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ARCTIC MONKEYS - Studio Brussel FM broadcast 2022

Marconi Studio, Schaerbeek (Belgium) Studio Brussel FM Broadcasts. 10 October, 2022

Private showcase for Studio Brussel, VRT Radio Marconi Studio, Schaarbeek/Schaerbeek (Brussels), Belgium.

Setlist :
01. DJ intro / There'd Better Be A Mirrorball
02. Fireside
03. Big Ideas (New song - Live debut)
04. Do I Wanna Know?
05. Snap Out Of It
06. Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino
07. Crying Lightning
08. Body Paint
09. One Point Perspective
10. That's Where You're Wrong
11. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
12. R U Mine?
13. 505

The Arctic Monkeys have played a run of modest and intimate festival sets over the past month across Europe, culminating in a headlining slot at the Reading & Leeds festivals. It was their first UK shows for nearly four years.

This intimate show, a promotional appearance to publicise the release of the new album ‘The Car’ showcases that their stunning live set, has lost little potency, despite numerous musical changes of direction since the release of their debut album way back in 2006

Alex Turner and Matt Helders were interviewed before this studio performance. 3FM’s Vera Siemons asked about the new album: “Do you remember the moment when you felt like it clicked, it was complete. The entire record is finished, done, it’s perfect?”

“It took us a lot longer to get to the end point of this one than any of the others,” replied lead singer Alex Turner. “I suppose because we had a bit more time. Maybe the longer you let it go on, the more you want to let yourself make adjustments. Perhaps all of that might have got a bit silly at the end in that respect…Remarkably, I don’t know if I’ve ever listened to this one in a car.”

The new album, ‘The Car’ was released on 21 October, 2022 and they have already confirmed details of a UK stadium tour and North American dates with Fontaines D.C. for next year. Across late April and early May of 2023, the band will play a number of gigs on the continent, reaching Germany, Norway, Sweden, France and beyond.

Complete Studio Brussel FM Broadcasts. An incomplete set, but only one song wasn't broadcast, the third of the show, "Four Out Of Five"

This is an edited version, no music has been cut, only some of the DJ presenter's lengthy inbetween song comments. Some of the transitions and the abrupt cuts have also been smoothed over.

Recording Gear: Marantz M-CR610 with an additional external antenna homemade --> Roland Edirol R09HR v.1.04 (16bit/44kHz) input level at 41 --> PC with USB cable.
Post production: Volume adjusted, fade in (tracks 01, 03, 25, 26 & 27) / fade out (tracks 13, 24, 25, 26 & 27), tracks created and tagged with SoundForgePro.
Tracks in wav --> Flac 8, Align on sector boundaries using fix and .ffp with Trader's Little Helper.
Transferred, mastered and uploaded by trebor on Dimeadozen, 2022-10-15.


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Bootlegs of the Year 2015-2022

7th & Final Edition including 2021+ out now


This document was first compiled in 2015 after receiving numerous emails, enquiring as to where bootlegs #1-100 posted on site, could be found. (many of the links were lost in 2016, see Downloads box on top right-hand side panel). 
This is the latest, the seventh and final edition of 'Bootlegs of the Year'. It incorporates a further fifty boots downloaded during the last fifteen months, up to the end of March 2022.
This seventh edition now includes 325 bootlegs, the best I have downloaded since 2015. The 174-page book will point you in the right direction, in finding the sites I have used and most importantly the web addresses where they can be located. 
Although it concentrates on the best bootlegs I have downloaded in the last seven+ years, the same websites and addresses noted in the book are where the majority of the bootlegs in the 100 Greatest listing, originated from. The posts #1 to #100 were mostly made from downloads prior to 2015. 
To sum up, it includes the best bootlegs I have downloaded in the preceding years, 2015 to 2022. Having discarded numerous titles, these are the best from that time frame.

I have not provided a sound quality rating as virtually all are of sufficient high quality to rate around 5 out of 5, some are worthy of 5+ like the best official releases.

As you can imagine, it took some time and effort to pull this all together. What to include and just as importantly what to leave out, has taken considerable thought and listening hours, enjoyable nonetheless. So if you are a fan of any of the artists featured, then I can confidently state that you will definitely enjoy the bootlegs that have been chosen.
If you would like a copy of this document, it's only £5 GBP via the donate button (see the top right-hand bar - above blog archive). You do not need a paypal account.
Included in the main body of the text of the document are details of the 325 bootlegs downloaded, and where to find them by the following artists:                 
7+ years - 173 different artists



BECK (2)








PIL (2)
REM (3)




The PDF document comprises:
  • 174 pages A4
  • Word count 105,162
  • 325 bootleg images
Full details have been included for each bootleg such as:
  • Venue
  • Date of performance
  • Type of recording - soundboard, FM, from the audience, etc.
  • Lineage
  • Running time
  • Website address
  • Complete track listings
  • Track timings
  • Informative comments about each bootleg
  • Index

      If you would like a copy of this document, it's only £5 GBP via the donate button, you do not require a paypal account.

      An audio sampler is available on a preceding post: Bootleg Promo. The selected tracks are from bootlegs that never made the cut for the final document, but they will give you an idea of the sound quality I look for.

      page samples above

      Tuesday, 20 September 2022

      DAVID RODIGAN BBC Radio 1Xtra show - Sunday 3 July 2022

      There are a few radio programmes I record frequently, some occasionally and others perhaps once or twice a year. David Rodigan's programme which has been running on BBC Radio 1Xtra since February 2013 is one such broadcast. 

