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THE BEATLES - Twickenham Sessions 1969 (1CD) Flac


THE BEATLES - Twickenham Sessions 1969

The 4 disc ‘Daddy Has Gone Away Now’ set comprised
109 tracks and the compilation ran for about about 5-hours with 46 songs and/or instrumentals. Many of these were the Beatles goofing about, half-hearted attempts or straight up parodies, basically the Beatles having fun as a means of alleviating the boredom of the Twickenham rehearsals.

The most interesting tracks are those where the band are working on new songs and improvising lyrics to them while playing. The titles may be familiar but not the way the band play them. The best are those that were eventually finished and included on Abbey Road and Let It Be, plus the two songs that would appear on solo albums, after their split.    

I've been working on this single disc for some time. It was put aside and listened to again with fresh ears. The aim was to get it ready for early December, before the Beatle film was released. The original idea for the cinema film was dropped and it was made available in three parts comprising six-hours of footage on the Disney channel. I'm sure if you are a Beatles fan and haven't seen it all, you'll be attempting to catch up with it over the festive period.

From the original 4CD (5 hours) I've whittled it down to just over an hour - for those like myself who just want a flavour of the best tracks from these sessions. 

The new official release only includes a small number of tracks from the Twickenham sessions. So this post gives an earlier preview of the birth of some of the latter day Beatles classics as opposed to the later Apple sessions featured on the new official box set.

All tracks were selected from the 4 disc collection "Daddy Has Gone Away Now" (Nite Owl NO-2019-07) (2019) (FLAC Tracks)

It was remastered by Captain Acid in January 2021, who applied phase and level correction and a very gentle touch of new EQ.


01 - I've Got A Feeling (3:43)                  
02 - Two Of Us (4:21)                                  
03 - The Palace Of The King Of Birds (5:37)

04 - All Things Must Pass (3:35)            
05 - Oh Darling (2:37)                    
06 - Dig A Pony (1:13)                
07 - Gimme Some Truth (1:25)                
08 - Don't Let Me Down (2:49)                
09 - The Long And Winding Road (2:31)            
10 - Golden Slumbers (3:42)               
11 - Carry That Weight (2:40)                
12 - I Me Mine (2:22)                    
13 - She Came In Through The Bathroom Window  (3:52)     
14 - Across The Universe (3:55)            
15 - Let It Be (3:16)                    
16 - Woman (2:11)                    
17 - The Back Seat Of My Car (4:37)            
18 - Get Back (2:29)                    
19 - Mean Mr Mustard (4:15)                



Best of the Twickenham Rehearsals - 50th anniversary edition - in stereo (no camera beeps)
Recorded 2-14 January 1969 at the Twickenham Film Studios, Richmond upon Thames, London

The selections were compiled from the raw and unedited Get Back rehearsals that took place at Twickenham studios.
The roughly 40 hours of soundtrack recorded at the studio sound stage between 2 and 14 January 1969 - weekends excepted - has been carefully sifted through and distilled. While there is little that is truly great, there is much that is at least interesting, and on this compilation the "good" has been hand-picked and the "bad" left on the cutting room floor.

All of the annoying sync beeps are gone, and the listening experience is further enhanced, the edited compilation, originally recorded in mono, has been processed into a stereo presentation using modern de-mixing software (NOT micro-second delay or ADT in one channel).

Audio source: Purple Chick's 'A/B Road' v.1.1 (jameskg etc.); for identification purposes, the DDSI numbers in parentheses correspond to tracks on that revised set. All tracks de-mixed to stereo and edited from the film soundtrack Nagra tape reels, except * mono.
Camera sync beeps ("bloop slates" removed by filtering, editing and patching. (A Nite Owl production (NO-2019-07)).

For further background, read Jonathan Cott & David Dalton's article from 1970:

Only available over the Christmas holidays. Further details are in the 'Bootlegs of the Year.'

Monday 25 October 2021

JOHN PEEL SHOW - Monday 14 September 1981

On this day in 2004, BBC Radio One DJ John Peel sadly passed away while on holiday in Peru. His show had ran from the birth of the radio station in 1967. He quickly became the most influential radio DJ in British radio history, much to the astonishment of the radio station's management.

There is only one way to recognize his brilliance and that is to listen to a show.

This superb programme from 40-years ago gives an aural account of the alternate music scene in the UK at that time. You can read about it in books but this recording puts you back there.

BBC Radio 1 - The John Peel show
Monday 14 September 1981
Running Time: 90:34
In Session: Theatre Of Hate, Freeze


01. Frantic Elevators: Searching For The Only One
3rd single by the band, amongst their members was a young Mick Hucknall, of future ‘Simply Red’ fame.

