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NOTE: There are no links for these DVD's, they are just recommendations and for information only.

Sometime ago, 12 June 2013 to be precise. I posted part one. That title is now something of an anachronism with the rapid advance of technology. I imagine that most of us now use streaming sources to view video footage. In fact, the majority of these titles should be accessible via Youtube. 

Recently during a bout of dreadful winter weather I was basically house bound and to stop cabin fever breaking out, decided to plow through much of the video footage in my collection, downloaded over the last fifteen plus years.

Below are the ten titles selected that are very worthy additions to the listing. A few included in the part one list have now seen official release and there are also one or two titles, that seven years down the line I may not have chosen. 

JIMI HENDRIX -  Royal Albert Hall 24 February 1969 (K. Max version)

Room Full Of Hendrix by 4Reel Productions was the first video footage of Hendrix at the RAH I downloaded, way back in 2008. Six years later an upgrade was posted and began circulating around the NET. Superior to the previous version, it sparked much interest and renewed claims for the show to be officially released on CD and DVD. 

Indeed at the time of preparing the first part of this DVD list, it was strongly rumoured that an agreement was on the verge of being struck by the various factions involved. I decided to omit 'Room Full Of Hendrix' from the first listing post because of this. I should have known better because here seven years down the road, the Royal Albert Hall still hasn’t received an official release.

The upgrade, the K. Max version listed here, began circulating in 2014 and had the following changes made to the original raw film: 

The mono audio was replaced with full stereo sound, and in the correct set list order. Colour correction, was applied to the new 2014 source, out of sync shots were also corrected, the shortened songs were extended to their full length with still photos, screen captures and pyschedelic effects to replace the missing scenes. Certain effects added to the raw footage could not be removed such as the ocean waves on ‘Little Wing’ and the sparkler effects on ‘Voodoo Chile’. 

The previous ‘Rising Sun’ version is compared on the extras menu. The upgrade has superior colour tones and contrast and the picture quality is much sharper. The old version is more washed out with a blurred image and orange tone. 

01. Intro  02. Lover Man  03. Getting My Heart Back Together Again  04. I Don't Live Today  05. Foxy Lady  06. Bleeding Heart  07. Fire  08. Little Wing  09. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)  10. Room Full Of Mirrors  11. Purple Haze  12. Wild Thing

DVD Extras - Hound Dog Acoustic / Interview / Technical Notes including A/B comparisons to old and new source that was "unearthed" in 2014 exclusively for this project.


RADIOHEAD - Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN – June 8th, 2012

Radiohead’s appearance at the Bonnaroo festival in 2006 is one of their all-time legendary shows, they performed a set full of older hits and a handful of newer tunes. (see #80 Radiohead)  Their return to Bonnaroo in 2012 was subject to much anticipation, could they deliver another legendary show? The video footage shows a band playing at the top of their game and includes the build up and the complete two and a half hour set. 

01. Bloom  02. 15 Step  03. Kid A  04. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi  05. Staircase  06. The Daily Mail  07. I Might Be Wrong  08. The Gloaming  09. Separator  10. Nude  11. Magpie  12. Identikit  13. Lotus Flower  14. There There  15. Karma Police  16. Feral  17. Idioteque  18. You and Whose Army?  19. House Of Cards  20. Supercollider  21. Bodysnatchers  22. True Love Waits / Everything In Its Right Place  23. Give Up The Ghost  24. Reckoner  25. Paranoid Android.

The set list was vastly different from their performance six years earlier. The band played a twenty-five song set that focused heavily on their newer material. In their review of the show ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine said that: 

"While Thom Yorke and Co. weeded out a few thousand hit chasers in the crowd by eschewing well-known favorites like ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ and ‘No Surprises,’ they held tens of thousands more spellbound with a textured tableau of intertwining rhythmic arrangements — augmented by the addition of auxiliary drummer Clive Deamer – and nuanced sonics, with some latter-day catalog cuts emerging as concert anthems. When Yorke howled out the chorus of In Rainbows standout ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi,’ he cued an en masse singalong that sounded like a tidal wave ripping across a human sea of 80,000.” 

Jon Pareles writing for the ‘New York Times’ was also impressed and wrote, 

“Friday night at Bonnaroo was the follow-through: Radiohead the rhythm band, hitting groove after groove and riding them to darkly kinetic places…. But it was the music itself that made the best patterns: drumbeats and tangles of guitars, live and looped, bending funk into odd meters or twisting and untwisting, starting out transparent before some massive distorted keyboard texture plunged the whole assembly into ominous shadows. The rhythmic sinew of each song was exposed and vital, whether the music was moving through Beatles-like harmonies or bearing down on a handful of repeating chords.” 