      A DJ who has been on British radio since 1979, he is a survivor of the great days of radio. The times when if you wanted to hear new music you had to either buy it (some record shops provided listening booths, where you could hear a particular record before buying it) or alternatively tune into the radio because music based TV programmes were few and far between. The best DJ's drew a fanatical listener base, John Peel, Bob Harris, Tommy Vance, Anne Nightingale, Andy Kershaw, Ranking Miss P and Roger Scott etc.

      This is #239 of the programmes I've been recording since 2017. Reggae heads will recognize familiar names like Ini Kamoze, Cocoa Tea, Sean Paul, Alton Ellis, Roland Alphonso, The Heptones and Freddie Mcgregor. Some of the greatest newer artists such as Sevana, Protoje, The Frightnrs and Busy Signal, are names that Rodigan has been a big supporter of with frequent plays.  

      I make an edited version of the programme which excludes repeated songs as much as possible (to avoid a collection of discs with the same tracks repeated). Each disc is listened to during the following week's travelling. If you want a cd player for your car I can recommend 'Blaupunkt' they were issued as standard when my VW was made 20 years ago, both are still going strong!

      If you haven't listened to this music since the days when reggae was king, you may be pleasantly surprised. Jamaica is still a hotbed of talent and great tunes.

      David Rodigan BBC Radio 1Xtra
      Sunday 3 July 2022 / 11pm-1am (BBC i-player recording)    

      01. Alfa Zeta - We A Zip (ft. Chi Ching Ching)
      02. Ini Kamoze - Hot Stepper
      03* Kranium - Section            
      04. Peter Hunnigale - Big City Life
      05. Cocoa Tea - Tune In
      06. Fat Freddy’s Drop - Ten Feet Tall
      07. The Nextmen - Big Time (ft. Kiko Bun)
      08. Tarrus Riley - Good Girl Gone Bad (ft. Konshens)
      09* Protoje - Incient Stepping            
      10. Super Cat - Under Pressure
      11. Alton Ellis - Rock Steady
      12. Roland Alphonso - El Torro | In A Rockin' Mood
      13. The Heptones - Fight It To The Top *3 o'clock drop*
      14. Crate Classics - Fire Corner (Remix)
      15. Mungo’s Hi Fi & Kiko Bun - Miss Burnett
      16. The Frightnrs - You Still
      17. Busy Signal - Sound Dead (Show Hands)
      18. Sanchez - Missing You
      19. Tessellated - Contact
      20. Gentleman - Over The Hills

      I-Sound for Windows 7/10 > BBC i-player stream > WAV 16bit 44kHz > TLH > Flac (8)



      Friday, 26 August 2022

      STEVIE NICKS - Trouble In Shangri La Demos (Flac)

      Stevie Nicks - Trouble In Shangri La Demos

      Date:  15 June 1999
      Lineage: Unknown Source > CD-R > WAV > EAC > Flac level 8 > You

      01. Candlebright (5:38)      
      02. Sorcerer (6:42)             
      03. Thrown Down #1 (4:44)
      04. Thrown Down #2 (5:49)
      05. Space Needle (7:47)
      06. Love Is (5:06)             
      07. Bombay Sapphires (4:55)   
      08. Not Make Believe (5:14)
      09. Trouble In Shangri-La (4:53)               
      10. Have No Heart (6:03)
      11. Planets Of The Universe (4:53)  

      Original Notes:
      I received this about two months before "Trouble In Shangri-La" was released as a teaser. I don't know how they got it or copied it, but it has wonderful demos. It includes "Space Needle,"  which is one of Stevie's best demos ever recorded IMHO. 


      Klonopin (clonazepam) may be one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs on the prescription market today; it may even be worse than cocaine for the damage it can do. But thanks to detoxification and counselling, a person no longer needs to be bound to Klonopin addiction.

      The statement above from an addiction centre, is the fate that befell Stevie Nicks; it led to a painful 47-day detox in hospital during late 1993.

      "I lost those 8 years of my life. I didn't write, and I had gained so much weight." Stevie Nicks

      Her first album after this traumatic experience was 'Street Angel' released in 1994. It consisted of songs mainly written prior to her drug withdrawal. The album met with low sales and faint praise, although reviewers did pick out some strong songs.

      "But six songs in, Angel finally takes off. "Unconditional Love" and "Rose Garden" are gorgeous. The wilful "Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind" is one of Nicks' best songs in years. Even her nostril-flaring cover of Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Woman" demonstrates a bizarre intelligence, the lyrics adapting strangely to Nicks' oeuvre of lost little women." Rolling Stone magazine

      The criticism of the album and personal comments about her weight gain led to a break from the music scene. Even though Fleetwood Mac reunited, and Stevie toured solo to promote the career-spanning Enchanted boxed set. She still harboured doubts about her abilities and had lost confidence in her song writing abilities. She met Tom Petty one night and discussed her problems over dinner.

