Sunday 6 August 2023


Sinead O'Connor
Pinkpop Festival
The Netherlands

May 23, 1988

01. Jackie
02. Mandinka
03. Never get old
04. Just like U said it would B
05. Jerusalem
06. The value of ignorance
07. The hand that rocks the cradle (Smiths cover)
08. Just call me Joe
09. Jump in the river
10. I want your (hands on me)
11. Troy
12. I am stretched on your grave

I don't often post music by artists that have recently passed. It happens so frequently nowadays, that the blog would resemble the audio version of a continuous obituary. Rarely does a few weeks go by without a great artist succumbing to the grim reaper. In some situations it lessons the grip fans have of a special recording that has not been shared. A bittersweet pill, that has provoked the release of this pre-FM. 

It is an excellent performance and superb recording, featuring many tracks from Sinead's debut album, The Lion & The Cobra. 

The set also includes live versions of the three singles that were taken from the album. The most successful was Mandinka the only one to make the UK top twenty. 

A couple of tracks, Jump In The River and set closer, I Am Stretched On Your Grave appeared on Sinead's massive breakthrough album 'I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got'  

Add in a cover of the Smiths, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle and it becomes a must listen. The best I have downloaded this year. 

So sad, it has taken such tragic circumstances to make it available. R.I.P. Sinead. 


Original notes:

Complete, unedited pre-FM recording of Sinead's performance at the massive Pinkpop festival in the Netherlands. Allegedly leaked from the radio station, my copy is a second generation copy of the master. I traded it shortly after the performance and was asked not to spread it further. Twenty-five years onwards, I think it's time to liberate it...

The show was only partially broadcast on Dutch radio (unsure which songs) and TV (Troy only, you can find it on YouTube). I believe this is the first time it'll be in circulation in its entirety.

Acts on the bill that day, in order of appearance: Rainbirds, The Godfathers, Aswad, Herman Brood & His Wild Romance, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Pogues, The Christians, Sinéad O’Connor, Joe Cocker.

Lineage: Pre-FM (2nd gen) > Audacity (wav, track splitting) > xACT (flac) > you

I'm digitizing my tape collection, mostly recorded from Dutch radio in the 80s and early 90s. The original tapes will be binned and after seeding I will not keep the original flac sets, so unfortunately I will not be able to reseed them in the future.

Enjoy, frankvink


Tuesday 1 August 2023

FOR ONE NIGHT ILLEGALLY - the History of the Bootleg (Flac)

The first post in some three months. Only nine boots have been downloaded this year so far. An attempt to scale back and only keep the best. Two have been upgrades of boots that I already have. 

A lean time but we press on with this radio documentary about the history of bootlegs. Coming soon this month a pre-FM recording previously unavailable, from the Pink Pop festival. 

Writer and broadcaster David Hepworth charts the story of secret recordings, artist out-takes and demo tapes that make up the world of bootleg recordings, from Bob Dylan's Great White Wonder in 1969 to the file sharing internet sites of the 21st century, via the Beatles, the Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Sex Pistols and Led Zeppelin.

David also talks to contemporary artists including Ryan Adams who have come to embrace the bootleggers, and hears from bootleggers of the 1960s and 70s who pitted their wits against security guards, the Feds and the record companies to get their unofficial releases out to the public. A Bite Yer Legs production for BBC Radio 4.

For One Night Illegally - the History of the Bootleg
Presented by Dave Hepworth

BBC Radio 4 First Broadcast: Saturday 18 April, 2009 / 8pm (Running time: 56 minutes)

Lineage: Unknown > Downloaded file > CDr > Rip to WAV 16bit 44.1kHz > Flac

01. The earliest bootleg recording. Jazz and Charlie Parker (4:09)
02. The Great White Wonder and bootlegs in the pop and rock era (6:08)
03. Dylan's publisher demo (The Basement Tapes) (6:14)
04. The people behind the bootleg recordings and their release, including Rubber Dubber, TMQ & TAKRL (10:27)
05. Creative differences in the studio! (7:32)
06. Electrif Lycanthrope, Fire On The Fingertips, Static In The Attic etc. Peter Grant attempts to stop the bootleggers (5:06)
07. Artists endorse bootlegs, sometimes! BBC sessions & live shows indirectly encouraged bootlegs, promos and official releases (6:18)
08. Stock seizure and arrests (5:39)
09. Beatles, Beach Boys, Sam Cooke, Elvis, Dylan, The Troggs and the bootleggers legacy of preserving audio history (5:22