The review titled ‘Bonnaroo: Radiohead’s Festival Evolution’ continued saying that, 

“It was a challenging show, filled with the sort of cerebral, experimental music that requires more of its audience than most Bonnaroo headlining sets. Even when a group of amped-up fans near the soundbooth began setting off their own fireworks during “Reckoning,” though, it was hard to take your eyes off the action up front. For a minute there, we all lost ourselves.”


THE ROLLING STONES – Cocksucker Blues
Directed by Robert Frank, Danny Seymour
United States • 1972 • 93 mins. • In English

The year was 1972. The Stones were rolling again after surviving the drug busts, Brian Jones exit and death, Altamont, and the 1960’s. The ’72 tour of America introduced the band with a fully reconstituted repertory. ‘Exile On Main Street’ was new and the group never played better! They’d also achieved new status by then as celebrities whether by sheer muscle of the money they made or growing respectability, the Stones were off the news pages and onto the gossip pages, members of the ‘beautiful-people’ in whose company it was a coup to be seen. Not that they didn’t still know how to rock out!

The Rolling Stones were upset by the film’s portrayal of them. The film is under court order that only allows it to be shown when director Robert Frank is present. It stars Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman & Mick Taylor. Also making an appearance are, Danny Seymour, Bianca Jagger, Tina Turner, Truman Capote, Stevie Wonder, Andy Warhol, Dick Cavett, Terry Southern, Princess Radziwell, Cynthia Jones and various groupies, roadies and scalpers.

Shot in black and white and colour, through the murk, you will see one of the most direct and honest documentaries ever filmed about the music business and the lifestyle of its participants. The level of personal contact and intrusion into the lives of such a major rock band, is only something that today’s filmmakers can dream about. It has undoubtedly contributed to the legendary appeal of ‘Cocksucker Blues’ and is not just down to the controversial depiction of nudity and drug usage (for its time). 

Reviewer’s comments: 

“It is the least seen movie about the Rolling Stones and ranks as one of the most revealing ever made.”

“It’s a movie as much about late 20th century America as about the Rolling Stones, “a far truer picture of the USA than anything else Frank ever did.”

“Gritty, tedious, funny, nauseating, thrilling and merciless: Cocksucker Blues, Robert Frank‘s film about the Rolling Stones‘ 1972 tour of North America, may be the most complete rock & roll documentary ever made.”

“The Stones in 1972 were magnificently raw and feral, at the peak of their era with (Mick) Taylor, and the music comes like a rush of blood to the head.” 

The copy I have is: 4 Reel Productions proudly presents: 
Big Cocksucker Blues (2004)

At the time of downloading, this was said to be the best version circulating. The comment on the cover says: 

“With all the versions of this floating around out there, we decided to put out the best possible version we could find and here it is! It comprises two discs with the second including footage from" 

Saville Theatre 1969 / Australian Tour Documentary 1973 / Promos / Brown Sugar Clip 1973 / David Frost Show 1969 / Interviews With Mick Jagger & Mick And Biancas Wedding 

"The video and the audio were re-mastered entirely along with all the bonus material making this THE definitive version.” 

A reviewer of this version asked the question: 

“What exactly makes Big Cocksucker Blues different than plain old Cocksucker Blues, the legendary rarely-seen film of the Rolling Stones' 1972 tour? Well, while the original Cocksucker Blues has frequently been bootlegged since the pre-DVD era, this Big Cocksucker Blues has that 95-minute film and well over an hour of extras.” 

I was going to recommend where you could see it but the video was removed, for apparently violating YouTube's terms of service!

A print of the film was put up for sale for £25,000 in 2013, copies made from that, are likely to be in private hands, an upgrade as has not circulated freely since the 4 Reel Productions version.


PJ HARVEY -  EVOLution 1992-2004


This collection was put together and released into circulation by PJ fan ‘Newrose’ in 2007. It comprises two DVD discs worth of pro-shot footage and looks at the EVOlution of Polly's career from 1992 to 2004. The quality ranges from watchable (mainly the early 1992-96 performances) to excellent. It's unlikely a better video accompaniment (apart from an update including post 2004) to PJ Harvey's career will appear unless it's an official release. 

It's a fascinating look at Polly Harvey's ever changing dress style as well as the changes in the band's musical direction. 