      "Basically, he said, 'You know that you're a good songwriter, Stevie, and I don't know what's getting in the way right now, but you just need to go home and go straight to your piano,'" she told Time Out New York. "I was having a hard time getting over the Street Angel experience. I was just really sad. That dinner made all the difference. I give Tom all the credit in the world for this record."  Stevie Nicks

      The experience of touring with Fleetwood Mac sparked her creativity to write the lyrics for new songs. As a starting point Stevie drew on previously written songs, the piano based "Love Is" was written in January 1995, title track "Trouble In Shangri-La" came together in late 1994. "Planets of the Universe" was a Rumours-era demo but updated with subtle, lush keyboards. 

      The mandolin and string adorned "Candlebright" and the mystical, folk-tinged "Sorcerer" both dated from her days in Buckingham Nicks and can be found on the bootleg 'Buckingham-Nicks - The Beginning' (2017), in their original demo form (for further info see the 'Bootlegs of the Year' pdf document).

      Trouble in Shangri-La was released in May 2001 and went gold within weeks, peaking at #5 on the Billboard 200. It would be Nick’s last solo for a decade.

      These demos were recorded in June 1999, six of the songs appeared in finished form on the album, four of them are longer than those complete versions. The tracks, "Thrown Down" / "Space Needle" / "Not Make Believe" and "Have No Heart" were cut from the official release running order. The uploader notes "Space Needle" as being a particular favourite and it's difficult to understand why it was cut from the finished album, such is its quality. These are great demos and Steve’s voice is sublime. Note that the sound quality on the first song is not as strong as the other tracks.


      Saturday, 9 July 2022

      CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND - BBC Session 1968 (Flac)

      In early 1968 Captain Beefheart & his Magic band toured the UK. DJ John Peel was keen to get them in for a session on his co-presented radio show 'Top Gear'. The problem was work permits, they were American and could only play if a US radio station offered a reciprocal booking for a British act. The second problem was US radio didn't do live sessions.

      BBC Producer Bernie Andrews came up with an idea to get round this and told the government department, the Ministry of Labour, that as the name implied they were a touring band of magicians! They received permission as a 'Variety' act. 

      The first session broadcast on 4 February, was notable for it being the first time Peel had presented the Top Gear show on his own. Other acts in session, that appeared on the show were Tomorrow, the Moody Blues and repeat sessions by Jimi Hendrix & Tyrannosaurus Rex.

      Engineer Dave Tate recalls having to suspend a microphone over the prone Captain who insisted on singing 'Sure 'Nuff 'n Yes I Do' lying on his back.

      The two sessions were re-broadcast over consecutive nights 6-7 March 2001. Thanks to a listener's tapes of the original broadcast. The BBC had a habit of wiping the master tapes, so it's likely that this will be the best quality available. Don't hold your breathe for an upgrade - not even this 'touring group of magicians' could produce the master tape from a hat.

      Grateful thanks to Prof. Stoned who has mastered these recordings and made them available with the best possible sound (given the limitations of the source).

      Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - BBC Sessions 1968
      [A Prof. Stoned Comp 2021] 16bit/44.1khz (CD Quality)

      Session #1:

      01. Yellow Brick Road
      02. Abba Zaba
      03. Sure 'Nuff & Yes I Do
      04. Electricity
      05. John Peel Outro (from 2001 rebroadcast)

      Recording: Maida Vale, Studio 4, London UK; Wednesday 24 January 1968
      Broadcast: BBC Radio 1 'Top Gear'; Sunday 4 February 1968
      Producer: Bernie Andrews & Engineers: Dave Tate/Bob Conduct

      Session #2:
      01. Beatle Bones 'N Smokin' Stones
      02. Safe As Milk
      03. Kandy Korn
      04. Trust Us
      05. John Peel Outro (from 2001 rebroadcast)

      Recording: 201 Piccadilly, Studio 1, London UK; Monday 6 May 1968 (except Tr. 01: TTG Studios, Hollywood, CA; November 1967)
      Broadcast: BBC Radio 1 'Top Gear'; Sunday 12 May 1968
      Producer: Bernie Andrews & Engineers: Pete Ritzema/Allen Harris

      The Band for both sessions:
      Don Van Vliet (Vocals, Harmonica) / John French (Drums) / Alex St. Clair (Lead Guitar) / Jerry Handley (Bass) / Jeff Cotton (Guitar)

      Total time: 33m56s
      All tracks are Mono


      Research for this Comp: Prof Stoned/JWB
      Mastering: Prof Stoned
      Thanks: John, Eugene, Colin H.

      v1.0: 18-09-2021

      All of the songs are unique BBC recordings except “Beatle Bones” which is rough mix of the “Plain Brown Wrapper” version. Both sessions are not in the BBC archives anymore, so this has been sourced from various off-air recordings. The lofi quality fits the music very well and this is the best these tapes have ever sounded (plus finally in the correct speed!). These were two seminal sessions and it is important that they are once again made available. Nothing sounded like this before, and nothing ever will.

      Out Here Over There (CDr, Unofficial) Head 1998
      2001 BBC broadcast of a private collector's tape



      Thursday, 9 June 2022


      1. Can't Stand Losing You (4:30)
      2. Don't Stand So Close To Me (3:50)
      3. Tea In The Sahara (3:36)
      4. Walking In Your Footsteps (3:56)
      5. One World (Not Three) (4:02)
      6. Demolition Man (3:45)
      7. Roxanne (3:13)

      The Police - The Derangements:
      Police remixes & re-interpretations by Stewart Copeland [Studio, Flac)

      Lineage: Studio > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC

      The likely story about these:
      “Derangements consisted of a 7 track CD with new interpretations of Police songs by Stewart Copeland for his Police documentary “Everyone Stares”, released in 2006. These tracks were expected to be included as bonus tracks on new Police catalogue reissues following the 2002 release of “The Very Best Of...Sting & The Police”, but due to rumoured objections by Sting, this never moved forward. They will likely never be released officially in any form due to the complicated licensing and permission issues between the multiple parties (band, management, EMI, etc.).”

