Tuesday 9 August 2016

#64 JOY DIVISION - Paradiso, Amsterdam 1980 (Flac)

Paradiso, Amsterdam  (The Definitive Edition)
11 January 1980.


Sourced from the original mastertape reel.
Source: 1/2 inch reel tape > DVD-R (WAV) > FLAC (Level 8)

Ian Curtis: Vocals
Bernard Sumner: Guitar
Peter Hook: Bass
Stephen Morris: Drums
Terry Mason: Sound Engineer

First set:
01 Passover
02 Wilderness
03 Digital
04 Day Of The Lords
05 Insight
06 New Dawn Fades
07 Disorder
08 Transmission
Second set:
09 Love Will Tear Us Apart
10 These Days
11 A Means To An End
12 Twenty Four Hours
13 Shadowplay
14 She's Lost Control
15 Atrocity Exhibition
16 Atmosphere
17 Interzone

The original notes are included below for the definitive relling of how this precious artefact came into circulation.

"Not often does it happen that a "holy grail version" of a tape that you've been listening to forever gets laid down right in front of you, from out of nowhere.Incredibly, just that happened a few weeks ago in a small private forum.

A very kind soul, himself a Joy Division fan from almost day one, uploaded without much ado a tape he's had for years but (in his own words) 'never could find the right moment to let it go' - a transfer from the original pre-FM master reels of the legendary, much bootlegged performance of JOY DIVISION at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on january 11, 1980 - arguably their best recorded live performance (at least to my ears), but definitely in the top 5 and with absolute certainty the best sounding one. Well, now it sounds even better!

And it's not called "The Definitive Edition" for nothing - the first version of this show that I had was the "Last Order" bootleg which sounded very very good and got me hooked to this show instantly. Over the years and with a few partial re-broadcasts more and more versions showed up, including a so-called "official release" on the "Re-Fractured" box set that ridiculously included gaps between all the tracks and didn't sound any better than most other versions floating around.

This is to my knowledge the very first time the full show has been transfered from the actual pre-FM master reels properly. And I am very proud and happy to be able to take this into the public, with the kind permission of the same kind soul who uploaded this at the mentioned private forum.
All thanks go to him for unearthing and making available to everybody finally, after 32 years, one of the most important recordings in post punk music history (and I'm sure some people would argue rock music history)!  Turn it up and ENJOY!" (surfling august 2012)



  1. Thank you so much, I'm really excited about hearing this.

  2. Me too. I never quite got the 'hype' around this band, but then again, I never really listened to them either. So, let's give it a chance! Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy your blog, keep em coming please!

  3. Coming off the musical revolution that was punk, Joy Division were unlike any other band at the time (debut Unknown Pleasures was released in June 1979)
    Their music was harrowing and intense, difficult to listen to especially with it's dark emotions and forboding ambience.
    You had to be in a certain mood to listen and it wasn't a place you wanted to return to often. Even now 30+ years later I still find their music difficult to listen to, especially the final album Closer.
    Having said that a unique, inspiring and very influential band.
    I would recommend beginning with the studio albums before this - if you have never heard them before

  4. I already have this bootleg and would just like to say, that this is a Must Have Recording of JD (if you are a fan).
    Yes a very unique band, not for everyone's taste, bleak, cold and grey like some sort of Brutalist Architecture that is in a state of disrepair, decay.
    If you are a JG Ballard fan and familiar with other Dystopian novelists then you will instantly get where they were coming from, what JD were doing lyrically & musically.

    If you are a fan of the likes of JG Ballard, PK Dick, I Azimov, Hermann Hesse, R Bradbury, then you might like the Hawkwind albums 'Thrilling Stories of Science and Fantasy - Astounding Sounds Amazing Music', 'Quark, Strangeness and Charm', 'Hawklords - 25 Years On', 'PXR 5', Choose Your Masques' (but also check out some of the great earlier albums such as 'Space Ritual' (1 & 2), 'Warrior on the Edge of Time', 'Hall of the Mountain Grill')

    Great blog, cheers for the uploads and I'll forward this on to an old friend who was also a JD fan, cheers...

  5. Coincidentally I'm reading Nick Kent's autobiography, in which he writes about Hawkwind when they squatted in Ladbroke Grove.
    An under-rated group and worthy of much more attention.

  6. Thanks for all this wonderful music!

  7. Thanks for this,and all the other downloads!

  8. wonderful concert, thank you andreab56

  9. Many thanks for sharing this fantastic concert. I agree that this is the best Joy Division bootleg out there and hearing it in such fine quality is a wonderful thing. For many years I had this on a C90 that I bought for a fiver from the classifieds at the back of the NME. General consensus amongst my mates at the time was that it even surpassed some of their legitimate recordings. 'Day Of The Lords' is particularly fine on this one. I'm a massive fan of Martin Hannett - particularly what he did in his later years with The Happy Mondays - and what I'm about to say may be a little sacrilegious for many hardcore Joy Division fans but I sometimes felt that his production watered down Bernards guitar sound a bit. I know Hooky mentions a similar thing in his book. This recording gets them fully hammering it out and its a wonderful thing to hear. The man tearing his soul out on stage seems to be a little lost on the politely applauding Dutch audience but that's a minor gripe. They seem to get it by the end. This is an incredible recording of a brilliant band at the absolute peak of their powers. Many thanks once again for sharing it and thanks to the anonymous owner of the original tapes who chose to let us hear it in all its glory.

  10. Many thanks for this recording. I have had several versions over the years and this is truly, truly the definitive edition and essential for any JD fan. Sounds very immediate and intimate through a Leben tube amp. JD right in my living room, and Curtis still alive, vital and compelling more than ever...

  11. Replies
    1. Yowza! Calling this edition "definitive" is no exaggeration. The copy of this concert I already had was really good, but this version completely blows it away! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  12. Yowza! Calling this edition "definitive" is no exaggeration. The copy of this concert I already had is great, but this one blows it away! It's a fantastic performance, and has been one of my favorites for a long time, and the sound quality of this edition is absolutely pristine. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  13. You are welcome. The original uploader "Surfling"called it definitive and it most surely is.

  14. Son nikeLVraiment rien a dire.Merci beaucoup

  15. Man your uploads are the best - thanks and thanks again!

  16. Stunning quality and an excellent performance - many thanks

    PIMBOX FROM BRASIL!! Thanks. this is a killer reel. everybody found only the best boots here!

  18. What a band they were.
    Just superb.

  19. Cheers, Vicente that's what I like to hear.