Sunday 6 June 2021

LOW - Two and a half Peel Sessions +3 from ATP


There isn't a great deal of early unreleased music by Duluth band, Low in circulation currently. 

I recently came across a few old CDr's with some of my recordings from around 20 years ago. They included a complete session for the BBC Radio One John Peel Show and half of their final 6-track session. 

I did have the complete session at one time and thought it was lost for good. Until I read an article that said it was possible to recover recordings accidentally erased from minidisc. I might be able to recover some of those recordings - a task I will leave for the winter months. 

The second Peel session is available on a superb FM recording that was originally shared some years ago on the Dime torrent site and no longer available there.

I have included it with my one and a half Peel sessions and added the 3 tracks from the ATP appearance in 2002, that was also included on my CDr. I haven't seen lossless versions of the other three sessions in circulation, so this is the best available currently. If you are unfamiliar with the band I can recommend the three albums that appeared around the time of these sessions:

Things We Lost In The Fire (2001)

Trust (2002)

The Great Destroyer (2005)


LOW - Peel Session #2

1. Sunflower
2. Dinosaur Act
3. I Remember
4. Don't Carry It All
5. John Prine
6. In Metal
7. Closer
8. Venus
9. Over The Ocean

Recorded at Maida Vale Studios, London and broadcast by BBC Radio One FM on 9 Nov, 2000

CDR from a snail trade:
FM > CDR > EAC > wav > FlacFrontend > Dime
Uploaded on Dime by: robjab


LOW - Peel Session #3

10. Last Snowstorm Of The Year 2:11
11. Canada 3:23               
12. Lil' Argument With Myself 3:18       
13. In The Drugs 4:41           

Recorded for the BBC on 28 November 2001 and broadcast by BBC Radio One FM on 2 January 2001 (this recording) complete session

Low - Live at ATP (All Tomorrow's Parties)

14. Starfire (2:55)               
15. intro (0:05)               
16. Fearless (4:43)               
17. Candy Girl (5:29)               

Broadcast Thursday 25 April, 2002 on BBC Radio One FM (this recording) not a live broadcast

Low - Peel Session #4

18. That's How We Sing (Amazing Grace) (7:16) 
19. La La (4:01)               
20. Tonight (4:51)               

Recorded live from Peel Acres on 31 January 2003 and broadcast live on BBC Radio One FM (this recording) - incomplete session missing The Last Snowstorm Of The Year, Fearless & Lordy

Sessions #3 & 4 + ATP were sourced from my CDr. Lineage is as follows: Sony tuner > Sony MD > CDr > WAV > Flac 8