      Original Upload notes:
      I originally received this disc from a fairly dedicated and connected Police fan in late 2004/early 2005. Stewart did an amazing job on these remixes and the result is a set of very listenable, re-imagined Police tracks. It’s really a shame it will never see the light of day, officially. And, having seen so many low bitrate mp3 versions of it being circulated (in fact ANY mp3 versions of it are useless these days, in my opinion), I thought it should be out there in FLAC. Enjoy!"

      Thebasement67 says:
      The tracks appeared on the DVD release 'Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out' but they are part of a score that uses more than sixty music cues taken from original studio versions, rare live performances and seven previously unreleased 'derangements' of classic Police studio and live tracks created solely for this film. I haven't seen the film and going by the original upload notes, it would seem that these tracks are not available in their entirety. Perhaps someone that has the documentary on DVD could confirm this.

      The opening track is my least favourite of this, if you're not too keen on it persist with this short download. The second track 'Don't Stand So Close To Me' more than makes up for it.



      Thursday, 2 June 2022

      ANDY KERSHAW - BBC Radio: Summer 1993 (Flac)

      Andy Kershaw's radio programme would switch effortlessly between musical genres. His show would begin at 9pm and end at 11pm, handing over to John Peel for a further two hours. Four hours of the best music on British radio during the 80's and 90's. 

      Andy no longer works for the BBC and times are hard for him. Being unable to find employment, he relies on his podcast for donations to survive. A disgrace that the BBC have turned their backs on one of the finest DJ's ever to work for them. 

      You can find Andy's podcasts on the link below: (currently there are thirteen, two-hour shows available)

      To The Andy Kershaw Podcast 

      This is an FM compilation of shows that were broadcast between 12 June and 21 August 1993 on BBC Radio One.

      Andy Kershaw - Summer 1993
      BBC Radio One FM broadcasts

      01. Junior Kimbrough & Lost Soul Boys - Done Got Old
      02. Zion Train - Follow Like Wolves
      03. Van Morrison - Too Long In Exile
      04. Bill Kerchen & Too Much Fun - Who's That Who
      05. Robert Earle King - Just Blow You Away
      06. Lucky Dube - Victims
      07. Everton Blender - Create A Sound
      08. Lesley Whiner (C) - John Says
      09. Buddy Guy - She's 19 Years Old
      10. Buddy Guy - Damn Right I Got The Blues
      11. Ry Cooder & Vishnu Mohan Bat - Ganges Delta Blues
      12. Terry Allen - New Delhi Freight Train
      13. Fela Kuti - Viva Nigeria
      14. Kanda Bongo Man - Billy

      t1-6: Andy Kershaw BBC Radio 1FM - Saturday 12 June 1993 / 9-11pm
      t7-10: Andy Kershaw BBC Radio 1FM - Saturday 10 July 1993 / 9-11pm
      t11-12: Andy Kershaw BBC Radio 1FM - Saturday 23 July 1993 / 9-11pm
      t13-14: Andy Kershaw BBC Radio 1FM - Saturday 21 Aug 1993 / 9-11pm

      Compiled from four partial broadcasts by BBC Radio 1 FM. (thebasement67, May 2022)

      1. Junior Kimbrough & Lost Soul Boys - Done Got Old

      Produced by the late, great music critic Robert Palmer, who featured Kimbrough prominently in his documentary film Deep Blues, this live session is a clear-sounding, loose, and crazily energetic heaping of electric blues. Recorded in a rural wooden converted church in 1992, this is remarkably Kimbrough's debut album. He'd made singles since the late '60s, but until Palmer rediscovered him, his nuanced, detuned and heavily rhythmic guitar style (which lies somewhere between Fred McDowell and John Lee Hooker) was wholly obscure. Palmer thankfully preserves the "wrong" notes and amp buzz, making this the closest one can get to the juke joint itself. Backing band the Soul Blues Boys—electric bassist Garry Burnside and drummer Kenny Malone—hold Kimbrough up perfectly while he lurches atop a deep blues beat. It's an album that has fantastic material, a mix of charging, biting rhythms, intense slow blues, hollerin', stompin' and moanin'. The lack of studio polish is a big plus here and the energy is wonderful. 

      2. Zion Train - Follow Like Wolves

      Multimedia acid-dub collective Zion Train comprised vocalist Molara, DJ/bassist Neil Perch, trumpeter David Tench, melodica player Colin Cod and trombonist Chris. Formed in North London in 1990, its members initially came together as a dub sound system; the acid house-inspired "Follow Like Wolves." was a follow up to the Studio One veteran Devon Russell's remake of his cult classic "Jah Holds the Key" which was Zion Train's most successful record to date; it garnered airplay throughout Europe and led to the release of their debut LP, the mellow dub outing Passage to Indica.

