Sunday 21 October 2018

#118 LED ZEPPELIN - How The East Was Won 1971 (EVSD SBD)

How The East Was Won (Empress Valley Records 2CD)
Excellent Mono Soundboard recordings.

Osaka Festival Hall,
Osaka, Japan
September 29, 1971

Disc One
01. Introduction
02. Immigrant Song
03. Heartbreaker
04. Since I've Been Loving You
05. Dazed And Confused

Disc Two
01. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
02. What Is And What Should Never Be
03. Moby Dick
04. Communication Breakdown
05. Rock And Roll

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Empress Valley have finally released the long awaited September 29th, 1971 Osaka show, sourced from soundboard. It has previously circulated for years, from a lower quality audio source copied from the multitrack mixdown. It comes with a major drawback in that the complete show has not been released. With the 28th show also in their hands, Empress Valley look to maximise their return with these fragmentary releases. Fans have already been busy incorporating the previously released, Stairway to Heaven and Friends surprisingly omitted from this bootleg.

This was Zeppelin's fifth and final performance on their debut Japanese tour of 1971. It is regarded as one of their greatest ever shows and significant for one offs and surprises, such as the only known performance of Friends during the acoustic set. A brief extract of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes follows and Pennies From Heaven is included within Dazed And Confused, these one and only performances add to the importance of the show.

Unfortunately the 30-minute Whole Lotta Love is missing as is Good Times Bad Times and You Shook Me but we do get the closing track of the three-hour set, Rock and Roll which was another first for this tour. A tasty preview from the upcoming album IV.


September 29, 1971 Osaka Led Zeppelin - More Comedy, Less Work

Soundboard + Winston Merge (fixed)

01 - Welcome To Osaka
02 - Immigrant Song
03 - Heartbreaker
04 - Since I've Been Loving You
05 - Black Dog
06 - Dazed and Confused

01 - Stairway to Heaven
02 - Celebration Day
03 - That's The Way
04 - Going To California
05 - Tangerine
06 - Friends
07 - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
08 - What Is and What Should Never Be
09 - Moby Dick

01 - Whole Lotta Love
02 - Communication Breakdown
03 - Organ Solo
04 - Thank You
05 - Rock and Roll

SBD - soundboard (speed corrected -2%)
MT - multi track stage recording (edited to completion with Plantations and various patches by Winston)

This is a merge of the newly released soundboard, previously released stray soundboards and the excellent remaster done by Winston. 

Besides the speed correction on the SBD portion there are a few small fixes to clean up some very minor sloppiness in the performance. Moby Dick is not quite complete but about 90% there. Black Dog is taken from the 28th Soundboard.

SBD levels were brought down in order to level match and for headroom. Very minor eq and limiting was applied and only in spots to get more cohesion in sound.

What an amazing Zeppelin concert performance. Thanks to the great work by Winston (he really pulled great sound from his sources) and the sharers of these soundboard recordings. This is not meant to be definitive, just cranked. (Enjoy! ledsox)


(unavailable! thanks to Mega deleting the links)

Tuesday 2 October 2018

#117 ARCTIC MONKEYS - Earls Court 2013 (Flac)

Earls Court, London.
October 26, 2013 
(Flac Radio Webcast)

"Absolute Radio broadcast the first fourteen songs in the correct order and also track 17 and 18.  Advert breaks have been edited and minor fades inserted where necessary. The show is now in the correct set list sequence.  I have excluded as many of the Absolute Radio voiceovers as possible. Some remain as it would have meant making cuts to the music."

The above notes were written by the original upoader. There are still frequent interruptions after many of the early songs in the set announcing 'Absolute Radio'. There is no slack as the set has been tightly edited for broadcast. The only slight flaw is that further editing work on the announcements could have been done without missing any music for a smoother playback.

Earls Court will be familiar to older blog readers as the venue of the classic Led Zeppelin UK shows in 1975. Like the Hammersmith Palais it no longer exists, demolished along with many of London's iconic and historic live venues. See the review below by Andrew Trendell 

'No tricks - just pure hedonistic entertainment from rock's new royalty'

"Earl's Court is a bit of a sorry site. Built in 1937 and since playing host to the likes of Muse, David Bowie, Queen and even the Olympics, this once grand hall has fallen from an iconic palace of culture to a rackety and cavernous aircraft hanger of an enormodome - due to be demolished in the not too distant future. Which is why it seems fitting that Arctic Monkeys should be one of the final huge gigs here: From The Ritz To Rubble.

It would be criminal if Arctic Monkeys didn't smack a big wet kiss goodbye to the old girl and join the ranks of the many legends to tread the boards here before she's razed to the ground - because that's what they are now - and now they look the part too.

Many have slammed the current Elvis-like incarnation of Alex Turner and his slick and stylish bandmates - but what do you want from the biggest band in Britain? Now they've finally got the balls and the bravado to match the bombast and brilliance of their sound. From the spotty Yorkshire lad firing out spikey riffs from his Strat hung just below his neck, to the lizard-like suited and booted rake that snakes and snarls his way across the stage today, the evolution of Turner into a rock god is now complete.

The roar that greets the band for the rumbling intro of the brilliant opener 'Do I Wanna Know' is a true heroes' welcome, and kicks off a set with no troughs whatsoever - just a series of peaks, battling to remain at the forefront of your memory.

The relentless quickfire explosion of 'Brianstorm' sees the sea of wild fanatics burst into a mosh that lasts the evening. Everyone in every corner of this vast hall is up on their feet and out of their minds for 'Teddy Picker', and even the once maligned 'Crying Lightning' is received warmly in the context of the milestone of a band striving for greatness.

Former guitarist with The Coral Bill Ryder-Jones makes an appearance for the wonderful 'Fireside', but it's 'Why Do You Only Call Me You're High' that truly hails the universal adoration of the AM material. You might be shocked to hear that this week is the eighth anniversary of 'I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor' debuting at No.1, but that once instant burst of promise sounds ever bit the golden oldie tonight, and goes down with the inevitable insanity of nearly a decade of indie discos.

The immediate connection of 'No 1 Party Anthem' and 'Snap Out Of It' ram home the fact that AM is an album of potential singles, but without overcomplicating or diluting anything about that Monkeys' approach. The beauty of the Monkeys lies in their simplicity. Other than a shower of confetti from the crowd-swaying 'I Wanna Be Yours',  there are no grand rock cliches here - and no OTT stadium statements. There are no dubstep electro breakdowns, no dancing robots or daft lazer special effects. They just let the music do the talking without using props as a crutch. It's just pure rock n' roll entertainment, with no tricks.

Even after Earl's Court is long gone, people will still be talking about when Arctic Monkeys breathed the fire of life into her for one last time, showing a heartwarming inverse reflection of the venue: from rubble to rock royalty. No band has unifed a generation like this since Nirvana or Oasis - who's next to challenge them? Viva the Monkeys." (review by Andrew Trendell of Gigwise - October 2013)


01. Do I Wanna Know?
02. Brianstorm
03. Dancing Shoes
04. Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair
05. Teddy Picker
06. Crying Lightning
07. One for the Road
08. Fireside
09. Reckless Serenade
10. Old Yellow Bricks
11. Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
12. Arabella [with War Pigs snippet]
13. Pretty Visitors
14. I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor
15. Cornerstone
16. No. 1 Party Anthem
17. Fluorescent Adolescent
18. I Wanna Be Yours
19. Snap Out of It
20. Mardy Bum [semi-acoustic]
21. R U Mine?

Codec: FLAC 16 bit 44.1
Streams: Absolute Radio (FLAC 16bit 44.1kpbs) 
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