DVD 1 1992 – 1998 (PAL 4:3)  01:25:11

1992-93: 01 Dress – The Late Show 31 March 92  02 Naked Cousin – Jools Holland 7 May 1993  03 Dress  04 Sheela-Na-Gig –  t3-4 Festival 28 August 1992  05 Highway 61  06 Yuri G  07 Stella  08 Dress – t5-8 Cabaret Metro Chicago 1 July 1993

1995-96: 01 Working for the Man  02 Goodnight – t1-2 The White Room 15 April 1995  03 Send His Love to Me – Jools Holland 12 May 1995  04 The Dancer  05 Meet Ze Monsta – t4-5 BBC Studio 16 August 1995  06 C’mon Billy - Tonight Show 14 May 1995  07 Send His Love to Me – Late Show 11 September 1995  08 That Was My Veil  09 Taut – t8-9 Jools Holland 26 November 1996

1998: 01 A Perfect Day Elise  02 Hook  03 Meet Ze Monsta – t1-3 V98 Festival Chelmsford 23 August 1998 04 Catherine  05 Civil War Correspondent  06 Is This Desire – t4-6 Sessions At West 54th,  New York, NY, U.S.A 5 November 1998  07 The Sky Lit Up – Jools Holland 20 November 1998 

DVD 2 2000 – 2004 (PAL 4:3) 01:24:37

2000-01: 01 Good Fortune – TFI Friday 17 November 2000  02 Whores Hustle & The Hustlers Whore  03 Somebody’s Down Somebody’s Name – t2-3 Werchter Festival 1 July 2001  04 Down By The Water  05 Losing Ground  06 Horses In My Dreams  07 Big Exit – t4-7 Gurten Festival 15 July 2001  08 This Is Love – Jools Holland 12 October 2001

2003: 01 A Place Called Home  02 Missed  03 To Bring You My Love  04 50ft Queenie – t1-4 Big Day Out Australia Jan 2003  05 50ft Queenie  06 A Place Called Home  07 Man-Size – t5-7 Pukkelpop Hassalt 30 August 2003

2004: 01 Uh Huh Her  02 Meet Ze Monsta  03 Who The Fuck?  04 Evol  05 Victory – t1-5 Hurricane Festival Germany 26 June 2004  06 The Dancer  07 Uh Huh Her  08 Taut – t6-8 Vilar De Mouros Portugal 18 July 2004 

Sources: Master VHS > DVD  & All DVD Trade



Video footage of Neil Young & Crazy Horse performing live in 1976. Recorded in March and April in Japan and the United Kingdom, the never-released concert documentary ‘Yesteryear Of The Horse’ begins with Young performing solo, followed by a set with his rocking backing band.

The video begins with Young’s solo offerings of “Mellow My Mind,” “Too Far Gone” and “No One Seems To Know” from performances in Budokan, Tokyo. Full band versions of “Country Home,” “Don’t Cry No Tears,” “Drive Back,” “Cowgirl In The Sand,” “Lotta Love” and “The Losing End” also come from the Budokan shows. Next comes footage from London’s Hammersmith Odeon in which Young goes from solo acoustic guitar on “Tell Me Why,” to piano on “Stringman,” to banjo on “Human Highway.” Crazy Horse then comes aboard for “Down By The River” and “Cortez The Killer.” The end of the video is of Young busking on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland while playing “The Old Laughing Laughing Lady” on banjo.

The footage was filmed for a documentary and recorded for a live album release called Odeon / Budokan, which obviously never happened. Jim Jarmusch used a quantity of the backstage material in his film ‘Year Of The Horse’ but only a relatively small part of the performance footage - a segment of Like A Hurricane appeared.

Note that the quality of the footage leaves a lot to be desired but is nonetheless a fascinating look at the past. It’s in 2nd or 3rd generation VHS type quality. I’m sure that this will be included in some form, either audio/video, or both on the long awaited second volume of Neil’s ‘Archives’ series. 

Budokan, Tokyo 1976 
0:00 Mellow My Mind
3:25 Too Far Gone
6:38 No One Seems To Know
9:14 Country Home
15:47 Don't Cry No Tears
18:35 Drive Back
24:06 Cowgirl In The Sand
30:00 Lotta Love
33:00 The Losing End (When You're On) 

Hammersmith Odeon, London 1976 
37:25 Tell Me Why
40:02 Stringman
43:43 Human Highway
46:52 Down By The River
59:00 Cortez The Killer 

Central Station, Glasgow 1976 
1:07:16 The Old Laughing Lady

BBC Four Television - Friday 31 October 2008



21:30 Kicking off Neil Young Night, a 1971 gig by the singer/songwriter, showcasing songs from Harvest. 


22:00 Tracing the musical journey of the legendary singer/songwriter through interviews and unseen performance footage.

Both of these shows were recorded and circulated together, quickly on torrent sites. At the time it was stated that “The programme would be shown just a few days prior to the expected release date of the first set of Young's much-delayed 'Archives' project." Neil Young fans were not surprised that ‘Archives’ didn’t appear until June 2, 2009. 