      3. Van Morrison - Too Long In Exile

      Title track from the twenty-second studio album by Northern Irish singer-songwriter Van Morrison. The album was produced by Morrison and draws on urban blues and soul jazz sounds, including collaborations with John Lee Hooker and Georgie Fame. Released in 1993 by Polydor Records, Too Long in Exile received positive reviews from most critics and reached #4 on the UK Albums Chart. It reached #29 in the US, Van Morrison's highest ranking since 1978's Wavelength (#28) 

      4. Bill Kerchen & Too Much Fun - Who's That Who (session)

      Bill was one of the first to mash up rockabilly, country, western swing, honky-tonk, jump blues, jazz, boogie-woogie and even the “psychedelic folk rock” he played with the Seventh Seal, the band he formed while attending  the University of Michigan. (MC5 manager/activist John Sinclair got them a dealon the ESP-Disk label, home of Sun Ra, but the band turned it down.)
      Somewhere between steering Commander Cody’s “Hot Rod Lincoln” into a top-10 hit and scoring a Grammy nomination for Best Country Instrumental Performance, Kirchen dubbed his sound “dieselbilly,” wrapping his fondness for country’s truck-driving song subgenre (as in big rigs, not pickups), its intersection with the Bakersfield Sound and his own name into one memorable moniker.
      Kirchen’s right-place-at-the-right-time career has put him at the forefront of many musical movements, including outlaw country; Commander Cody’s 1974 album, Live from Deep in the Heart of Texas, recorded at Austin’s legendary Armadillo World Headquarters, made Rolling Stone’s 100 Best Albums of All Time list. 

      5. Robert Earle King - Just Blow You Away

      Robert Earl Keen, Jr. is an American singer-songwriter. Growing up, Keen was interested in music, sports, movies and writing. He attended Texas A&M University, and began playing guitar and learned to read and write music, basing his style on folk, country, blues and roots rock. 

      In 1977 he rented a house from landlord Jack Boyett, where his neighbor was a then-unknown Lyle Lovett. The two became friends and performed together on the front porch. This eventually grew into inspiration for a song entitled "The Front Porch Song", which both would add to their repertoire. In 1980, Keen graduated from Texas A&M, moved to Austin, Texas and began writing for a newspaper. Soon he was performing in Austin's nightclubs and live music venues, building a solid following. In 1984 he financed the recording of his own EP and distributed it regionally. 

      In 1986, He moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Discouraged by the polish of the new country sound and unable to land a recording contract, Keen moved back to Austin. In 1989 he released his national debut album, West Textures. 

      His 1993 release, A Bigger Piece Of Sky (from which this track was selected), gained wider acclaim, both amongst fans and critics. 

      6. Lucky Dube - Victims

      South African star Lucky Dube keeps gaining more and more converts, and his newest release manages to ease him into a lighter, more commercial setting without diluting his message or sound. Dube is at his best on defiant, fierce material like "Soldiers For Righteousness," "Little Heroes," and "Different Colours/One People," although he does manage to sound an effective contrasting romantic note on "Lovers In A Dangerous Game" and "You Know Where To Fine Me." Not quite as dramatic as some past Dube albums. Andy Kershaw selected this title track from the album, which was released as a single.

      7. Everton Blender - Create A Sound

      One of Jamaica's most popular singers. Having recently returned to singing. Blender used to be known affectionately as "Bubbaru," where he honed his singing skills at local dancehalls, usually covering Dennis Brown songs. However in order to support his family, Blender took a break from performing and worked at odd jobs until his recent re-appearance on the Star Trail label. It is this reincarnation that has already spawned original hits like "Create A Sound," "Family Man," and "My Father's Home." His recent performances at Jamaica's massive Sunsplash and Sunfest week long musical festivals with DJ Kulcha Knox delighted the crowd and sent the word out that Everton Blender is ready for something big. Are you ready? The 14 tracks on 'Lift Up Your Head' will leave you longing to hear more from Jamaica's brightest new star....If you think these notes sound like liner notes you'd get on the back of a reggae album, you would be right, this single played by Andy, appeared on the 'Lift Up Your Head' album released the following year in 1994 by Heartbeat Records.

      8. Lesley Winer (C) - John Says

      Musician, poet, iconoclast, model, artist, enigma. Leslie Winer is many things.

      Born to a teenage mother and sold for $10,000 in a black market adoption when she was just hours old, Winer has always lived an uncommon life. She grew up in Boston with a voracious appetite for music and the written word and embraced the city’s lively jazz and folk scene in the ‘70s. Moving to New York for art school, she gravitated towards a vibrant crowd of intellectuals, artists, and radical thinkers—or perhaps they gravitated towards her.

      There, Winer formed an unlikely friendship with writer and artist William S. Burroughs and lived on-and-off with Jean-Michel Basquiat. In London, where Winer began her musical ventures in earnest, she was a regular at Leigh Bowery’s underground club Taboo, where she met many of her collaborators, including filmmaker John Maybury, Kevin Mooney (of Adam and the Ants), and Boy George, who once declared that Winer “might just be the coolest woman on the planet!”

      Winer’s striking looks also attracted fashion designers and photographers. Throughout the early ‘80s, she was an in-demand model—appearing in campaigns for Valentino, Christian Dior, and Yohji Yamamoto, and serving as a muse for a young Jean-Paul Gaultier, who later dubbed Winer “the first androgynous model.” She posed for Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, and Pierre et Gilles, and graced the covers of The Face, French and Italian editions of Vogue, and Mademoiselle.

