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While checking through hard drives for audio files to post on this blog, it was a surprise to realise how many unreleased dvd’s I had acquired. Listing them all made it easier to sort out the best.
As most people that collect audio will also download video/dvd I’ve listed the best I have come across on the net so far. They have been split into lists of twenty, the second part will follow in the future but here is part one, all are well worth your time looking for and downloading. All deserving of an official release:

BOB DYLAN – Eat The Document

Eat the Document is a documentary that captures the madness that ensued during Dylan and The Hawks’ 1966 tour of Europe in which Dylan transformed himself from an acoustic folk singer to a rock ‘n’ roll musician. The tour was also finally documented officially by Columbia/Legacy Recordings’ with the 1998 release of the CD Live 1966: The “Royal Albert Hall” Concert—The Bootleg Series Vol. 4, Dylan’s 1966 performance at Free Trade Hall in Manchester, England. It was shot under Dylan’s direction by D. A. Pennebaker, whose groundbreaking documentary Dont Look Back chronicled Dylan’s 1965 British tour. The film was originally commissioned for the ABC television series Stage ’66.

Bob Dylan’s 1966 tour of Europe created more controversy and artistic debate than any other tour to date. Dylan left behind his image as a scruffy, socially relevant folk singer and now embraced rock ‘n’ roll: his clothes were mod, his lyrics oblique, and the music loud. His once loyal fans bombarded him with shouts of “Judas” and “traitor.”

Though shooting had completed for Eat the Document it wasn’t edited until Dylan recovered from his July 1966 “motorcycle accident”. Once well enough to work again, Bob Dylan edited the film with the help of Howard Alk—resulting in an extraordinary look into the artist’s psyche. ABC rejected the film as incomprehensible for a mainstream audience.

It has never been released on home video and prints are rarely screened in theatres. Some footage from Eat the Document was used in Martin Scorsese’s 2005 documentary on Bob Dylan, No Direction Home. This is the Watchdog Production that has become known as the standard DVD production of this movie. Included are the 20+ minute car ride with John Lennon and other outtakes. Running time is 80 minutes, and features the following tracks:

Tell Me, Momma / What Kind Of Friend Is This? / I Can't Leave Her Behind / Like A Rolling Stone / I Still Miss Someone / I Don't Believe You / Ballad Of A Thin Man / Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues / Baby Let Me Follow You Down / Mr. Tambourine Man / One Too Many Mornings / On A Rainy Afternoon
Bonus tracks: Ballad Of A Thin Man (out-take version) / Bob Dylan & John Lennon In A Car (20 minutes of out-take footage)
Bob Dylan Arrives In Sweden (Black & White newsreel footage)

The Beatles – Let It Be
Let It Be is a filmed documentary of the Beatles rehearsing and recording their new album in 1969.  The film culminated with a concert by the group set on the rooftop on their own Apple office building in London's west end.  Paul McCartney's concept for the album and film was that it wasn't going to have studio trickery like overdubs and effects.  It was "back to the roots" with the Beatles performing the songs in a natural way.  The film and it's accompanying soundtrack was delayed while the Beatles recorded and released their final album "Abbey Road".  It was eventually released in 1970 and received an Academy Award for it's title song.

For the Beatles completist and serious fans, the biggest frustration has been in not finding the "Beatles - Let It Be" in a complete, uncropped, great quality version. The reason for this is quite interesting. The original film was shot in 16mm (standard TV 4x3 format).  However, when the film was released, they cropped the 16mm print by chopping off parts of the top and bottom and blew it up to 35mm widescreen. I myself wondered in the 70's why the picture quality was so mediocre right in the movie theatre!  Now we all know why.  So even in the theatre, one did NOT get to see the full picture that was filmed.

Then to add insult to injury, when Let It Be was released in the 1980's on Beta and VHS videotape and on Laserdisc (all in standard TV 4x3 format), the manufacturers did NOT go back to the original 16mm film that was shot in the same format. INSTEAD, they sourced it from the 35mm widescreen theatre print and CHOPPED it AGAIN, this time from the sides. So anyone purchasing previous Beta, VHS and Laserdisc versions of Let It Be, now got to see even LESS!, since it had now been chopped on all 4 sides.

