Saturday 27 August 2016

#82 PINK FLOYD - The Best Of Tour '72 (Flac)

Rainbow Theatre,
London, England
20 February, 1972

"The Best Of Tour '72 - Restored"
Remastered From Original 1st LP Pressing

This excellent audience recording captures 'Dark Side Of The Moon' in its earliest stage. No other available from the January-February 1972 tour (in which DSotM was first performed) sounds as good as this. It still has some flaws, mainly the annoying cuts in "Time", Us And Them" & "Eclipse" but the music and sound quality is just too good to overlook.An upgrade that is by far the best sounding version of this recording. You need this whether you are an average or diehard Floyd fan. 

01. Speak to me (cuts in, only last 8s left) 
02. Breathe   
03. Travel Sequence
04. Time (cut within) 
05. Home again
06. Religious Theme  
07. Money  
08. Us & Them (cut within, misses most)   
09. Dave's Scat Section   
10. The Lunatic Song
11. Eclipse (cuts off)

Time: 40:52
Lineage: High Quality Condensator Stereo Mics -> Reel-to-Reel Master -> Mastering -> Mastered source (likely recorded on Hi-Speed Reel-to-Reel) -> 1st Pressing Vinyl Bootleg (16-421/422) -> Technics 1210mk2 with -881mk2s stylus -> Tascam DA20mk2 (A-D conversion 16 bit, 48kHz) -> PC -> Cubase SX 2.0 -> Wave (downsampled to 44.1k) -> FLAC -> Torrent

See below for clarification.
Re-Mastered @ the Soundhouse by Prof. Stoned, February 2006.


A note from the Prof.:

Today, 34 years and a couple of days after this was first recorded, I present to you all a significant digital upgrade -maybe even the definitive version- of the legendary "The Best of Tour 72" boot. It KILLS both the "Swinging Pig" and the "Original Masters Series" bootleg CD's of this album that most of you all know.
These two boots were both taken from the same inferior source which is ruined by a heavy NoNoise treatment. This is a trueful reproduction of the original vinyl bootleg and will make you hear details in the recording that you never heard before.

***About the Original Bootleg***

The content of this CDR has been carefully mastered from a rare vintage (1972) vinyl copy (strictly rated: EX), the very 1st pressing of this classic floyd bootleg, and therefore the closest source to the (unfindable) original tape. The recorded content of the original LP was handled professionally from start to finish (not counting the cuts in the recording). The sound is beautiful. A very wide stereo image with clear separation of instruments & voices. There is little hiss or distortion. The unmastered source that the bootleggers used must have been 0th or maybe 1st generation tape. The original pre-vinyl tape has had a mastering treatment with a compressor, Dolby(A) and likely some EQ-ing.

The vinyl itself is nice and thick, made to last. This could very well have been pressed at a pressing plant which was used by major record company's as well.As you can read in Clinton Heylin's excellent book "Bootleg! The Rise and Fall of the Secret recording industry" this used to happen a lot in the early 70"s, and it would explain why the bootleggers were so keen to hide the name Pink Floyd, even on the record label itself.

Although the pre-vinyl part in the source info chain is speculated, it's 100% certain that this is NOT a soundboard and/or FM. Ever since this came out, the SQ has led people to believe it is. Even the above mentioned book, erroneously stated this was taken from a BBC radio broadcast. And even to this day, this recording is way more often labelled as "radio" or "soundboard" than as what it is: "EX audience".

Enjoy, Prof. Stoned 


Asterix2112 kindly provided the following comprehensive information below :

The original LP version of The Best of Tour 72, primarily for those older collectors who have had it for many years. A sort of emotional commemoration of another famous and time honored bootleg LP. The first edition was released on black vinyl in 1972 in Europe by the Tour 72 label.

Pink Floyd were excited to be able to develop new material on the road but were horrified to learn of a bootleg album that was released containing a complete performance of the piece recorded in February of 1972 at the Rainbow Theatre. The bootleg was issued a mere six weeks after the concert, about a full year prior to an official release. Professionally packaged, the unit reportedly sold in excess of 100,000 copies, many thinking it was the real thing. Trivia note: around this same time the Omayyad LP was released in USA.

The Best of Tour 72 had large success and was reissued and re-bootlegged many, many times due to the stunning sound quality and the full presence of unissued songs. Four songs were cut: Heart Beat Intro, Time, Us and Them and Eclipsed. We don't know why. Maybe the reason was the tape length or some problems on it or the capability of the LP to support the whole suite.  