01. Out On The Weekend  02. Old Man  03. Journey Through the Past  04. Heart Of Gold  05. Don’t Let It Bring You Down  06. A Man Needs A Maid  07. Love In Mind  08. Dance, Dance, Dance

Neil Young played a wonderful set in 1971, that was taped and broadcast by the BBC. He arrived in England right after the release of Harvest and this was filmed as part of a promotional tour for the album. It’s just Neil solo with his acoustic guitar and a set of songs that have become familiar favourites that appear on his best-of collections. At this concert they were fresh and new, he also performed some unreleased songs. The filming and the sound quality is excellent, and Young’s stories about his life and surroundings are easy to follow. This is a true gem, and one of the best captures of Neil Young in his early seventies heyday. 

Neil Young traces his musical journey in his own words. This documentary film was made from three hours of interview shot in New York and California, and utilises previously unseen performance from the star’s own extensive archives.

“I only do it for the music. If the music is saying to do one thing, the people are secondary; you just have to do what you have to do and if you’re always like that, people begin to trust that. They realise it’s not a personal thing.”

Young later explained his anti-star status, “I didn’t spend 10 years in the 60s and 70s creating something so I could be a prisoner of it … You know if you’re trying to stay in the favor of the public, you’re a loser – you’ll never get there.”

A resolutely private artist who seldom looks back, Neil Young has never before unfolded his career on camera. With unprecedented access to one of the world’s renowned music legends, the film explores how Young’s unbending dedication to the muse has created an awe-inspiring body of work and bruised a few egos along the way.

Told in Young’s own words, the film weaves hours of exclusive interview, shot in New York and California, with previously unseen performance footage from the star’s own extensive collection. The documentary also features long-time collaborators Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, David Crosby, Nils Lofgren and James Taylor. 

The film ends with Young still refusing to be denied, playing an anti-Bush anthem to a Republican audience in the South.



On Friday 4 July 2008, BBC Four Television presented an evening of programmes dedicated to Nick Cave. It comprised of three shows, firstly an hour-long live special, recorded 30 June in London at LSO St. Luke’s church. The second titled ‘Songwriters Circle, was an acoustic concert from the Subterrania club in West London, featuring Chrissie Hynde, John Cale & Nick Cave.

The night ended with a selection of performances drawn from his eight appearances on the long running Later…with Jools Holland show (Nov 12 1992 - s01e06 / May 14 1994 - s03e02 / May 8, 1998 - s11e04 / May 11 2001 - s17e05 / June 20 2003 - s21e06 / October 29 2004 - s24 e04 / May 11, 2007 - S29e02 & May 13, 2008 - S32e07)

Although not advertised at the time, the show also included four performances, selected from other BBC shows. The first and last programmes quickly began circulating on torrent sites and made an essential two-hour disc of highlights from Nick Cave’s career, that included his collaboration with Shane McGowan of the Pogues, side project Grinderman, and the Bad Seeds. A post 2008 version compiles the whole evenings shows, including the four acoustic performances by Cave.

9-30 - 10-30pm: BBC Four Sessions - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

01. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (4:42)  02. Red Right Hand (5:45)  03. Midnight Man (5:31)  04. Deanna (4:49)  05. God Is In The House (4:45)  06. Today's Lesson (4:41)  07. Get Ready For Love (3:47)  08. The Lyre Of Orpheus (4:22)  09. The Ship Song (4:17)  10. The Mercy Seat (4:07)  11. We Call Upon The Author (4:29)  12. Stagger Lee (5:16)

11-20 - 12-20pm: Nick Cave on Later ...with Jools Holland (plus other BBC Appearances)

01. Introduction  02. Today's Lesson (May 08, Later)  03. The Weeping Song (Jun 90, The Late Show)  04. Cindy Cindy (Dec 90, New West)  05. And The Ass Saw The Angel (Oct 89, The Late Show)  06. Rainy Night In Soho (Nov 92, Later)  07. Wonderful World (with Shane McGowan) (Nov 92, Later)  08. Thirsty Dog (May 94, Later)  09. When The Wild Roses Grow (with Kylie Minogue) (Oct 95, TOTP)  10. Do You Love Me (May 98, Later)  11. Nobody's Baby Now (May 98, Later)  12. Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow (May 01, Later)  13. He Wants You (Jun 03, Later)  14. Abattoir Blues (Oct 04, Later)  15. Honey Bee (Let's Fly To Mars) (May 07, Later)  16. Jesus Of The Moon (May 08, Later)  17. Midnight Man (May 08, Later)


Tom Waits - ‘A Broken Heart: Live In Germany 1977’ (Rockpalast)

Live at WDR Studios, in Koln, Germany on April 18th, 1977. Rockpalast (Rock Palace) is a music television show that broadcasts live on German television station Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR). It began in 1974 and continues to this day. Hundreds of rock and jazz bands have performed on the show.

