Saturday 13 August 2016

#68 PJ HARVEY - Europe 1993 (Flac)

P.J. Harvey – Europe 1993
Recorded live at the Forum in Kentish Town, London  on May 23, 1993

Following this tour in support of the release of the second album 'Rid Of Me,' Polly performed in mainland Europe and returned to the USA and Canada for her third tour of North America. July saw her debut appearance in Japan. A week after returning home she began a support slot on U2's Zoo TV tour, these were her first stadium appearances.

This show was released in 1993 on an Italian bootleg label Redline and sourced from an excellent BBC Radio One FM radio broadcast, recorded for the John Peel show. It was also released by Live Storm in 1994, again another Italian protection gap release. A loop-hole in the law was exploited by bootleg companies and these were regarded as official releases at the time, until the law was changed.

The included notes have been written by a staunch PJ Harvey fan who declares it as being up there with the all time great live albums such as Motorhead's No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith and the MC5's Kick Out The Jams. Unlike those it remains unreleased although some footage of the performance appeared in a long out of print VHS video tape. It's a stunning performance with a surprising first track for the unaware.

1    Man-Size Sextet (3:13) 
2    Rid Of Me (4:50) 
3    It's Rolling (4:14) 
4    My Dreams Will End With You (2:56) 
5    Highway '61 Revisited (Dylan) (2:51) 
6    O Stella (2:26) 
7    Dress (3:24) 
8    Rub 'Till Bleeds (3:55) 
9    Missed (4:44) 
10  Victory (4:32) 
11  Sheela-Na-Gig (3:32) 
12  Time Machine (3:06) 
13  Me-Jane (3:21) 
14  Snake (1:40) 
15  50ft Queenie (3:43) 
16  Man Size (3:51)

Bass – Steven Vaughan
Drums – Robert Ellis
Guitar, Vocals – P.J. Harvey



  1. Delighted by the appearance of Ms. Harvey on your splendiferous blog.

    I will now commence to break my lease by listening to it repeatedly.

  2. Well, I'm unaware and ready for a surprising first! I've heard about that Italian loop-hole before, though all I really know about it is that a lot of great and great sounding 'boots' came out of it. Rid Of Me has always been my favorite PJ album so I am looking forward to hearing this, and as today is my birthday it makes a great gift! LOL. Many thanks.


  3. one to annoy the neighbours, play loud and have a rockin' happy birthday

  4. Thanks a lot, the setlist looks amazing; I don't know of that many recordings from that period.

  5. Yum. Real nice recording and great performance.

  6. Really nice. Thanks for posting this.

  7. Thanks very much for this, I'm looking forward to listening to it.

  8. Just bumbled onto your site and very glad to have found it. Thank you very much for sharing this great show, and I'm looking forward to exploring your site more!

  9. Part of that gig has been aired on MTV Europe. Had a tape but "disappeared"… ;-)

  10. Anyway this can be reupped? Much appreciated!!