The recent WIDESCREEN, STEREO import DVD release rectified a lot of the problems.  For anyone that saw the film in the theatres in the 70's, it is great now to be able to see the original theatrical release, in stereo AND in much improved quality, including clearer picture and more natural colours.  However, as enjoyable as this version is (which would satisfy most collectors), it still is missing the top and bottom portions from the originally shot 16mm film version.

Now for the first time ever, we have available the original uncropped 4x3 version taken from a rare German 16mm film print.  This not only has ALL of the original picture filmed, but is also in much better quality and in stereo.  Of course, it is in 4x3 which is the old non-widescreen TV format. Some collectors will prefer the widescreen version that they are familiar with from the movie theatre.  Some will prefer the originally shot 4x3 film as it was originally intended. Running Length: 80 minutes

Pink Floyd KQED
Harvested HRVDVD001 Rev A

"An Hour With Pink Floyd"
This is one of the most celebrated recordings of the Pink Floyd, professionally filmed in San Francisco on the afternoon of the 29th of April 1970.
This DVD is a combination of 2 sources. A VHS tape recorded directly from the rebroadcast was used for the video, while the audio was sources from a 3/4" station master. Both video and audio have been cleaned up and remastered for this release.

1.  Atom Heart Mother  17:01  2.  Cymbaline  8:40  3.  Grantchester Meadows  7:30  4.  Green Is The Colour  3:30  5.  Careful With That Axe Eugene  9:07  6.  Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun  13:15

Bass, Gong, Vocals– Roger Waters / Drums, Percussion– Nick Mason / Keyboards, Piano– Rick Wright  / Lead Guitar, Vocals– David Gilmour

DAVID BOWIE – Cracked Actor

The Alan Yentob documentary. First broadcast on BBC1 in 1975.
Cracked Actor is a 53-minute-long BBC television documentary film about the pop star David Bowie. It was filmed in 1974. At the time he was a cocaine addict and the documentary has become notorious for showing Bowie's fragile mental state during this period. It was made by Alan Yentob for the BBC's Omnibus documentary strand, and was first shown, on BBC2 in the UK, on 26 January 1975.

The documentary depicts Bowie on tour in Los Angeles, using a mixture of documentary sequences filmed in limousines and hotels, and concert footage. Most of the concert footage was taken from a show at the Los Angeles Universal Amphitheatre on 2 September 1974. There were also excerpts from D.A. Pennebaker's concert film Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, which had been shot at London's Hammersmith Odeon on 3 July 1973, as well as a few other performances from the tour. 'Cracked Actor' is notable for being one of the only sources for footage of Bowie's ambitious Diamond Dogs tour.

The title of the documentary was originally to be The Collector, after a comment that Bowie had made to interviewer Russell Harty the previous year, whereby he described himself as "a collector of accents". Yentob and his team were given the task of documenting Bowie's famous Diamond Dogs tour, which was already underway when they started filming. Locations for the documentary mainly centred around Hollywood and Los Angeles, but there was also concert footage taken from Philadelphia. A number of performances from the tour were shown, including songs such as "Space Oddity", "Cracked Actor", "Sweet Things/Candidate", "Moonage Daydream", "The Width of a Circle", "Aladdin Sane", "Time", "Diamond Dogs" and "John, I'm Only Dancing (Again)".

BOB DYLAN – Rolling Thunder Revue (1975-76 Video Anthology)


Hard Rain US TV Broadcast version, Fort Collins, May 23, 1976

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall  / Blowin' in the Wind  / Railroad Boy  / Deportee  / I Pity the Poor Immigrant  / Shelter From the Storm / Maggie's Farm / One Too Many Mornings / Mozambique / Idiot Wind  / Knockin' on Heaven's Door (snippet during end credits)

Rejected TV Special, Belleview Biltmore Hotel, Clearwater, April 22, 1976

Mr. Tambourine Man / The Times They Are A-Changin' / Blowin' in the Wind  / I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine /Diamonds and Rust / When I Paint My Masterpiece / Like a Rolling Stone  / Isis  / Just Like a Woman  / Knockin' on Heaven's Door / Lay Lady Lay


Renaldo And Clara unreleased concert footage, November/December 1975

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall  / It Ain't Me Babe  / Knockin' on Heaven's Door  / It Takes a Lot to Laugh  / Romance in Durango / One More Cup of Coffee  / Sara  / Never Let Me Go  / Just Like a Woman  / Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Japanese TV version, Fort Collins, May 23, 1976