For those who never had a chance to catch him in the early days, this is your entry point into the dark, jazzy, twisted, literary world of Tom Waits - on film. Quite surprisingly early Waits footage is not that rare, although most are short performances, limited by the allocation of small screen time. These are also excellent and video of the following shows is essential: Austin City Limits, 1978 (53 minutes), No Visitors After Midnight, compiles the PBS Chicago show from 1975 (36 minutes) and the BBC Live In Person show from 1979 (45 minutes) and Elephant Beer Blues… a Danish TV special from 1976 (39 minutes).

In a Pitchfork article just before last Christmas, contributor Tyler Wilcox penned an article about Tom Waits titled:

‘A Deep Dive Into Tom Waits’ Best Rare and Unreleased Material’

He discussed some of Tom’s best-unreleased material from each stage of his career. More pertinently for this post, he wrote about the classic performance by Waits on the ‘Rockpalast’ German TV show screened in 1977.

His review is short, succinct and an example to all budding writers that you can just be as effective with a hundred words as you can with a numerous page dissertation.

“For a glimpse of Waits in all his mid-’70s glory, look no further than this 80-minute performance that aired on the Rockpalast TV show. Opening with a rapid-fire recitation of “Step Right Up,” Waits and his band instantly transform the sterile German studio into a smoky, seedy nightclub. The entire show is a tour de force performance, as Waits expertly mixes beat-poet flow with gravel-voiced laments, jazz noir with jokes. There’s also a hint of the surrealism that would come to the fore in his later years: With its fragmented imagery and haunted scenes, closing song “Tom Traubert’s Blues” transports that smoky nightclub to someplace much stranger.”

01. Step Right Up (6:50)  02. Invitation To The Blues / Eggs + Sausage (7:45)  03. Depot Depot (3:20)  04. Jitterbug Boy (5:00)  05. Pasties And The G-String (6:10)  06. I Wish I Was In New Orleans (4:05) 07. Fumblin’ With The Blues (2:45)  08. Semi Suite (5:45)  09. Emotional Weather Report (4:00)  10. Bad Liver And A Broken Heart (4:40)  11. New Coat Of Paint (2:25) 12. I Can’t Wait To Get Off Work (3:25)  13. The One That Got Away / Small Change (10:35)  14. Band Introduction (4:00)  15. Tom Traubert’s Blues (7:20)


Tom Waits (vocal and piano) / Frank Vicari (Sax) / Dr. Fitzgerald Jenkins III (Bass) / Chip White (drums)


PATTI SMITH GROUP - I’m An American Artist: Grugahalle, Essen, Germany. 22 April, 1979

This is the only complete Patti concert from the seventies that was filmed and broadcast. The "Rockpalast" show was a German TV programme on WDR, that broadcast a whole night of music live all over Europe.

It includes an early career spanning set from the ‘Wave’ era and would be her last European tour for seventeen years. She stepped away from the music business, bar the occasional benefit appearance, to get married and raise a family. Patti re-appeared with a new album in 1988, ‘Dream Of Life’ but it wasn’t until after the deaths of her husband, ex MC5 guitarist, Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith, and her brother Todd, that she decided to get back on stage. It followed the urging of her friends, including Michael Stipe & Allen Ginsberg, who believed it would help  to assuage her grief. Patti ended 1995 touring with Bob Dylan, and following the release of her new album ‘Gone Again’ in 1996, set out on her first headline tour since ‘Wave’ (see post  #24)  

This upgrade to previously circulating sources appeared in October 2007. It was recorded from the digital cable TV rebroadcast. The audio originally sourced from a stereo FM broadcast, was taken from a silver disc bootleg pressing.

The 4th Rockpalast Festival

WDR TV Station (Germany)

Lineage: Beta Master Tape > VHS Tape > Final Cut Studio 5 > Canopus ADVC 110 > Apple's Final Cut Studio 5 > Dual Layer DVD – 9 (6,18 GB) 

Soundboard > FM Stereo Broadcast > Bootleg (Silver Disc) > CD WAV Source > Flac16

01. So You Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star  02. Rock 'n' Roll Nigger  03. Privilege (Set Me Free)  04. Dancing Barefoot  05. Redondo Beach  06. 25th Floor  07. Revenge  08. 5-4-3-2-1-Wave  09. Pumpin' My Heart  10. Seven Ways Of Going 11. Because The Night  12. Frederick  13. Jailhouse Rock  14. Gloria  15. My Generation  16. Interview

Running Time: 93:55 minutes


THE ROLLING STONES – Atlantic City 1989 ‘Deluxe Edition’