02. Positive Noise: Love Like Property
Sounding a bit like Bauhaus on this compilation track, taken from the ‘Cabaret Futura - Fools Rush In Where Angels Dare To Tread’ album released on the Martyrwell Music label. The recordings on the album were recorded live at Soho’s Cabaret Futura club in London during spring 1981. Richard Strange, who had been influenced by his experiences living in Manhattan, New York, set up the club as a performance art space. 

03. Theatre Of Hate: Propaganda (session)
2nd Peel session, this opening track was an early preview of the song that would later be found on the b-side of the single ‘Do You Believe In The West World?’ released in 1982. Peel refers to football for the last time tonight, he tells his listeners!

04. Gregory Isaacs: Substitute
After playing this track from one of the Cool Ruler’s most accomplished and consistent albums. ‘More Gregory’ on the Mango label, an offshoot of Island. Peel again refers to Liverpool FC and his disappointment at the start they have made to the new football season in England. Despite his views Liverpool went on to win the 1st Division title by 4pts (not the 8pts+ he had wagered on) with Ipswich Town finishing 2nd.

05. Flock Of Seagulls: Telecommunication

The band was formed in Liverpool during 1979, this 2nd single produced by Bill Nelson (see track below) and released on the Jive label, would also appear on their debut album, released in April 1982. The band would secure a number of international hits including three singles in the Billboard US Hot 100 Chart; I Ran, Space Age Love Song and Wishing (I Had A Photograph Of You).

06. Bill Nelson: Living In My Limousine

Bill was a particular favourite of Peel and would appear regularly on his show. He was the vocalist, guitarist and songwriter of the British group Be Bop Deluxe for whom big things were predicted by the mid seventies rock press. Bill was ahead of his time but the group floundered during the punk rock explosion of 1976-77. They released their final album in 1978 and Nelson reconfigured the band becoming ‘Bill Nelson’s Red Noise’. He then decided to go solo and was very active in the early 80’s releasing numerous singles and collaborating with artists such as David Sylvian & Gary Numan.
After playing this 7” single on the Mercury label, also spun previously by John’s BBC Radio One colleague, Richard Skinner. Peel describes how the remainder of his weekend went, listening to new music and venting his disappointment about it. “Truly awful new records, most of them were pretentious, unimaginative and or just plain flatulent. It’s really difficult finding new records to play on the radio.”

He was impressed by the ‘Freeze’ session.

07. Freeze: From The Bizarre (session)

Freeze were formed by a group of school friends in Linlithgow, Scotland during the late seventies. This was their second and final session. There is a noticeable ‘Cure’ influence on this track.

08. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five: The Birthday Party 

This 12" single released on the Sugar Hill label was played after Peel had been inspired by reading ‘Collusion’ magazine. 

It was founded in 1981 and folded in 1983, after only five, but influential issues. It focused on what is now known as ‘World Music.’ Peel recalls, that he thought he and his listeners were missing out on not hearing these sounds. 

Indeed as the 80’s progressed his programmes became ever and ever more eclectic. An article in the magazine felt that there was an inherent bias in music journalism regarding genre and race. 

This perhaps prompted Peel as well as his disappointment at wasting his weekend listening to rubbish, to look outside the UK press for further information on the latest trends. 

A few months later he would invite US correspondent, Bob George on the show to discuss and play tracks from the current New York music scene.

09. Birthday Party:
Release The Bats

Previously called ‘The Boys Next Door’. Nick Cave would go on to worldwide fame with his next band, the Bad Seeds. This single was released on the influential label 4AD and became a particular favourite of Peel and his listeners. The all-time Festive 50 for 1981 saw it placed at #19 sandwiched between the Clash & the Undertones.

10. Freeze: Building On Holes (session)
Announced as Theatre of Hate, this was in fact the 2nd session track by Freeze. It’s a very strong track endorsed by Peel. The band would change their name to ‘Cindytalk’ and move to London in 1982, releasing a debut album ‘Camouflage Heart’ two years later.


11. Ann Sydney: The Boy In The Woolly Sweater
Peel would often drop in a seemingly completely out of place song from a different time and age, entirely incongruous to the rest of the show. I’m sure he was just doing it to have fun at his listener’s expense, sometimes it would provoke angrily worded letters arriving for him via the BBC. This 1965 single was released on the His Masters Voice label. 


12. Misty In Roots: City Blues
Sweet roots reggae music from one of Britain’s finest reggae acts. This track was selected from their second album ‘Wise And Foolish’ on the band’s own People Unite label.

13. Theatre Of Hate: Love Is A Ghost (session)
An early version of a track that appeared on the 1982 debut album ‘West World’ produced by Mick Jones of the Clash.

14. Damned: Neat Neat Neat
Peel unusually plays a listener’s request. This classic punk single, was released in early 1977 on the Stiff label.