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall / Blowin' in the Wind  / Deportee  / I Pity the Poor Immigrant  / Shelter From the Storm  / Maggie's Farm
One Too Many Mornings / Mozambique / Idiot Wind  / Knockin' on Heaven's Door

World Of John Hammond, WTTW-TV, Chicago, September 10, 1975

Hurricane / Simple Twist of Fate  / Oh Sister

THE CLASH - On TV Vol. 1

Recorded from Various Sources 1977-83
PART ONE: UK & Austria TV
01 Interview Intro (Alright Now, Mar 1979 - UK TV) 02 English Civil War (Alright Now, Mar 1979 - UK TV) 03 Capitol Radio (Elisabethean Suite in Manchester, Nov 1977)  04 Janie Jones (Elisabethean Suite in Manchester, Nov 1977)  05 What's My Name (Elisabethean Suite in Manchester, Nov 1977)  06 Garageland (Elisabethean Suite in Manchester, Nov 1977)  07 Clash City Rockers (Something Else, Jan 1978 - UK TV) 08 Politics-discussion (Something Else, Jan 1978 - UK TV)  09 Tommy Gun (Something Else, Jan 1978 - UK TV) 10 I'm So Bored... (Rock Revolution in Manchester, Dec 1978)
11 London's Burning (Rock Revolution in Manchester, Dec 1978) 12 Armagideon Time (Kampuchea concert in London, Dec 1979) 13 London Calling (Aylesbury Friars, Jan 80) 14 Interview + Police & Thieves (Aylesbury Friars, Jan 80) 15 Interview + Live (Aylesbury Friars, Jan 80) 16 Clash City Rockers (Ohne Maulkorbe in Vienna, May 1981)  17 Somebody Got Murdered (Ohne Maulkorbe in Vienna, May 1981)  18 London Calling (Ohne Maulkorbe in Vienna, May 1981)  19 Safe European Home (Ohne Maulkorbe in Vienna, May 1981)

01 London Calling (Fridays in Los Angeles, Apr 1980) 02 Train In Vain (Fridays in Los Angeles, Apr 1980) 03 Guns Of Brixton (Fridays in Los Angeles, Apr 1980) 04 Clampdown (Fridays in Los Angeles, Apr 1980) 05 News Report (Bond's News Report, Jun 1981) 06 The Magnificent Seven (Tom Snyder's Tomorrow Show, Jun 1981) 07 Interview (Tom Snyder's Tomorrow Show, Jun 1981) 08 This is Radio Clash (Tom Snyder's Tomorrow Show, Jun 1981) 09 Interview - Live at Five, late 1981 or early 1982 (US TV) 10 Straight To Hell (Saturday Night Live, Oct 1982) 11 Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Saturday Night Live, Oct 1982) 12 Arrival At US Festival (US Festival, May 1983) 13 Know Your Rights (US Festival, May 1983) 14 Should I Stay Or Should I Go (US Festival, May 1983)

Elvis Costello and the Attractions

live at WDR Studio-L in Cologne

15 June 1978.

01. Mystery Dance   02. No Action   03. Waiting For The End Of The World   04. Lip Service   05. Two Little Hitlers  06. The Beat   07. Night Rally   08. This Year's Girl  
09. Lipstick Vogue   10. Watching The Detectives   11. Pump It Up  12. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea   13. You Belong To Me

Dire Straits - 1979-02-16 - Cologne, Germany (full pro-shot)

Fantastic quality footage of the Dire Straits session broadcast on Germany's long-running "Rockpalast" TV program. The DVD authoring job is stellar, with an impressive screen and nicely done menus. Really a top notch job all around, very professional and well done.