The Rolling Stones concluded their 1989 North American tour with a live pay-per-view TV special broadcast from Atlantic City in New Jersey. Special guest stars included Axl N' Izzy from Guns N' Roses on "Salt of the Earth", Eric Clapton on "Little Red Rooster", John Lee Hooker on his own song "Boogie Chillun"

The Complete Show from December 19, 1989 Convention Center Atlantic City, New Jersey sourced directly from a master VHS! The Stones tour was feverishly anticipated, they had been off the road for seven years while Mick and Keith conducted a ferocious private war that threatened to derail the band for good. The guest spots by Eric Clapton (one of his finest blues performances of the ‘80’s on "Little Red Rooster") & John Lee Hooker are magnificent. By the time they reached Atlantic City, they had played to 3.2 million people, grossing $97 million; and this pay-TV cablecast was watched by a further three million. This was the penultimate date of the tour. The picture quality is remarkable for the time, bright colours and very sharp together with stunning sound quality.

Review comments

“At the time, I was totally thrilled with this. I had seen the Stones live in "Let's Spend the Night Together" and this seemed such a huge improvement, both in terms of set list and execution of the songs. It was the first of the huge nostalgia tours with big production budgets and the augmented band that have, for better or worse, become the standard Rolling Stones concerts. But, at the time, I wasn't aware of this of course, so it was all enjoyment for me.”

“The 1989 Atlantic City show is an all timer for me. I was 28 years old; I'd seen a few of the Steel Wheels Shows in Los Angeles, and they were uniformly incredible. The playing was magnificent. I've probably watched the performance of Midnight Rambler a hundred times over the years, it really, really knocked me out. POWERFUL. Mick sounded unbelievable on the harp on that track. I'm still convinced, he knew this performance was so great that he starts off "honey, it's not one of those", with a little uncontrollable laugh, he was amazing on that track that night. Check out the video.”

“I watched the whole show last night (I grabbed a good definition VOB set with good sound) and it's a good show. I'd say it's a bit grittier, more "Stones" than Live At The Max and Tokyo Dome. There's a lot of leather jackets around - Mick at the outset (better than those awful Edwardian coats), the girls, Eric, Axel) so gives it more of a rock look. In relation to all that has followed over the last 29 years (!), it's refreshing to see Keith on top form and playing so well (rhythms and solos). This is a keeper.”

Live in Atlantic City, New York

Dec. 19th 1989

DVD 1: 01. Continental Drift  02. Start Me Up  03. Bitch  04. Sad Sad Sad  05. Under Cover Of The Night  06. Harlem Shuffle  07. Tumbling Dice  08. Miss You  09. Terrifying  10. Ruby Tuesday  11. Salt Of The Earth (with Axl Rose & Izzy Stradlin)  13. Rock And A Hard Place  14. Mixed Emotions  15. Honky Tonk Women  16. Midnight Rambler

DVD 2: 01. You Can't Always Get What You Want  02. Little Red Rooster (with Eric Clapton)  03. Boogie Chillen (with Eric Clapton & John Lee Hooker)  04. Can't Be Seen  05. Happy  06. Paint It Black  07. 2000 Light Years From Home  08. Sympathy For The Devil  09. Gimme Shelter  10. Band Introduction  11. It's Only Rock And Roll  12. Brown Sugar  13. Satisfaction 14. Jumping Jack Flash

This version is a new upgrade with improved image quality and there is a bonus slide of pictures with audio of the pre and after show documentary. In perfect stereo sound, re-mastered from the gold edition from Swingin' Pig 4 CD set.

Running Time: 165 minutes approx.

This completes the listing, the two parts add up to thirty of the best bootleg dvd’s available. If you are unable to watch any of them on YouTube the torrent sites listed in the Best Bootlegs 2015-19 document should help in locating them.

Wednesday 12 February 2020

#137 THE FLAMING LIPS - 30th Anniversary show, 2013 (Flac)

Steve Lamacq Show,
BBC Radio 6, 

Maida Vale Studios, London, England
May 23, 2013  

Like many fans I came to the Flaming Lips later in their career with the release of their ninth album, ‘The Soft Bulletin’ in 1999. My only previous recollection of the Lips was via their ‘hit’ single, She Don’t Use Jelly that MTV rotated heavily throughout 1993.

The band celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2013. The digital radio station, BBC 6 Music invited them to celebrate their anniversary with a series of programmes dedicated to the group. Beginning on Sunday 19 May, they were featured on ‘Now Playing’ BBC 6 Music’s, weekly show that allowed fans via social media to create a playlist of songs by or related to that week’s chosen artist. Songs selected ranged from renowned Lips favourites like, Yoshimi and She Don’t Use Jelly through The Beach Boys, God Only Knows (covered previously by the Lips) to tracks by friends and followers, MGMT and Tame Impala.

