Sunday 16 December 2018

#122 THE VERVE - Hultsfred Festival, Sweden, 1994 (Flac)

The Verve’s first three singles all released in 1992 reached #1 in the UK indie charts, a marker for greater future success. By the time of the debut album release ‘A Storm in Heaven’ in June 1993, the Verve already had enough tracks to compile an alternate album. Some were released by Hut on The Verve & No Come Down EP’s – now long out of print, these are well worth seeking out.

This show was their fourth last of the year and broadcast on Swedish radio at the height of the summer festival season.

After Kurt Cobain’s death earlier in the year, the domination of American alternate rock bands on the UK music scene ended and new English groups broke through to increasing mainstream success, the Verve’s music looked back to the pyschedelia of the 60’s and incorporated elements of the UK's shoe-gazing scene from 1988 to 1990 and also soul and funk influences. The Verve’s synthesis made for an inspiring and influential sound as the free form composition of their early singles and debut album was improvised and extended throughout their live shows. 

Along with Glastonbury and Chicago from 1993, this is amongst the best early shows sound-wise and for performance, it includes a guest appearance by Oasis and has early versions of This Is Music, Rolling People and the unrecorded (at the time) Mover.

The Verve
Live at Hultsfred Festival
August 13, 1994
FM Radio Broadcast

01 Intro (Swedish)
02 The Sun the Sea                                 
03 Slide Away                                         
04 Blue                                                   
05 Been on the Shelf Too Long (early version of ‘This Is Music’)
06 A Man Called Sun                                          
07 Mover                                                 
08 Rolling People (early version later recorded for ‘Urban Hymns’)
09 Gravity Grave                                    


Wednesday 5 December 2018

#121 THE CURE - Rock Werchter Festival, Belgium (1981) (Flac)

The Cure released their third album, 'Faith' nearly three months before this performance. Only the title track and Doubt were not performed at this festival.

A show infamous for the somewhat fallible memory of Robert Smith who was quoted as saying.

We'd only been on for about half an hour and everything was running late, so Robert Palmer's road crew started motioning to us to stop. This bloke ran on and said "If you don't stop playing, we're gonna pull the plug". Simon immediately walked to the mike and shouted 'Fuck Robert Palmer! Fuck rock 'n' roll!' and we started playing a really slow version of 'A Forest' which lasted about 15 minutes. It was fucking brilliant. Unfortunately, when we finished, they threw all our stuff off the back of the stage."

The actual turn of events can be heard on this excellent hour long FM broadcast. A recording and performance that is the best from the 'Seventeen Seconds' and 'Faith' era.

The Cure
Rock Werchter Festival
Festival Park
Werchter, Belgium
July 5, 1981

FM master (2 broadcasts)>CDR>CDR>EAC>Flac>SF8>FLAC (see notes)

Hilversum 3 broadcast / a Forest is cut
Hilversum 3 broadcast / only a Forest

01. intro
02. The Holy Hour
03. In Your House
04. The Drowning Man
05. 10:15 Saturday Night
06. Accuracy
07. The Funeral Party
08. M
09. Primary
10. Other Voices
11. All Cats Are Grey
12. Fire In Cairo
13. Play For Today
14. A Forest

Thank you to lepep, who sent the source flac files to me.
I've removed the incomplete A Forest and edited in the complete song to form a complete show. The source and mix were the same, so this edit is not detectable. Recording volume of show raised slightly.

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