superior to this.

The session focuses heavily on the then current (2008) release 'Jukebox'

Cat Power - Black Sessions
Studio, Maison de Radio France,
Paris, France

Recording and broadcast : January 23rd, 2008
Lineage : FM > CDWav > Flac > you

01. intro by Lenoir
02. Metal Heart
03. New York
04. Ramblin' (Wo) man
05. Silver Stallion
06. Lost Someone
07. Lord, Help The Poor And Needy
08. The Dark End Of The Street
09. Song To Bobby
10. Naked If I Want To
11. Don't Explain
12. Aretha, Sing One For Me
13. She's Got You (false start)
14. She's Got You
15. Lived In Bars

Recorded & edited by svp, for you. Bernard Lenoir's comments have not been removed,
remember that some folks here like to have it all.