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#148 UNDERWORLD - Bootleg Babies (Flac)

A Live Compilation (1996-99)

The selections for this 16-track, 2-disc set were chosen from 8 different shows, mostly festivals.

I'd been running an Underworld site called "Ride The Sainted Rhythms" for about a year, at that stage with lists of all the material I'd collected via trades. The site was designed to help anyone else out there who might also be collecting. It generated a lot of emails from around the world; people who wanted to trade, people who just found it very hard to find any live recordings of the group.

So it seemed like a logical progression to gather all these people together, have everyone in contact. So i started a little mailing list as part of "Ride The Sainted Rhythms". RTSR-trade was born.

We've collected over sixty seperate live gigs, hundreds of rare and promo tracks, strange recordings and material nobody ever knew existed (besides Underworld of course). - Graham Cooke

"Bootleg Babies" was a project the fans of Underworld on the RTSR-trade mailing list did last year (2000). We wanted to make a mix with the best tracks from Underworld bootlegs we had gathered over the years, a bit like Underworld did with Everything, Everything. 

It kept the list busy for a while since all the tracks where chosen with extensive polls on the list. The members chose the tracks that would be included, from which source, the name of the CD and the artwork. 

Geoff mixed the whole thing so well, it's hard to believe this is coming from 7-8 different bootlegs, ranging in various quality. We distributed the CD from fan to fan around the world. I think a good 150 copies were made of it, so for all you who couldn't get it last year you can now enjoy it. I hope you will enjoy these files -Yannick Joubert

01. Juanita/Kiteless/To Dream of Love, 1996-07-19 Cologne, Germany (21:41)     
02. Rowla, 1999-05-13 Koln, Germany (6:16)     
03. Bruce Lee, 1999-03-20, Tilburg, Holland (5:19)     
04. Kittens, 1999-06-26 Glastonbury, UK. (6:26)    
05. Dark Train, 1999-01-01 London, UK. (11:10)     
06. Born Slippy, 1996-07-19 Move Club, Cologne, Germany. (13:50)     
07. Born Slippy Nuxx, 1999-01-01 London, UK. (9:49)     
08. outro, 1999-05-13 Koln, Germany. (0:38)

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01. intro, 1998-11-14 Gent, Belgium. (1:25)     
02. Mmm... Skyscraper, I Love You, 1999-01-01 London, UK. (8:25)     
03. Push Upstairs, 1999-01-01 London, UK. (11:15)     
04. Confusion the Waitress, 1996-05-27 Pinkpop Festival, Holland     (8:32)     
05. King of Snake, 1999-05-13 Koln, Germany (9:54)     
06. Jumbo, 1999-03-20 Tilburg, Holland (10:14)     
07. Moaner, 1999-03-20 Tilburg, Holland (10:39)     
08. Rez/Cowgirl, 1996-08-25 Reading Festival, UK. (17:12)


Lineage is not specifically known, except that these are all the best available versions. This is from the CDR tree issue, which has significantly better sound.


Alexandra Palace, London, England - 31 Dec, 1998    New Order, Underworld
Written by Mark Reed   

(Hi Mark. I did credit you and hope you downloaded and listened to this bootleg. Sorry I can't reply via the comment box below, gremlins! If you prefer to have your excellent review removed, please contact me and I will do so. I thought it went together with this boot just like hand & glove).

After queuing for ages at the bar I run off to catch Underworld amidst their opening number, a sleek graceful and mental "Mmm Skyscraper." Tonight they are on top form - offering a totally different set and feel to the previous Manchester show - which reveals just how tight they have become. "Skyscraper" is stunning - the band are surrounded by Tomato projections and the trio seems in unnaturally close telepathic contact throughout the whole set - and as it melds into a snippet of "Thing In A Book" before turning again into the astonishing "CowGirl" - I know I'm not just having the best New Year's Eve of my life but also watching two of the best bands in the world.