15. John Martyn: Please Fall In Love With Me
The album ‘Glorious Fool’ released on WEA was less acclaimed than the 1980 ‘Grace & Danger’ album also with Phil Collins on drums.. This track emphasizes Collins skill on the drum kit and the woozy lazy sounding vocal style that shot Martyn to fame on his enduring classic 1973 album ‘Solid Air’. 

16. The Creatures: Mad Eyed Screamer
A double pack single titled ‘Wild Things’ released on the Polydor label. It features Siouxsie on vocals and Budgie from the Banshees on drums and percussion. Extending a rhythmic and prominent drums sequence that began with the previous track by John Martyn and ran through to the Pop Group.

17. Theatre Of Hate: Conquistador (session)
This early song would also appear on the debut album. It received mixed reviews, many complaining about the thin sound and the producer’s inexperience. The reviewers were apparently expecting a facsimile of the band’s live performance.

18. Scientist: The Winner
This track by maestro dub producer & engineer Scientist, appeared on a split album ‘Three The Hard Way’ with Maxie & Barnabas. It was released on the Silver Camel label

19. Rip Rig + Panic: Totally Naked (Without Lock Or Key)
Taken from the debut album ‘God’ released by Virgin, on two 12-inch singles playing at 45rpm. Singer Neneh Cherry went on to a successful solo career in the late 80’s.

20. Roland Kirk Quartet featuring Elvin Jones: Rip, Rig & Panic
A rare occurrence Peel plays jazz. There were often underlying themes on his show. The band above was named after this 1965 jazz album title, released on the Mercury label.

21. Pop Group:
She Is Beyond Good And Evil
A classic 1979 single released on the Radar label. A reviewer commented that it was “One of the greatest debuts in the history of rock music, it grabs you by the throat from the first few seconds. Mark Stewart sounds like a man possessed while guitars chime and Bruce Smith's drums lope menacingly. Bringing in legendary reggae producer Dennis Bovell was an inspired idea.”

22. Associates: A
The band’s seventh single was released on the Fiction label. Following three top ten UK indie chart singles this missed the chart, like the earlier‘Kites’ single. In 1982 the band would go on to have commercial success with the UK top ten ‘Sulk’ album and charting singles.

23. Freeze: Location (session)
Their final session track, sessions would usually consist of four songs.

24. Cramps: Save It
Much of the music played on tonight’s programme has a raw rhythmic intensity and passion to it. Not the kind you can play in the background, this Cramps track from the 12-inch single ‘The Crusher’ released on IRS is a prime example with its sparse sound and verve.

25. Barrington Levy: Deep In The Dark
The fourth reggae track played on tonight’s show. This single released on the B.L. Sounds label unfortunately cuts out as the cassette tape runs out. Many of these recordings were made using C-90 cassette tapes. The 90-minute cassette was an ideal compromise with 45+ minutes on each side. After a quick change over at the 45-minute mark, it meant a good three-quarter of the programme could be recorded. The longer C-120 tapes enabled a two-hour recording but the thinner tape used was prone to breakages, stretching or jamming in the tape mechanism. 



BBC Radio 1 FM broadcast > Sugden T28 Tuner > C-90 Cassette > Nakamichi Cassette Deck > Unknown digitising process > WAV > 320k mp3

Recording not split into individual tracks.


Wednesday 29 September 2021

BOB HARRIS - Country Show: June 3, 2021 (Flac)

I previously mentioned at the end of the Waterboys post that I would include some of my FM recordings, celebrating some of the greatest disc jockeys that the UK has produced. I've posted a Rodigan show, albeit one with a special guest and will return to his Reggae & Dancehall show in a future post. John Peel & Andy Kershaw will also feature but for now I would like to concentrate on one of the greatest DJ & TV hosts that I first listened to as a youth.

Bob Harris has been around since the early 70's and his career began in parallel with my growing interest in music. As a pre-teen that interest grew into a passion through early glam rock bands and artists like, David Bowie, Marc Bolan & T-Rex, Roxy Music, Slade and Mott The Hoople etc. whose singles were played daily on BBC Radio 1. The only two music TV shows at the time were 'Top Of The Pops' - and as the name implies, it played the chart hits of the time.

Much more interesting was the alternative 'The Old Grey Whistle Test' presented by 'Whispering' Bob Harris. On his show I discovered many of the classic artists (as they are now known) that a big brother or sister would pass down (via their albums) to their younger siblings. Bob became a de-facto substitute big brother, as I had no one older to shape my musical outlook.

British radio was a bit provincial in those days (apart from John Peel) and Bob Harris spread the word about many of the exciting new bands that existed far across the Atlantic ocean. 