01  Down To The Waterline (4:47)  02  Six Blade Knife (4:28)  03  One Upon A Time In The West (5:20)  04  Lady Writer (4:04)  05 Single Handed Sailor (5:02)  06  Water Of Love (6:13)  07  In The Gallery (5:50)  08  Follow Me Home (4:43)  09  News (3:52)  10  What's The Matter Baby (3:19)  11  Lions (5:48)  12  Sultans Of Swing#1 (7:13)  13  Wild West End (5:17)  14  Where Do You Think You're Going (6:18)  15  Eastbound Train (5:04)  16  Sultans Of Swing#2 (6:32) plus bonus documentary


Amandla Festival, Boston 1979

The Amandla Festival of Unity was a world music festival held at Harvard Stadium in Boston, Massachusetts, on July 21, 1979. The festival was held in an effort to support and celebrate the liberation of South Africa and the on-going efforts of people in Boston to address racism in their families, schools, workplaces and communities. According to Wikipedia, the word ‘Amandla’ is from the South-African Zulu language and means ‘power’, ‘strength’ or ‘energy’.
Bob Marley is touring and playing songs from his forthcoming “Survival” album when he is asked to perform at the Amandla Festival. The forthcoming album has many politically charged songs including “Zimbabwe“, which is about the liberation of the African country of the same name. Marley makes several short speeches during his encore when he powerfully blames the system and urgently claims Africa’s unity and freedom. “Free Africa now cuz Africa nah free!” he shouts with defiance.  The onstage speeches are unusual for Marley, as he normally concentrates on the music carrying his message.  Performers include soul legend Patti LaBelle, jazz pianist Eddie Palmieri, drummer Babatunde Olatunji, the South African band Jabula and comedian Dick Gregory, who gives a 15-minute racially-charged speech before Marley’s performance.

01 - Positive Vibration   02 - Slave Driver   03 - Them Belly Full  04 - Running Away 
05 - Crazy Baldhead  06 - The Heathen  07 – War  08 - No More Trouble  09 - Lively Up Yourself  10 - No Woman No Cry  11 – Jamming  12 - Get Up Stand Up  13 - Exodus  Encore:  14 – Zimbabwe  15 - Wake Up & Live

Kate Bush presents her Christmas Special in which she performs songs from her first three albums, along with December Will be Magic Again. Peter Gabriel is her special guest. Broadcast on 28 December 1979 (UK) Filmed at the Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham

The 1979 Christmas special features Kate performing Gymnopedie No 1, Symphony in Blue, Them Heavy People, Madrigal, December, Wedding List, Egypt, Waltz/Why Did I Ever Go Marry Her, Man with the Child in His Eyes and Don’t Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake. Guest star Peter Gabriel sings Here Comes the Flood and duets with Kate on Another Day.

Dance Craze The Best Of British Ska...Live!

VHS to DVD Transfer
The picture is dark and grainy but that is Dance Craze from VHS!!
If you want a perfect DVD transfer of the 1988 VHS release then get this torrent!
If you want a perfect remastered picture and sound then you are gonna have to wait until it is professionally cleaned up and officially released on DVD
This video is first class. All of the performances are incredibly well chosen and well paced. A hugely enjoyable visual treat - magically edited, at times the whole group is pictured, and at others we home in on a particular percussionist or singer. There are no problems with the sync, whatsoever.
Aparently the director was innovative in using a steadicam in live music for the first time, and we get sweeping shots that are realistic, roar and energetic. Energy and talent abounds. Highly recommended.

The Specials - Nite Klub  2. Madness - The Prince  3. Bad Manners - Ne Ne Na Na Na Na Nu Nu  4. The Bodysnatchers - 007  5. The Selecter - Three Minute Hero  6. The Beat - Ranking Full Stop  7. The Beat - Big Shot  8. The Specials - Concrete Jungle  9. Madness - Swan Lake  10. Madness - Razor Blade Alley  11. The Selecter - Missing Words  12. The Bodysnatchers - Let's Do Rock Steady  13. Bad Manners - Lip Up Fatty  14. Madness – Madness  15. The Specials - Too Much Too Young  16. The Selecter - On My Radio  17. The Bodysnatchers - Easy Life  18. The Beat - Rough Rider  19. The Specials - Man At C&A
20. Bad Manners - Inner London Violence  21. Madness - Night Boat To Cairo  22. The Beat - Twist & Crawl  23. Bad Manners - Wooley Bully  24. The Selecter - Too Much Pressure  25. The Beat - Mirrior In The Bathroom  26. Madness - One Step Beyond  27. The Specials - Nite Klub (Reprise)

THE CLASH – US Festival 1983

Mick Jones last appearance with the Clash before being unceremoniously sacked by Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon. It was filmed at the historic US Festival in 1983.