Karl is on immaculate form, improvising and altering lyrics as they tumble from his mouth and wearing a big fat grin. Darren and Rick welded to their consoles are also dancing their tits off. As 'Beaucoup Fish' and the "Push Upstairs/Downstairs" medley take off, I am further convinced of Underworld power.

Even though at least half the set is all new, you wouldn't have a clue from the estatic reaction. Inevitably, about 50 minutes in, it's the astonishing 10 minute "King of Snake" (this will be Born Slippy II) that stuns me. The bassline is unrepentantly huge, and the songs dips, twist and turns in the uncompromisingly pounding manner that made "Born Slippy" so huge. Song of the year already. Karl is dancing and giving it some, wandering behind the back projections as he emotes the relentless "Moaner" to present an enormous shadow that towers over the arena. "Moaner," which tonight sounds phenomenal (yet being barely known amongst the crowd) is eagerly lapped up and effortlessly turns into "Relentless Legs." Into the silence, "Dark+Long" melds into the ace "Dark Train" which gathers a wonderful reception for a song that originally tucked away on the b side of a non charting 12". Must be something to do with that film. 'Trainspotting'... Karl loses himself in the song, endlessly yelling "likeatrainlikeatrainlikeatrain" as Darren and Karl dance like fools.

As the crowd yells, a brief snippet of Jumbo - all vocoded and funky - is overtaken by the original "Born Slippy." Unfortunately, this is the one bit of any Underworld gig I hate the most. Their melancholy classic "Born Slippy" - about the worlds worst hangover - has been hijacked by barechested E tripping cockney largeboys who like fighting and past it fat housewives who pretend they've still got it and look at me funny when I know all the words of this ace no.52 hit from 95. Anyway, "Nuxx" is a masterpiece, Karl covers Darrens eyes whilst he's mixing and then steals Darrens headphones to laughter from everyone close enough to see. As "Nuxx" pounds to the end, the crowd think it's all over. Slowly a plinky plonkly noise steams out of the speakers as the immaculate "Rez" lifts the roof off. Again, this is wonderfully recieved for a 12" from 1993 that hasn't made any UW album. As "Rez" comes to a crashing close, everyone exchanges big hugs and kisses on stage


