Wednesday 1 February 2023

RADIOHEAD - Grosser Sendesaal des SFB, Berlin 2000 (Flac)

"Radiohead's 2nd concert in Berlin, on July 4, 2000 at a venue that held about 1,000 people, is the acknowledged high point of the tour.

More than that, it's one of the all time great Radiohead shows, in which the band was still drawing on the anxious energy of playing scores of new songs to a mostly unprepared audience. And yet, by this point in the tour, they also had an obvious confidence in their material and didn't feel as obligated to couch unfamiliar songs with reliable greatest hits.

Eleven out of the twenty-two songs played that night were new, including four out of the first five songs. The version of "In Limbo" is especially transcendent. 

And then there's the staggering take on "Kid A" that absolutely destroys the version on the album. The studio take is a low-key hum, like a robot voice sending a distress signal from the deepest reaches of inner space. Live, however, Radiohead made "Kid A" sound like an excursion into outer space, a positively huge and demented sonic explosion puctuated with a wholly unexpected harmonica breakdown, like Bruce Springsteen discovering "Another Green World.""   

(Extract from the book 'This Isn't Happening Radiohead's Kid A And The Beginning Of The 21st Century' by Steven Hyden. It's an essential purchase and will give you a new perspective on 'Kid A' and the music released around Y2k)

Großer Sendesaal des SFB
Berlin, Germany
4 July, 2000

Disc 1
01 Optimistic
02 Morning Bell
03 Karma Police
04 The National Anthem
05 In Limbo
06 No Surprises
07 My Iron Lung
08 Dollars And Cents
09 Bishop's Robes
10 Talk Show Host
11 Kid A

Disc 2
01 You And Whose Army?
02 Airbag
03 Lucky
04 How To Disappear Completely
05 Paranoid Android
06 Everything In Its Right Place
07 Pyramid Song
08 Exit Music (For A Film)
08 Knives Out
10 Nude (Tease)
11 (Nice Dream)


Uploader Notes (Fixed Version)

Audio patching and artwork by ridleybradout

"This is quite possibly the best Radiohead bootleg ever. Rumoured to be professionally mixed by none other than Nigel Godrich himself, it sounds as good if not better than the 'I Might Be Wrong' EP, but with a much more comprehensive tracklist. It features many expertly played versions of then unreleased Kid A/Amnesiac songs and rarities such as Bishop's Robes and Nice Dream.

It always frustrated me that such a pristine recording had micro-glitches between tracks, not to mention several annoying fade-in/outs. I took it upon myself to manually fix these and patch over the fades so that it now plays as a continuous listen.

I've also  put together some artwork that sits nicely next to that done for Nijmegen 2000-09-16 by Ben Z:

I used the .shn archived 'Satellite (pre-FM)' source for this (which checked out as 100% CDDA in auCDtect) rather than the 'Revolves Around' source."

SOURCE: Satellite (PRE-FM) > DAT > CD-R > SHN > WAV > Nero Wave Editor/Soundtrax for patching > FLAC

With thanks to Ridley Bradout, believe the well deserved hype. This is a cracker.