A week later on Sunday 26 May, Wayne Coyne presented his own ‘6 Music Playlist’ that attempted to cover the band’s 30 year career in just 60 minutes, and also play the music that has influenced the band, such as tracks from Gavin Bryars, The Beatles, The Beastie Boys and Madonna!

Between those two dates they performed a special live set for Steve Lamacq’s show, at the BBC’s Maida Vale studios in London on Thursday 23 May. The show was streamed and broadcast on digital radio. Fortunately for us a pre-broadcast source in FLAC was made available and circulated over the net. The quality is stunning and it’s one of the best live shows I have in my collection from any band. 

Steven Drozd talking to MTV a month before the show said: 

“We’re supposed to do 10 songs of 30 years of the Flaming Lips for the BBC, we’ll likely play Bag Full Of Thoughts (the opening track on the Lips’ debut EP, last played in 1985), Love Yer Brain (another ’80s gem, brought back to their setlists in 2006 but not played since), Moth In The Incubator (a standout from their breakthrough 1993 album ‘Transmission from the Satellite Heart’), a rearranged version of ‘Zaireeka’s’ Riding To Work In The Year 2025 and an orchestral style version of ‘The Soft Bulletin’ live standard Race for the Prize).” 

Tim Jones reviewed the show for Record Collector magazine, he wrote: 

“The sextet led by metallic-suited Wayne Coyne put on a visual and aural blitz, presaged by the frontman’s rumination on his vocal struggles with flu. Despite that, he and his cohorts soared on a 12-song, over-run set of 80 minutes, from their early days, through the percussive romp of Race For The Prize, and the closing, clap along, guitar distortion stomp of The WAND.

The psych-out Bag Full Of Thoughts screams, fuzz guitar and syn-drums contrasted with a premiere bow for the acoustic guitar/ piano musing, You Have To Be Joking, while Moth In The Incubator, with pulsing glo-lighting and strobes, was followed by the nursery rhyme like, She Don’t Use Jelly. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt 1 saw out the broadcast, before the rousing discordance of new cut, The Terror, and cosmic sing along of Do You Realize?”


On the day following the show, Darren Lee writing for The Quietus, was also captured by the appearance and performance by the lead singer, Wayne Coyne: 

“There’s a fine line to be trod between messianic space rock trailblazer and clapped-out acid casualty, and Wayne Coyne has frequently straddled it in his time fronting psychedelic rock eccentrics The Flaming Lips. Nevertheless, if he hasn’t escaped from three decades in the music industry entirely unscathed (at present he’s nursing the residual effects of a bout of flu, meaning his vocals sound reedier than usual), he’s certainly in better nick than a fair few of his contemporaries, radiating a rakish elegance on stage in his turquoise leather jacket and floral neck garland.” 

With so many anniversaries, especially of classic albums, celebrated enthusiastically by the music industry. You can become a bit blasé about them but this one is especially well worth celebrating. Such a long period together by any band, especially one that has never split up, albeit shed more than a few members along the way, is certainly worth commemorating and the reviewer reflects on the passing of time, noting the ages of the audience. 

“Many of the fans in the audience weren’t even born when the Oklahomans released their debut EP in 1984 – represented here by the full-throttle garage punk assault of Bag Full Of Thoughts. Love Yer Brain, from second album ‘Oh My Gawd!!!’ is an early prototype for the sort of cosmic meditation on the human condition with which The Flaming Lips were later to reap such acclaim (“so I guess I was right all along, reading Mad magazine,” the lyric ruefully concludes).

The mood turns unexpectedly poignant with elegiac ballad You Have to Be Joking, which is prefaced by Coyne’s despairing reflections upon the tornado that has ravaged the Lips’ hometown of Oklahoma City. After this sobering interlude, Moth In The Incubator showcases the band’s boundless sonic invention." 

Between songs, Coyne shares anecdotes against a backdrop of foreboding synth riffs. The second half of the set is comprised of more familiar material. The review continues: 

"After a reliably spine-tingling Do You Realize? we’re transported back to the present with the desolately beautiful title track from new album ‘The Terror’, with its Floydian flourishes, twitchy electronica and otherworldly dissonance. Many of the fans who were initially seduced by the accessible charms of ‘The Soft Bulletin’ and ‘Yoshimi’ will doubtless have been put off by the band’s recent leftfield lurch, and it has undoubtedly proved controversial. But, placed in the context of tonight’s dazzlingly eclectic and career-spanning set, it feels less like a retreat into obscurity than a necessary process of renewal. You don’t get to make it to thirty years in this business by resting on your laurels after all.”

Original Notes:
"Full quality download of the entire set sourced from the BBC master tape. Exceptional sound quality and setlist. Among the best live Lips audio recordings available.