Lakota, Bristol - Feb 28, 1996
Portsmouth Pyramids Centre, Portsmouth - Feb 29, 1996
Newcastle University, Newcastle - Mar 14, 1996
Barrowland, Glasgow - Mar 15, 1996
The Refectory, University of Leeds, Leeds - Mar 16, 1996
Manchester Academy 1, University of Manchester, Manchester - Mar 23, 1996
Tribal Gathering 1996 - May 4, 1996
Essential Festival 1996 - May 25, 1996
Pinkpop 1996 - May 27, 1996
Organic 1996 - Jun 22, 1996
Roskilde Festival 1996 - Jun 28, 1996
Roskilde Festival 1996 - Jun 29, 1996
Roskilde Festival 1996 - Jun 30, 1996
Teltet i Tresse, Kristiansand - Jul 3, 1996
Rock Werchter 1996 - Jul 6, 1996
Doctor Music Festival 1996 - Jul 13, 1996
Move Club, Cologne - Jul 19, 1996
Markthalle, Hamburg - Jul 20, 1996
Lollipop 1996 - Jul 26, 1996
Unknown Venue, Leysin - Aug 24, 1996
Reading Festival 1996 - Aug 25, 1996
Point Theatre, Dublin - Aug 30, 1996
Irvine Beach Festival 1996 - Sep 1, 1996
Otmoor Park, Beckley - Sep 28, 1996
10 Days Off, Star Building, Ghent, Belgium. - Jul 24, 1997
Man With No Name, De Groene Ster, Leeuwarden, Netherlands - Aug 20, 2017
Red Box, Dublin - Jun 5, 1998
Glastonbury Festival 1998 - Jun 27, 1998
Rock Torhout 1998 - Jul 3, 1998
Rock Werchter 1998 - Jul 4, 1998
Eurockéennes de Belfort 1998 - Jul 5, 1998
V Festival 1998 - Aug 22, 1998
V Festival 1998 - Aug 23, 1998
Ahoy, Rotterdam - Oct 31, 1998
Mojo Club, Hamburg - Nov 2, 1998
Le Bataclan, Paris - Nov 9, 1998
I LOVE TECHNO 1998 - Nov 14, 1998
Metropolis, Montreal, QC - Nov 20, 1998
House of Blues, Chicago, IL - Nov 21, 1998
Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, CA - Nov 23, 1998
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY - Nov 25, 1998
Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester - Dec 29, 1998
Alexandra Palace, London - Dec 31, 1998
Big Day Out Sydney 1999 - Jan 23, 1999
Big Day Out Melbourne 1999 - Jan 26, 1999
Civic Hall, Wolverhampton - Mar 2, 1999
Northumbria University, Newcastle - Mar 3, 1999
Barrowland, Glasgow - Mar 4, 1999
Manchester Apollo, Manchester - Mar 5, 1999
Newport Centre, Newport - Mar 6, 1999
Astoria Theatre, London - Mar 9, 1999
London Astoria, 157 Charing Cross Road, London, London - Mar 10, 1999
Portsmouth Guildhall, Portsmouth - Mar 11, 1999
The LCR, UEA, Norwich - Mar 12, 1999
Brixton Academy, London - Mar 13, 1999
Arenan/Fryshuset, Stockholm - Mar 16, 1999
Ancienne Belgique, Brussels - Mar 19, 1999
Poppodium 013, Tilburg - Mar 20, 1999
Akasaka BLITZ, Tokyo - Apr 4, 1999
9:30 Club, Washington, DC - Apr 20, 1999
Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY - Apr 21, 1999
Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA - Apr 22, 1999
Saint Andrew's Hall, Detroit, MI - Apr 24, 1999
The Guvernment, Toronto, ON - Apr 25, 1999
Riviera Theatre, Chicago, IL - Apr 26, 1999
Showbox Comedy and Supper Club, Seattle, WA - Apr 28, 1999
The Warfield, San Francisco, CA - Apr 29, 1999
House of Blues, Las Vegas, NV - Apr 30, 1999
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA - May 1, 1999
Electronic Beats Festival Cologne 1999 - May 13, 1999
Babylon, Munich - May 14, 1999
Megaland, Landgraaf - May 18, 1999
Vorst Nationaal / Forest National, Vorst / Forest - May 22, 1999
Pinkpop 1999 - May 23, 1999
Homelands 1999 - May 29, 1999
Glastonbury Festival 1999 - Jun 26, 1999
Axion Beach Festival 1999 - Jul 17, 1999
Week-End à Saint-Nolff 1999 - Jul 24, 1999
Fuji Rock Festival 1999 - Jul 30, 1999
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco, CA - Oct 8, 1999
Coachella Festival 1999 - Oct 9, 1999
MTV Europe Music Awards 1999 - Nov 11, 1999
Tyne Tees Television Studios, Newcastle - Nov 20, 1999



  1. I wonder what happened to the guy that wrote that review? I better ask me. :)

  2. Thank you so much. This is terrific!!

    1. Your welcome Ken. The guys that put it together did a brilliant job.

  3. I was a part of RTSR-trade way back when this was in the pipeworks and took part in many of the polls. I remember discussions about whether the project should be abandoned due to the imminent release of Everything, Everything. I left college, and the group, before all of the hard work was done and so never ended up with a copy of it (though have many of the tracks from the "original" bootlegs).
    Many thanks for making this available, the nostalgia will be strong.
    FWIW, the ECG version of Juanita on this is I think the best version they ever did.

    1. Thanks for your comment. That's brilliant you were involved in the creation of this valuable audio document. Amazing that you never had a copy until recently. It's a big favourite of mine. I burnt it to cdr and now and again blast it at high volume in my car during a long run.
      I remember one time parking outside a cafe and went off for the afternoon. Coming back later I noticed that it was packed and went off to the chip shop instead. On returning I started the engine and the music came on at full blast. I kid you not, everyone in that cafe looked out the window!