On the OGWT I discovered the likes of Little Feat, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Southside Johnny & The Asbury Dukes, The Steve Miller Band as well as Britain's very own Queen and a band that would become renowned throughout the world, from Jamaica - The Wailers.

When a new radio show was proposed for broadcast on BBC Radio 2 FM, to play Country, roots and Americana, including archive classics and modern recordings, Bob Harris was the perfect choice to begin presenting the new show on Thursday 5 January, 2006. The show continues to this day, now at a later time of 9pm. This posted show was broadcast on Thursday 3 June, 2021. Lineage details are included below and it's likely that the show is being made available world-wide for the first time in FM Stereo.

Much of the new music played echoes that of the past and Bob reels off a list of influences that Blackberry Smoke & The Steel Woods for example, invoke.
Some radio shows have a flow and feel to them that just work perfectly. This is one such programme. Turn it up loud and revel in the glory of American roots music. It's a wonderful show and though the internet has enabled new ways of finding music, never forget your radio has some of the most knowledgeable influencers in music. Bob Harris has an unerring ability to select a track from an album that inevitably turns out to be the best or one of the very best on that particular release.

The Country Show with Bob Harris
BBC Radio 2 FM Stereo

Thursday 3 June, 2021 / 9-10pm (complete show + bonus tracks)

Brand new exclusive live music from Blackberry Smoke, new songs, old songs and a whole lot more!
With a new album in the Top 10 in the UK and a tour just announced for 2022, Georgian country rockers Blackberry Smoke contribute three exclusive live songs to this week's show, alongside great new tracks from the Steel Woods, Brothers Osborne and Lukas Nelson! Plus classics from Little Big Town and Florida Georgia Line, the reissue of the week is from Hank Williams.

01. Florida Georgia Line - Round Here | Here's To The Good Times (Republic Nashville) 2012
02. Bobbie Gentry - Ode to Billie Joe | Greatest Hits (Classic Cuts) 1990
03. Blackberry Smoke - Ain't The Same (Country Show exclusive)
04. Little Big Town - Girl Crush | Pain Killer (Capital Records Nashville) 2014
05. Lori McKenna - The Way Back Home | The Tree (CN /Thirty Tigers) 2018
06. The Steel Woods - All Of Your Stones | All Of Your Stones (Thirty Tigers) 2021
07. Hank Williams - Tennessee Border | Pictures From Life's Other Side, Volume 2 (BMG) 2021
08. Blackberry Smoke - Hey Delilah (Country Show exclusive)
09. Gabby Barrett - The Good Ones | Goldmine (Warner Music Nashville) 2020
10. Brothers Osborne - Younger Me | Digital Single (EMI Nashville) 2021
11. Blackberry Smoke - You Hear Georgia (Country Show exclusive)
12. Lukas Nelson - Leave 'Em Behind | A Few Stars Apart (Fantasy) 2021

bonus tracks: 10 June (t13-14) & 17 June (t15-17)
13. Gretchen Peters - The Secret of Life | The Secret of Life 1996
14. Valerie June - Colors | The Moon And Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers 2021
15. Kezia Gill - Country Song | The Mess I Made EP 2021
16. Son Volt - Reverie | Electro Melodier 2021  
17. Jakob Dylan - Nothing But The Whole Wide World | Women + Country 2010

Lineage: BBC Radio 2 FM Stereo broadcast > Denon Tuner TU-260L > Audacity 2.1.3 > WAV > FLAC 8


Wednesday 11 August 2021

PAVEMENT - Trigger Cuts: A Bootleg Compilation (Flac)

Between 1992 and 1999 Pavement released five studio albums: Slanted and Enchanted (1992), Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (1994), Wowee Zowee (1995), Brighten the Corners (1997) and Terror Twilight (1999). This excellent compilation features tracks that appeared on all five of those albums.

It's a tight well crafted sequence of songs packing 21-tracks into less than 80-minutes. Ideal for those unfamiliar with this US indie band, who stayed loyal to the independent label Matador, throughout their career in the 90's.

Nearly three-quarters of this live compilation was sourced from four venues: E-Werk, Cologne / Poppodium 013, Tilburg, Netherlands / Reading Festival, England and Jay's Upstairs, Missoula, MT, US. 

If you are averse to live compilations and prefer listening to the complete live sets then I would recommend you begin with the above four shows. They are available from sites mentioned in the bootlegs of the year document.