The Flaming Lips gave one of their greatest radio performances in their history at this show. Fittingly, the program was a one-hour 30th anniversary Lips retrospective, including rare live performances of "Bag Full Of Thoughts" (first time since 1985), "Love Yer Brain" (second time since 2006), "Unconsciously Screamin'" (first time since 1996), "You Have To Be Joking" (third time since 1996), and "Moth In The Incubator" (first time since 1996)."


01. Intro by Steve Lamacq
02. Race For The Prize
03. Bag Full Of Thoughts
04. Love Yer Brain
05. Unconsciously Screamin'
06. You Have To Be Joking
07. Moth In The Incubator
08. She Don't Use Jelly
09. Riding To Work In The Year 2025
10. Waitin' For A Superman
11. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots Pt. 1
12. The Terror
13. Do You Realize??
14. The W.A.N.D.

15. Wayne Coyne Interview by Steve Lamacq

Line Up:
Wayne Coyne
Michael Ivins
Steven Drozd
Kliph Scurlock
Derek Brown

Thanks to surfingelectrode for circulating the show. 



The Terror Tour ran from:  March 9, 2013 to October 24, 2013

March 09  La Jolla CA - USA  La Jolla Playhouse  La Jolla Playhouse Gala 
March 14  Austin TX - USA  The Belmont  South By Southwest
March 15  Austin TX - USA  Auditorium Shores  South By Southwest 
March 29  Sao Paolo - Brazil  Jockey Club de Sao Paulo  Lollapalooza Brazil  

April 03  New York NY - USA  Ed Sullivan Theater  Late Show With David Letterman 
April 28  Kansas City MO - USA  Sprint Center  
April 29  Indianapolis IN - USA  Egyptian Room at Old National Centre 
April 30  Pittsburgh PA - USA  CONSOL Energy Center  
May 02  Atlanta GA - USA  Aaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood  
May 03  Nashville TN - USA  Bridgestone Arena
May 04  Chattanooga TN - USA  Track 29  
May 05  Memphis TN - USA  Tom Lee Park  Beale Street Music Festival 
May 10  Napa CA - USA  Napa Valley Expo  Bottle Rock Festival 
May 15  New York NY - USA  GE Building At Rockefellar Plaza  Late Night With Jimmy Fallon 
May 16  Montclair NJ - USA  Wellmont Theatre
May 17  Brooklyn NY - USA  Prospect Park  The Great GoogaMooga 

May 20  London - England  Roundhouse  
May 21  London - England  Roundhouse  
May 22  Brighton - England  Brighton Dome Concert Hall  Brighton Festival 
May 24  Paris - France  La Grande Halle De La Villette  
May 25  Düdingen - Switzerland  Bad Bonn  Bad Bonn Kilbi   
June 14  Hultsfred - Sweden   
June 15  Aarhus - Denmark   Northside Festival 

July 11  Raleigh NC - USA  Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion at Walnut Creek  
July 12  Simpsonville SC - USA  Charter Amphitheatre at Heritage Park
July 13  Louisville KY - USA  Waterfront Park  Forecastle Festival 
July 15  Wallingford CT - USA  Oakdale Theatre  
July 16  Pittsburgh PA - USA  Stage AE  
July 17  Lewiston NY - USA  Artpark  
July 23  Oklahoma City OK - USA  Chesapeake Energy Arena  Rock For Oklahoma 
July 25  Salt Lake City UT - USA  Pioneer Park  
July 27  Troutdale OR - USA  Edgefield Amphitheater
July 28  Seattle WA - USA  Pike Street  Capitol Hill Block Party
July 30  Reno NV - USA  Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
July 31  Costa Mesa CA - USA  Pacific Amphitheatre  OC Fair
Aug 01  Las Vegas NV - USA  House of Blues  Bud Light Music First 50-50-1 

Aug 17  Omaha NE - USA  Aksarben Village  Maha Music Festival 
Sep 06  Isle of Wight - England  Robin Hill County Park  Bestival 
Sep 07  Stekene - Belgium  Groeneputte  Crammerock Festival 

Sep 30  Boston MA - USA  Agganis Arena  
Oct 01  New York NY - USA  Terminal 5 
Oct 02  New York NY - USA  Terminal 5
Oct 03  Philadelphia PA - USA  Festival Pier At Penn's Landing
Oct 04  Columbia MD - USA  Merriweather Post Pavilion 
Oct 21  Tokyo - Japan  Akasaka Blitz  
Oct 22  Tokyo - Japan  Akasaka Blitz
Oct 23  Osaka - Japan  Namba-Hatch
Oct 24  Nagoya - Japan  Club Diamond Hall