      But music was Winer’s true passion and, at the turn of the ‘90s, she would unknowingly help invent the massively popular genre known today as trip-hop.

      On her debut, Witch, Winer masterfully blended the uninhibited sampling of early hip-hop with dancehall basslines and programmed beats, while weaving mesmerizing—and coolly-detached—spoken-word vocals into her ambient tracks. It was unorthodox in the most delicious ways.

      The album was a bold experiment by the self-taught artist, who enlisted a number of talented musicians in the sessions, including Culture Club’s Helen Terry, Karl Bonnie of Renegade Soundwave, former Public Image Ltd. bassist Jah Wobble, and Kevin Mooney, as well as Marco Pirroni and Matthew Ashman (both of Adam and the Ants, among other acts).

      While Witch was finished in 1990, it wouldn’t be released for three years, due to the whims of Winer’s label. In the meantime, several tracks made their way out into the world as early as June 1990, thanks to BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel, who later referred to Witch as “the definition of a hidden gem.”

      Despite her fierce demeanor and steadfast focus, she was consistently disregarded and typecast by the industry. Many of her early collaborators failed to credit her work, while others simply overlooked her influence. Witch, for example, was so delayed that by the time the album saw the light of day (released under the pseudonym “©”, trip-hop was gaining mainstream traction via acts like Portishead, Massive Attack, and Madonna. Although Winer eventually gained wider acknowledgment (prompting the NME to give her the dubious distinction of “The Grandmother of Trip-Hop”), Witch initially went sorely unnoticed.

      Following the disappearance of Witch, Winer continued to record, undeterred by the elusive nature of mainstream success in the modern music business. Her network of inspired collaborators continued to grow and expand, yet her influence remained largely a secret except to those in the know, such as Grace Jones and Sinead O’Connor, who would cover her songs.

      .......this is such a great track, that like me when I first heard it, you will be searching for the album, it really is a forgotten treasure.

      9. Buddy Guy - She's Nineteen Years Old
      10. Buddy Guy - Damn Right I Got The Blues

      These two (of three) tracks were performed in session for the BBC. The first, a cover of a Muddy Waters song appeared on his current (at the time) album 'Feels Like Rain,' released by Silvertone Records. The latter performance of the title track is stretched to near twice its original album length, it was released in 1991, also on Silvertone Records.

      11. Ry Cooder & Vishnu Mohan Bat - Ganges Delta Blues 

      Ry Cooder has long had an interest in other people's music, from the blues and gospel of black America through classic jazz and the music of Cuba. Even by this standard, his meeting with Mohan Vishwa Bhatt is certainly a departure. He is neither a serious student of Indian music nor in any way a master of its intricacies. Yet on his improvised session (this album was recorded without rehearsal in one evening), he and Bhatt truly collided musically and created moments worthy of the world-music Grammy they received for it. Bhatt is an iconoclastic character himself. He plays a modified box he calls the mohan vina that is a hybrid of a classical Indian instrument and slide guitar. He is long trained in the arduous classical style, yet his work has always demanded a lot of freedom. His duets here with Cooder are completely unique, liberating both artists from the usual constraints and creating a new musical style that is unlikely to be repeated or imitated. (Louis Gibson)

      12. Terry Allen - New Delhi Freight Train

      Legendary Texan artist Terry Allen occupies a unique position straddling the frontiers of country music and conceptual art; he has worked with everyone from Guy Clark to David Byrne to Lucinda Williams to Bruce Nauman, and his artwork resides in museums worldwide.

      This music harkens back to an era of Lubbock mostly gone by this point. The 1970's in West Texas was a convergence of so many cultures and a microcosm of the world getting smaller by the day. Terry Allen captures the spirit wonderfully as his music and lyrics represents the beauty and divinity of the landscape and people. One of the best tracks selected from the album Lubbock (on everything).

      13. Fela Kuti - Viva Nigeria

      This song was announced as still being relevant & timely in 1993 by Andy Kershaw. Himself a traveller to many war riven countries, working in those days as a BBC journalist. The song is as relevant today as then. According to Tejumola Olaniyan in his Indiana University Press biography, Arrest the Music! Fela and His Rebel Art and Politics, "Viva Nigeria" turned out to be the composer's "most politically scandalous and compromising composition".

      Although it is written in his trademark Afrobeat style, it is not a typical Fela Kuti song. For one thing, he doesn't actually sing but talks throughout, calling for peace, love, and the brotherhood of all Africans, especially his fellow Nigerians. Running to only 3 minutes 45 seconds - very short for him - it was actually recorded in Los Angeles in 1969 during the Biafran War, thus for the casual listener in the next Millennium, its full significance will be far from obvious. 

      Dedicated to all people living in a war torn country and those displaced as a consequence.