"Trigger Cuts" (A Bootleg Compilation)
Live 1992-1999

Sources: all excellent FM and soundboard except track 11
Time: 79:28

01. In The Mouth A Desert [Cologne, 6-26-1995]
02. Rattled By The Rush [Cologne, 6-26-1995]
03. Silent Kid [Reading Festival, 8-26-1994]
04. Summer Babe [Reading Festival, 8-26-1994]
05. Kennel District [Cologne, 6-26-1995]
06. Gold Soundz [Tilburg, 11-16-1999]
07. Grounded [John Peel Session, 3-13-1995]
08. Shoot The Singer [Cologne, 6-26-1995]
09. Spit on A Stranger [Tilburg, 11-16-1999]
10. Type Slowly [Missoula, 4-21-1997]
11. Loretta's Scars [Seattle, 1-27-1996]
12. Kentucky Cocktail [Chapel Hill, 9-11-1992]
13. Trigger Cut [Frankfurt, 3-06-1994]
14. Stop Breathin' [Amsterdam, 3-02-1994]
15. Stereo [Tilburg, 11-16-1999]
16. Range Life [Reading Festival, 8-27-1995]
17. The Killing Moon [Liverpool, 10-28-1999]
18. ...And Then (The Hexx) [Missoula, 4-21-1997]
19. Pueblo [Cologne, 6-26-1995]
20. Debris Slide [Tilburg, 11-16-1999]
21. Fight This Generation [Tilburg, 11-16-1999]


 Selections were taken from the live shows listed below:
September 11, 1992. Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill NC.
26 August, 1994. Reading Festival, England.
27 August 1995. Reading Festival, England.
March 2, 1994 Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 6, 1994. Batschkapp, Frankfurt, Germany
March 13, 1995. Studio session, Maida Vale, London.
June 26, 1995. E-Werk, Cologne, Germany.
January 27, 1996. Moe's Mo' Rockin' Cafe, Seattle, WA.
April 21, 1997. Jay's Upstairs, Missoula, MT.
October 28, 1999. Royal Court Theatre (Sound City '99), Liverpool, England
November 16, 1999. Poppodium 013, Tilburg, Netherlands.

Monday 26 July 2021

BEASTIE BOYS - Saul's Boutique (Flac)

An amazing spell of great weather has finally broken here in the UK. It has provided the opportunity to work on a new post and get it shared to all like minded music lovers out there in the blogosphere.

There haven't been any hip-hop posts on the blog (apart from the Costello/Roots collaboration, not because I don't like the music, far from it, but mainly due to a lack of high quality bootlegs in my collection. This is one all hip-hop heads should enjoy as well as fans of 70's soul and funk.

Beastie Boys - Saul's Boutique

Original Uploader's Notes:
"The quick and to the point version is this is a collection of instrumental versions of the tracks from the Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique album. They were primarily sourced from the vinyl intended to be used for their live tour circa 1989, though that tour did not happen as planned and the vinyl went mostly unused, eventually falling into the hands of collectors.

There are several versions of the instrumentals from Paul's Boutique around, but most are either mp3 sourced or very low quality. Unless there is an official release of these instrumentals, this will probably be the best quality version available, period.

There are some small patches where there were skips and jumps that were unable to be repaired, but you probably won't notice them unless you're really into digging for such detail. Seriously, I think I covered them up pretty good. Also, the name is from Saul's Boutique having been written in sharpie on the label of one of the show vinyls.

This is a project I did with some friends. One of those friends would like to remain anonymous, but they generously provided the raw audio. The other friend is Harvey Cliff, artist and all-around awesome guy, who did the artwork and handled the physical packaging. Myself, I cleaned-up the audio a bit, edited it, sequenced and pseudo-mastered it. We had some professionally manufactured cassettes made that we gave to friends and intend to give copies of to the remaining Beasties and the Dust Brothers.

Lineage: STU > Vinyl > WAV > edited in SoudForge and iZotope RX > foobar2000 FLAC frontend > FLAC

Track list:
01 Ask for Janice, Pt. II
02 Shake Your Rump
03 Johnny Ryall
04 Egg Man
05 High Plains Drifter
06 The Sounds of Science
07 3-Minute Rule
08 Hey Ladies
09 Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
10 Car Thief
11 What Goes Around
12 Shadrach
13 59 Chrystie Street
14 Stop That Train
15 A Year and a Day
16 Hello Brooklyn
17 Dropping Names
18 Lay It on Me
19 Mike on the Mic
20 A.W.O.L.
21 Some Dumb Cop Gave Me Two Tickets Already



          Notes about the original album released in 1989

"The Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique was a masterpiece in sampling, and an album that could never be made in the same way again. Created during the golden age of sampling – that is, before stricter copyright laws were enforced – it epitomised the times. Alongside 3 Feet High & Rising by De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest’s Low End Theory, Paul’s Boutique marked a change in hip-hop, towards the D.A.I.S.Y. Age of rap music you could dance to.