This Is Radio Clash (fragment) / Somebody Got Murdered  / Rock The Casbah (fragment) / The Guns Of Brixton / Know Your Rights  / Koka Koka  / Hate And War  / Armagideon Time  / Sound Of The Sinners / Safe European Home  / Police On My Back  / Brand New Cadillac / I Fought The Law / I’m So Bored With The USA / Train In Vain  / The Magnificent Seven  / Straight To Hell / Should I Stay Or Should I Go?  / Clampdown

The Smiths
Paseo De Camoens, Madrid, Spain
La Edad de Oro
18 May 1985

As in Barcelona, the Smiths played a 18 track setlist including "This Charming Man" and "Barbarism Begins At Home".
The gig turned out well, the Spanish were very energetic as was Morrissey, he danced wildly but wasn't very talkative. The only memorable quote preceded "Meat Is Murder": "We have seen your national sport... and it's not very kind
This show was recorded and broadcast on Spanish television programme Edad De Oro. 
William It Was Really Nothing /  Nowhere Fast /  I Want The One I Can't Have /  What She Said /  How Soon Is Now? /  Handsome Devil /  That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore / Shakespeare's Sister /  Rusholme Ruffians / The Headmaster Ritual / Hand In Glove /  Still Ill /  Meat Is Murder  Encore:  Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now /  Miserable Lie
Encore 2:  Barbarism Begins At Home  Encore 3:  This Charming Man /  You've Got Everything Now

Parc De La Courneuve, Paris, France
29th June 1985

The complete professionally shot concert. This can arguably be considered the biggest and most important Springsteen bootleg release for over 25 years. Fortunately this DVD set is worthy of that accolade.
The source for this DVD comes from a first generation videotape, transferred in XP mode to 4 DVD5s to provide the best possible quality. To prevent the loss of any quality, the show has been edited without re-encoding the video to make it fit on 3 DVD5s. To add more atmosphere the original soundboard audio has been equalised and mixed with a nice audience recording. The original audio stream has been included for the purists.
Two audio tracks from "Roses In The Kansas Rain" from EV2 has been used for the intro and credits videos.

Disc 1: 01 Born In The U.S.A.  02 Badlands  03 Out In The Street  04 Johnny 99  05 Atlantic City  06 Introduction  07 Shut Out The Light  08 The River  09 Working On The Highway  10 Trapped  11 Darlington County  12 Glory Days

Disc 2:  01 The Promised Land   02 Introduction   03 My Hometown   04 Thunder Road  05 Cover Me  06 Dancing In The Dark  7 Hungry Heart  08 Cadillac Ranch  09 Downbound Train  10 I'm On Fire

Disc 3:  01 Because The Night  02 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)  03 Introduction  04 Can't Help Falling In Love  05 Born To Run  06 Bobby Jean  07 Ramrod  08 Twist & Shout (w/ Do You Love Me)  09 Rockin' All Over The World

THE CURE – In Orange

This concert film follows British rock group The Cure through their performance at the classic Théâtre antique d'Orange in the French countryside (Orange, Vaucluse), on August 9 and 10, 1986.  It was only made available on VHS and Laserdisc

1. Shake Dog Shake  2. Piggy in the Mirror  3. Play for Today  4. A Strange Day  5. Primary  6. Kyoto Song  7. Charlotte Sometimes  8. Inbetween Days  9. The Walk  10. A Night Like This  11. Push  12. One Hundred Years  13. A Forest  14. Sinking  15. Close to Me  16. Let's Go to Bed  17. Six Different Ways  18. Three Imaginary Boys  19. Boys Don't Cry  20.  Faith  21. Give Me It  22. 10:15 Saturday Night  23. Killing an Arab

Tom Waits - Live In The Concert Film "Big Time" 1987
Running time: 87 Minutes.