      "This is brother Fela Ransome Kuti
      This is one time I would like to say a few things
      Men are born Kings are made
      Treatys are signed Wars are fought
      Every country has its own problems
      So has Nigeria so has Africa
      Let us bind our wounds and live together in peace
      Nigeria, one nation indivisible
      Long live Nigeria Viva Africa
      The history of mankind
      Is full of obvious turning points and significant events
      Though tongue and tribe my differ We are all Nigerians
      We are all Africans War is not the answer
      It has never been the answer
      And it will never be the answer fighting amongst each other
      Let's live together in peace
      Nigeria one Nation Indivisible
      Long live Nigeria Viva Africa
      Let's eat together like we used to eat
      Let's plan together like we used to plan
      Sing together like we used to sing
      Dance together like we used to dance
      United we stand, divided we fall
      You know what I mean
      I hope you do
      Let us bind our wounds and live together in peace
      Nigeria one nation indivisible
      Long live Nigeria Viva Africa
      Brothers and Sisters in Africa
      Never should we learn to wage war against each other
      Let Nigeria be a lesson to all
      We have more to learn towards building then destroying
      Our people can't afford any more sufferings
      Let's join hands Africa
      We have nothing to lose
      But a lot to gain
      War is not the answer
      War has never been the answer
      And it will never be the answer
      Fighting amongst each other
      One nation indivisible
      Long live Nigeria
      Viva Africa."

      14.  Kanda Bongo Man - Bili

      The long-reigning king of soukous

      Anyone attempting to write the history of African music’s impact on British tastes during the late 1980s had better call Kanda Bongo Man. He’s a key protagonist in the story, a singer and bandleader who, championed by John Peel and Andy Kershaw on late-night Radio One, introduced the sizzling sound of soukous to delightedears. At that time, he was invariably accompanied by the equally mighty Diblo Dibala, the speedball six-string wizard who was arguably Africa’s greatest guitarist at the time. The Kanda Bongo Man sound, notable for featuring more guitar solos than their contemporaries,filled venues across Europeand beyond,as well as pioneering the ‘kwasa kwasa’ dance move that all soukous fans attempted to master. All these years later, Kanda Bongo Man is still the man –a consummate performer of style and energy. Come worship the king.


      Thursday, 12 May 2022

      ANOTHER COUNTRY with Ricky Ross - The Best Music of 2021 pt. 2 (Flac)

      Continuing our look at some of the best DJ's and radio programmes that the UK has offered past & present.

      Like the Bob Harris Country show, this programme has been running for over ten years on UK radio. This complete show was the final programme of 2021. It has an in-depth look at some of the best artists and songs from the 'Americana' genre released in 2021. Call it Alt Country, US Roots music or whatever name suits you best.

      The programme runs for over two hours but includes two five minute+ chunks given over to the news and weather. This cuts the running time down to around approximately one hundred and nine minutes. This is the second part of the show (see here for part one).

      BBC Radio Scotland FM Stereo - Another Country with Ricky Ross
      Broadcast: Tuesday 9 November, 2021 / 8-10pm

      The Best Music of 2021 part two

      Ricky Ross showcases his favourite music of the year as played on Another Country - a guide to the best Americana and country releases of 2021. 

      01. Hailey Whitters - The Ride (ft. Jordan Davis) | Living The Dream
      02. Son Volt - Livin' In The USA | Electro Melodier
      03. Joy Oladokun - Judas | In defense of my own happiness
      04. Hayes Carll - You Get It All
      05. Caylee Hammack & Chris Stapleton - Small Town Hypocrite
      06. Billy Strings - Know It All
      07. Sturgill Simpson - Go In Peace
      08. Lily Rose - Overnight Sensation
      09. Carly Pearce & Ashley McBryde - Never Wanted To Be That Girl | 29: Written In Stone.
      10. Buffalo Nichols - Lost & Lonesome | Buffalo Nichols
      11. Roseanne Reid - Tentsmuir Sky | Horticulture EP
      12. Watchhouse - Belly Of The Beast | Watchhouse
      13. Jackson Browne - A Human Touch | Downhill From Everywhere

      01. Hailey Whitters
      - The Ride (ft. Jordan Davis) | Living The Dream
      From the album Living the Dream (Deluxe Edition) and was released in 2021. The video for the track was premiered on YouTube on Friday the 15th of January, 2021. This deluxe edition of her critically-acclaimed 2020 album THE DREAM features five new songs, and will be released on February 26 via Pigasus/Big Loud/Songs & Daughters. The deluxe album finds Whitters moving from fantasizing about “the dream” to actually living it, calling upon her close friends and collaborators Brent Cobb, Jordan Davis, Hillary Lindsey, Little Big Town, Lori McKenna and Trisha Yearwood to contribute vocals to the fresh tracks.

      02. Son Volt - Livin' In The USA | Electro Melodier
      Reviews mention that "Electro Melodier sounds more like the work of a commentator than an activist, but Jay Farrar has something to say and he says it with intelligence and eloquence. As his hero Woody Guthrie proved ages ago, that's no small thing. The album was released on July 30.

      03. Joy Oladokun - Judas | In defense of my own happiness
      This new deluxe version, was released on July 9 via Amigo Records/Verve Forecast/Republic Records. The special extended edition includes all 14 tracks from her major label debut, in defense of my own happiness, as well as the ten additional songs from her self-released 2020 record, in defense of my own happiness (the beginnings), plus one new track, “Judas” broadcast here.


      04. Hayes Carll - You Get It All
      The title track from the new album released on October 30. Discussing his 8th album, Hayes Carll says, "“I like to tug at heartstrings, find commonality with others, reflect on my own life, and sometimes I do it in a lighthearted way. A lot of musical styles found their way onto this record, but my first and most formative influences came from country music. This is a country singer-songwriter record. It’s just unapologetically me.”