At the time of its release Paul’s Boutique was a relative commercial dud for the Beasties, given that the success of Licensed To Ill had taken the trio from middle-class punk kids to rap poster boys overnight. In Licensed To Ill the Beastie Boys came to disturb the peace, at least for the white, middle-American music market Def Jam were looking to break into. They succeeded in that. “I’m real mad at the Beastie Boys, they definitely messed up a lot of things for me,” said LL Cool J in a 1987 interview. But the Licensed To Ill formula was not built to last. You can only play the teenage rebels for so long.

Anything from “100 to 300” samples lie within Paul’s Boutique according to one of its creators, Mike Simpson of The Dust Brothers. With production partner John King the duo crafted Paul’s Boutique from their LA studio armed with an MPC and a near-encyclopaedic knowledge of funk, soul, rock, rap, jazz and everything in-between. For the Beasties, Paul’s Boutique was their unabashed ode to ’70s funk and bravado, an album as lyrically potent as it was tongue-in-cheek and one that helped set the tone for rap music throughout the ‘90s."

Paul's Boutique tracklist

To All the Girls

Shake Your Rump

Johnny Ryall

Egg Man

High Plains Drifter

The Sounds of Science

3-Minute Rule

Hey Ladies

5-Piece Chicken Dinner

Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun

Car Thief

What Comes Around


Ask for Janice

B-Boy Bouillabaisse:  

a. 59 Chrystie Street  b. Get on the Mic  c. Stop That Train  d. A Year and a Day  e. Hello Brooklyn  f. Dropping Names  g. Lay It on Me  h. Mike on the Mic  i. A.W.O.L.

The website ‘Paul’s Boutique Samples and References List’ is the ultimate resource for the album Paul’s Boutique by the Beastie Boys. It has been compiled through internet collaboration since about 1993, it stands to document the samples and references included on the album.


I’ve included one example for the track ‘Shake Your Rump’ of the kind of information that is included on the site.

For further info on all the tracks, including b-sides go to the above website.

track 2. ‘Shake Your Rump’

Sample: Alphonse Mouzon - ‘Funky Snakefoot’ from Funky Snakefoot (Blue Note, 1974)

As one of the most underrated breaks in sampling Alphonse Mouzon’s criminally slept on ‘Funky Snakefoot’ appears only a handful of times in modern day hip-hop. Although Kris Kross’s ‘I Missed the Bus’ didn’t exactly set the world alight, the Mouzon break would become the backbone to one of the Beastie’s most recognisable party anthems ‘Shake Your Rump’.

  • The main drum roll is from “Funky Snakefoot” by Alphonze Mouzon from the 1973 album “Funky Snakefoot”
  • Beat is Harvey Scales’s “Dancing Room Only” from the 1979 album Hot Foot (A Funque Dizco Opera)
  • Additional beats from “Super Mellow” by Paul Humphrey from the album "The Drum Suite"
  • "Shake Your Rump-ah" - from the Unity album by James Brown and Afrika Bambaataa
  • Mostly taken from the "Car Wash" soundtrack by Rose Royce
  • "It's the Joint" - song of same title by Funky 4+1
  • Bong hit
  • ‘Scratch’ heard under "the most packinest", "your belief, chief" and at the end - "Could you be Loved" by Bob Marley
  • "Hoo-ha! Got them all in check." - "8th Wonder" by The Sugarhill Gang
  • Afrika Bambaataa’s, "Jazzy Sensation"
  • Ronnie Laws, "Tell Me Something Good"
  • The sound similar to a straw being pulled through a soft drink lid is an African percussion instrument known as a "cuica" (kwee-kuh). The instrument was originally used in Africa for lion hunting because the sound produced is very similar to a female lion’s roar, thus attracting the male. The cuica’s sound is produced by pulling and pushing a wet cloth on the bamboo stick. 
  • The disco call is from Foxy’s "Get Off"
  • After the chorus phrase "Shake Your Rump-a" there is a drum break with synth. The first two run throughs, right before the rap starts again,
  • The concluding drum fill is from "Good Time Bad Times" by Led Zeppelin.


Sunday 6 June 2021

LOW - Two and a half Peel Sessions +3 from ATP


There isn't a great deal of early unreleased music by Duluth band, Low in circulation currently. 

I recently came across a few old CDr's with some of my recordings from around 20 years ago. They included a complete session for the BBC Radio One John Peel Show and half of their final 6-track session. 

I did have the complete session at one time and thought it was lost for good. Until I read an article that said it was possible to recover recordings accidentally erased from minidisc. I might be able to recover some of those recordings - a task I will leave for the winter months. 

The second Peel session is available on a superb FM recording that was originally shared some years ago on the Dime torrent site and no longer available there.