Big Time filmed at San Francisco’s Warfield Theater and the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, is like entering a sideshow tent in Tom Waits’s brain. Directed by Chris Blum and written by Waits and his wife Kathleen Brennan, Big Time makes use of minimal sets and simple disguises to create a wildly evocative musical that draws from elements of vaudeville and burlesque. A truly unique vision from the always inventive Mr. Waits.
When the film was released in 1988, the press notes (grappling for some reference point) described it as a mix of avant-garde composer Harry Partch, Howlin’ Wolf, Frank Sinatra, Astor Piazzolla, Irish tenor John McCormack, Kurt Weill, Louis Prima, Mexican norteno bands and Vegas lounge singers. The dvd has 8 songs not on the cd release: Just Another Sucker On The Vine, Franks Wild Years, Shore Leave, Hang On To St. Christopher, 9th And Henepin, I"ll Take New York, More Than Rain & Innocent When You Dream whereas the cd has 5 songs not on the film: Red Shoes, Underground, Yesterday Is Here, Falling Down & Ruby's Arms

1. Just Another Sucker On The Vine  2. Franks Wild Years  3. Shore Leave  4. Way Down In The Hole  5. Hang On To St. Christopher  6. Telephone Call From Istanbul  7. Cold Cold Ground  8. Straight To The Top  9. Strange Weather  10. Gun Street Girl  11. 9th And Henepin  12. Clap Hands  13. Time  14. Rain Dogs  15. Train Song  16. 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six  17. I"ll Take New York  18. More Than Rain  19. Johnsburg Illinois  20. Innocent When You Dream  21. Big Black Mariah

2007-10-18 - The Mill At Lebanon, TN

Led Zeppelin frontman and legendary rocker, Robert Plant, and bluegrass superstar Alison Krauss share the stage in this forty-five minute episode of CMT Crossroads, which premieres Feb. 11, 2008. They perform their own classics as well as songs from their new album, Raising Sand. Plant and Krauss were recently nominated for a Grammy in the best pop collaboration with vocals category for the song "Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)" from the same album. On CMT Crossroads, Plant and Krauss combine his rock intensity with her angelic grace. The two music icons perform songs from the new album including "Please Read the Letter" “Stick With Me Baby” and "Rich Woman." They also perform Alison Krauss and Union Station's "The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn," as well as Led Zeppelin classics "Black Dog" and "When the Levee Breaks." The pair pays homage to the Everly Brothers with their version of "Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)." Special guest is T Bone Burnett, acclaimed songwriter, performer and Raising Sand producer. As well as the featured songs above, interview excerpts explain the reasons behind their unlikely collaboration

PORTISHEAD - Les Concerts Prives
La Plaine Saint Denis, France
May 3, 2008

Excellent Quality (16:9 HDTV)
Menu Included. 79 min.

1. Silence  2. Hunter  3. Mysterons  4. The Rip  5. Magic Doors  6. Wandering Star  7. Machine Gun  8. Nylon Smile  9. Threads  10. Roads  11. We Carry On  12 Interview

Radiohead – In Rainbows From The Basement

In Rainbows – From the Basement was filmed in a day with sound by Nigel Godrich and video direction by David Barnard at The Hospital Club's TV Studio in London's Covent Garden.
In Rainbows - From the Basement premiered on Saturday, 3 May 2008 at 12am on VH1. The band performed songs from their album In Rainbows as well as older tracks.

1 Arpeggi/Weird Fishes  2 15 Step  3 Nude  4 Bodysnatchers  5 The Gloaming  6 Myxomatosis  7 House of Cards  8 Bangers & Mash  9 Optimistic  10 Reckoner  11 Videotape  12 Where I End And You Begin  Bonus Tracks: 1 Jigsaw Falling Into Place
2 Nude ( Jonathan Ross Show) 3 House Of Cards 4 House Of Cards (Late Night Show)

PJ HARVEY – A L’Olympia, Paris  February 24, 2011

Polly Jean Harvey’s latest album "Let England Shake" received numerous accolades; it was named "Album of the Year" for 2011 and won the coveted Mercury Prize. This remarkable show was filmed during her European tour, in Paris, and was first broadcasted on 12 July 2011. It includes live performances of all twelve tracks that appeared on Let England Shake

Let England Shake /  The Words That Maketh Murder /  All and Everyone /  The Big Guns Called Me Back Again /  Written on the Forehead /  In the Dark Places /  The River /  The Sky Lit Up / The Glorious Land  / The Last Living Rose / England / Bitter Branches / Down By the Water / C’mon Billy / Hanging in the Wire / On Battleship Hill / Big Exit / The Colour of the Earth / Interview
72.32 Minutes