      05. Caylee Hammack & Chris Stapleton - Small Town Hypocrite
      Caylee Hammack has turned her song “Small Town Hypocrite” into a new collaboration with Chris Stapleton. The original version first appeared on Hammack’s 2020 album If It Wasn’t for You. It's an autobiographical story about betrayal and crushed dreams, “Small Town Hypocrite” was a standout from a solid album on the strength of Hammack’s emotive voice and sharp songwriting. “Took all my plans and I put ‘em in a box/Phantom pains for the wings I lost,” she sings, chiding the ex who broke her heart. Stapleton adds some lower harmony to Hammack’s melody, their two voices intertwining to deepen the feeling of loss and regret.
      Hammack said in a release, “My one whim for this song was to hear Chris Stapleton accompany me on it. Two years after I spoke this wish out loud in the studio, Chris agreed to sing the part I had written in hopes of hearing his voice on it. Life is a beautiful full circle sometimes. I am so grateful to Chris for singing on this song.” Released April 19

      06. Billy Strings - Know It All
      Billy Strings is able to pick the living hell out of an acoustic guitar. The six-string machine and his band released this bluegrass boot stomping single "Know It All," from his critically acclaimed 2021 album Renewal, which was released on September 24

      07. Sturgill Simpson - Go In Peace
      This single was taken from the album The Ballad of Dood & Juanita, released on August 20. Pitchfork described the album as, "A bluegrass concept album recorded with the stunning group he has dubbed the Hillbilly Avengers, is an even more audacious salvo in Simpson’s back-to-the-roots campaign. By turns romantic, playful, sympathetic, and solemn, it's compelling update on American frontier mythmaking, delivered by a band good enough to push lovingly against genre conventions.

      Dood and Juanita is unequal parts love story, history lesson, and action-adventure tale, a cross as classic as the sounds around it.
      It works so well because Simpson sounds comfortable within this form and just beyond it. He reaches bluegrass’ nasal apogee during “Go in Peace,” his voice expressing the same anxiety as Scott Vestal’s restless banjo. For Simpson, this music is a return to terra firma, to land he knows innately. Bluegrass has long benefited from a lineage of weirdo rebels. Simpson fits right in, even if he might one day slip right out."

       08. Lily Rose - Overnight Sensation
      "Overnight Sensation” tell Lily's story, as she’s famously known for the Tiktok virality of her debut single “Villain”, which catapulted her career by landing her a record deal and airplay on Country radio; however, the song was actually written in 2019. While it seems like Rose manifested her success, it’s no surprise that her authentic songwriting and smooth vocals are resonating with fans.  
      “After all of the booze and tears and patience, I’m an overnight sensation, thirteen years in the making”

      The stripped back production is paired perfectly with Rose’s soothing vocals to deliver a captivating story. Her willingness to be vulnerable in her songwriting sets her apart from others. This song shares a fresh and relatable perspective about hard-work, careers, self-doubt, nostalgia and wanting to make your parents proud. Released May 4.

      09. Carly Pearce & Ashley McBryde - Never Wanted To Be That Girl | 29: Written In Stone.
      This hit country song was released as the second single from Carly Pearce's third studio album, 29: Written In Stone. It's about a cheating man and has united country fans who’ve been there, Carly and Ashley dug deep to collaborate on ‘Never Wanted To Be That Girl’ — not to further a trope, but to humanize it.  McBryde sings from the perspective of a woman who meets a man who isn’t wearing a ring when he asks her to go for a drink. Six months pass, and then it switches to Pearce, singing the part of the suspicious wife who waits for him at home and checks his phone for signs of cheating. The chorus reflects their individual yet very similar horror: “I never wanted to be that girl, I never wanted to hate myself, I thought this kind of lonely only happens to somebody else. / Bein’ the other one when there’s another one, God, this feels like hell.” Released September 17.

      10. Buffalo Nichols - Lost & Lonesome | Buffalo Nichols
      Since his earliest infatuations with guitar, Buffalo Nichols has asked himself the same question: How can I bring the blues of the past into the future? After cutting his teeth between a Baptist church and bars in Milwaukee, it was a globetrotting trip through West Africa and Europe during a creative down period that began to reveal the answer. This single from his self titled debut album was released on October 15.

      11. Roseanne Reid - Tentsmuir Sky | Horticulture EP
      The four-track Horticulture EP was released on April 30. DJ Ricky Ross talks about Fife’s Tentsmuir Forest, which inspired this gorgeous song. The track, in Rosanne'’s own words. “"Tries to capture the magic of a place which has offered me both escape from and reconnection with the world. The Redshank and Roe Deer referenced in the opening lines highlight just a fraction of the amazing variety of wildlife that inhabit the forest, at the edge of which the sea meets the sky”."

      12. Watchhouse - Belly Of The Beast | Watchhouse
      Watchhouse is Andrew Marlin & Emily Frantz (formerly Mandolin Orange) from Chapel Hill in North Carolina. The pandemic lockdown and a change of musical direction brought on their decision to change the name of the band after a decade. This track previously recorded and released by Mandolin Orange in 2019 was redone for inclusion on their new album and released on August 13.

      13. Jackson Browne - A Human Touch | Downhill From Everywhere
      It's nearly five decades on since the release of Jackson's debut album. This track from 'Downhill From Everywhere' his 15th studio album, was released on July 23. Allmusic ended their review with these closing words. "An album full of strong performances, few missteps, and the weary charisma that has been one of the singer's hallmarks. That timeless feeling that signified even Browne's earliest releases is still present, if ever-so-slightly more shopworn by time's passing."