I have included it with my one and a half Peel sessions and added the 3 tracks from the ATP appearance in 2002, that was also included on my CDr. I haven't seen lossless versions of the other three sessions in circulation, so this is the best available currently. If you are unfamiliar with the band I can recommend the three albums that appeared around the time of these sessions:

Things We Lost In The Fire (2001)

Trust (2002)

The Great Destroyer (2005)


LOW - Peel Session #2

1. Sunflower
2. Dinosaur Act
3. I Remember
4. Don't Carry It All
5. John Prine
6. In Metal
7. Closer
8. Venus
9. Over The Ocean

Recorded at Maida Vale Studios, London and broadcast by BBC Radio One FM on 9 Nov, 2000

CDR from a snail trade:
FM > CDR > EAC > wav > FlacFrontend > Dime
Uploaded on Dime by: robjab


LOW - Peel Session #3

10. Last Snowstorm Of The Year 2:11
11. Canada 3:23               
12. Lil' Argument With Myself 3:18       
13. In The Drugs 4:41           

Recorded for the BBC on 28 November 2001 and broadcast by BBC Radio One FM on 2 January 2001 (this recording) complete session

Low - Live at ATP (All Tomorrow's Parties)

14. Starfire (2:55)               
15. intro (0:05)               
16. Fearless (4:43)               
17. Candy Girl (5:29)               

Broadcast Thursday 25 April, 2002 on BBC Radio One FM (this recording) not a live broadcast

Low - Peel Session #4

18. That's How We Sing (Amazing Grace) (7:16) 
19. La La (4:01)               
20. Tonight (4:51)               

Recorded live from Peel Acres on 31 January 2003 and broadcast live on BBC Radio One FM (this recording) - incomplete session missing The Last Snowstorm Of The Year, Fearless & Lordy

Sessions #3 & 4 + ATP were sourced from my CDr. Lineage is as follows: Sony tuner > Sony MD > CDr > WAV > Flac 8




Wednesday 19 May 2021

BUZZCOCKS - BBC Radio 1 Session 'One World' 2003

This Buzzcocks session was a promotional radio appearance to publicise their self-titled seventh studio album. It was a joint session for the John Peel & One World programmes. Seven tracks were recorded and split over the two programmes. Three included here were not broadcast on the Peel show: Breakdown, Orgasm Addict & Harmony In My Head.
The session was one of my final recordings before a fourteen-year break.

The Peel session songs broadcast, all appeared on the new album: Driving You Insane, Certain Move, Lester Sands* & Jerk. 

Lester Sands* first appeared way back in 1976 on the 'Time's Up' bootleg - now officially released.

BBC Radio 1 FM - One World
Experimental DJ's with esoteric forms of music not heard elsewhere on radio. The programme was broadcast every Thursday from 12 midnight to 2am.

Buzzcocks 'One World session'
2 April 2003
BBC Radio One FM - May 2003

01. Lester Sands (2:29)
02. Jerk (1:59)
03. Breakdown (1:58)
04. Orgasm Addict (1:58)
05. Harmony In My Head (2:59)

Pete Shelley – vocals
Steve Diggle – guitar, vocals
Tony Barber – bass
Phil Barker – drums

BBC Radio One FM broadcast > Sony Tuner > Sony MD player > CDr > Wav 

thebasement67 (May 2021)


If you are unaware of who the Buzzcocks are, there is an interview from 2003 here:

Interview 2003

Thursday 6 May 2021

BHUNDU BOYS - BBC Sessions 1986 (Flac)

In the Ken Garner book 'In Session Tonight' - which details the BBC Radio 1 sessions over a 25-year period since their inception in 1967 - DJ Andy Kershaw comments that Zimbabwe's, Bhundu Boys "Were really the ambassadors for African music in Britain." 

Few who heard those early sessions and on-air eulogies by Andy Kershaw & John Peel will ever forget what an incredible impact they made on the UK music scene. This at a time when Paul Simon's Graceland album was bringing the music and artists of South Africa to a worldwide audience.

The Bhundu Boys launched their first major label album 'True Jit' at an HMV shop in 1987. The group's British success owed much to John Peel's championing of the band, recording their first session in July 1986. This post compiles the BBC sessions from 1986. 

The band recorded one further session on 3 March 1987 and it was broadcast nine days later on the Andy Kershaw show. (No! I don't have it)

"About a month ago or perhaps five weeks ago I went to a club in London to see the Bhundu Boys play and was really genuinely enormously pleased with them, thought they were wonderful. I said at the time rather pretentiously but I think accurately really, the music they play seems just to flow up out of the ground and through them and to us the listeners. As I say I was very taken with them and enormously pleased that we were able to get them in to record a session for this programme.

...the title of the first one from the Bhundu Boys translates as 'Wings' (Mahenga)....How wonderful it is, still to be able to play sessions like this for you." .........John Peel, 14 July, 1986

BHUNDU BOYS - 1986 BBC sessions (FM)

John Peel session #1

01. Kuroja Chete
02. Chemedza Vana
03. Writing On The Wall
04. Let's Work Together
05. Manhenga

The Hippodrome, Golders Green, London, UK.
Recorded on 6th July 1986 / First broadcast on BBC Radio 1 FM 14th July 1986

John Peel session #2

06. Ndoita Sei?
07. Rugare
08. My Foolish Heart
09. Jig-A-Jig

BBC radio studios, London, UK
Recorded on 21st December 1986 / First broadcast on BBC Radio 1 FM 7th January 1987

Andy Kershaw, Whistle Test

10. Let's Work Together
11. Interview with Biggie Tempo (by Andy Kershaw)
12. Chemedza Vana (fades out)
13. Hupenyu Hwangu  (b/cast much later)

BBC Wood Lane TV studios, London, UK  
Recorded live on 20th September 1986 (as part of 'Rock Around The Clock', BBC TV & FM extravaganza)

BBC Radio 1 FM > Roof Aerial > Marantz ST151L Tuner > Aiwa ADF770 3-Head Cassette Deck > TDK-SA (Type II) cassette tape

Conversion to FLAC: Master Type II source tape > Aiwa ADF770 Cassette Deck (play) > SB Extigy soundcard > CoolEdit Pro 2.1 > WAV > TLH > FLAC

(All master FM recordings, time: 50 minutes)


Thursday 22 April 2021

ARCADE FIRE - Bootleg Mix (2004-2013) Flac


This compilation was inspired by an earlier bootleg mix tape that mixed lossy and inferior sounding audience tracks. I used the bones of it, wanting something with a better cohesion and more balanced flow for an enhanced audio experience.

It was compiled from the Arcade Fire radio sessions & the odd live track I have on my Hard Drives. It represents a different look at Arcade Fire's career from their EP beginnings through the first three albums. The radio sessions are particularly interesting because the demands of the radio studio, led to a more stripped down sound. 

It includes two cover tracks one from Talking Heads and the other the Magnetic Fields. 'Born on a Train' reminds me of two old songs, the first is easy 'Then He Kissed Me' but I can't place the other. Anyone?
This version of Neighborhood #3 is superior, if the power went out it certainly didn't on this performance, there really is some energy to it! The band's intent clear with the 1-2-3-4 intro. There was little point in splitting Rebellion as they merge seamlessly.

The Arcade Fire's early recordings surely position them as one of the greatest post-millenial bands. Hear this and get the official releases if you've missed them. The early albums come in card sleeves, like minature LP sleeves. Well worth collecting as you can currently pick them up in charity stores for little money. See the bottom of this post for further info, tracks that were performed on this mix are in capitals. (thebasement67, April, 2021)

01. Naive Melody           
Radio 3, Studio 211, Toronto - October 2, 2004 

02. Wake Up                          
03. In the Backseat                    
04. Neighborhood #2 (Laika)    
XFM Radio Studios, London - March 7, 2005       

05. My Heart is an Apple            
Berlin - May 20, 2005           

06. Vampire / Forest Fire                    
07. Intervention                        
08. Born on a Train            
KCRW-FM - January 17, 2005       

09. Sleeping in a Submarine            
Lollapalooza - July 24, 2005                  

10. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) > Rebellion (Lies) BBC FM session - June 28, 2007   

11. Keep the Car Running                
12. Neon Bible                
BBC FM Hub session - June 29, 2007       

13. Headlights Look Like Diamonds       
14. No Cars Go               
KCMP 89.3 FM Minnesota - September 29, 2005   

15. Suburban War                
Bologna - September 2, 2010
16. The Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond...)   
KCRW FM, Capitol Studios - October 28, 2013       

FM & Soundboard


The Early Official Releases

Arcade Fire EP (2003)
1. Old Flame
4. The Woodlands National Anthem


 Funeral (2004)
1. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)   
3. Une année sans lumière
5. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)
6. Crown of Love
8. Haiti

Neon Bible (2007)
1. Black Mirror
5. Black Wave/Bad Vibrations
6. Ocean of Noise
7. The Well and the Lighthouse
8. (Antichrist Television Blues)
9. Windowsill
11. My Body is a Cage


The Suburbs (2010)
1. The Suburbs
2. Ready to Start
3. Modern Man
4. Rococo
5. Empty Room
6. City with No Children
7. Half Light I
8. Half Light II (No Celebration)
10. Month of May
11. Wasted Hours
12. Deep Blue
13. We Used to Wait
14. Sprawl I (Flatland)
16. The Suburbs (Continued)