The Rainbow Theatre was booked for three shows for press introduction to Dark Side of the Moon but soon a fourth show was set due to the big response. This extra show was to be played on Sunday 20th February 1972 at 8:00 p.m, for the first time the title Dark Side of the Moon was used. In "The Free Program of Rainbow Theatre, n.13"  we can read: "The Dark Side of the Moon - A Piece for Assorted Lunatics"

A month before they were in this theatre to rehearse for three days, to try the new suite together with the new mixer, the new quadrophonic system and the new light show. The suite was performed ten times around England before the Rainbow' nights. It already changed a little from first couple of nights in Brighton and Portsmouth. Eclipsed was added and more changes would occur before the end of the year.

A generation and more of fans thought this album was recorded on the 17th of February, but many years later we all learned that it was the 20th, the fourth Rainbow show.

- Titles and Songs -
The title of the boot refers to the whole small British tour of January and February 1972.


  1. Thanks for such a quick follow up! One can never have enough of the Pink Floyd.

  2. With so many PF bootlegs out there which to choose? Well, this is it!

    Floyd were famous for playing new songs live before recording them in the studio and when DSOTM was released in Mar 73 PF had been playing it live for well over a year.
    PF first played DSOTM at Brighton Dome on 20/01/72 and played 4 consecutive nights at the Rainbow, London the following month. Tour 72 is taken from the last night of the Rainbow shows. The appeal of Tour 72 is that DSOTM was not yet fully formed and there are segments which are substantially different from the following year’s studio release.

    The initial pressing of Tour 74 became so popular that it spawned 2 further bootlegs, Tour 73 and Tour 74, also known as British Winter Tour 74.

    Tour 73 was misleading as it was not recorded at any of their live 73 concerts at all. Instead it was taken from a performance at the BBC Paris Theatre on 30/09/71 that PF recorded for John Peel’s In Concert show.

    Tour 74 was recorded at Trentham Gardens, Stoke-on-Trent on 19/11/74 and featured 3 new songs, Raving and Drooling, Gotta Be Crazy and Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Incredibly it was to be another 3 years before the first 2 were officially released, on Animals, albeit with different lyrics and titles.

    PF also recorded another show for John Peel at the BBC Paris Theatre on 16/07/70. Why this and the 30/09/71 show have not yet been given an official release is inexplicable as the sound quality of both shows is stellar. It would make a superb live double CD.

    Tour 72 is arguably PF’s most important and sought after bootleg, and once again our good friend has come up with the best of the best!


    1. Thanks Simon, you've sold me on it. Where can I buy it?

  3. I'm with Anonymous. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Pink Floyd! And it's a ProfStoned Vinyl Rip! I have several ProfStoned Vinyl Rips and they are all excellent. This is a treat!

  5. I think that Discogs has info about this pressing here which shows that the tracks here may be misnamed a bit.

  6. I think the tracks on my post are what they were known as, at the time, ie. 1972.

  7. I see. That explains the differences. It makes sense as Pink Floyd performed and developed this material in live concerts before creating the Dark Side of the Moon album. Thanks, basement.

  8. Thank you so much for this, basement67!!

  9. The sound and performance on "Breathe" is just, well, breath-taking... this is special.

  10. I found the audience recording. Could someone make a matrix? Has anyone tried yet?

    1. Further down the post is some info on it Wilder. The problem though, is that the complete source is vastly inferior to the Prof. Stoned rip. The missing cuts have been patched in expertly but the extreme difference in quality of the two sources is jarringly noticeable.

    2. Having now listened to the audience recording, I see what you mean. It is not good enough to matrix with the Prof. Stoned Rip. However, as to the tracts that are partial, it could be used to patch the missing segments.

    3. Or, maybe I am confused because I downloaded Prof. Stoned's Rip back in March of 2015. There was no patching in that.

      I did not download this offering posted here on 8/27/16. I will check this out to see if the missing cuts have been patched in and how that sounds. Thank you.

    4. This is the same as I posted earlier, it was lost in the reshuffle.

      At the time someone contacted me saying that they had a repaired copy. ie. patching the cuts with the inferior source. I then added this info to the post so that those interested would be able to obtain it.
      Unfortunately with the purge on Floyd boots, citing copyright reasons a few years ago, the links were removed.

      I also should have stated that there is no matrix but in fact a composite. (repairing the cuts to complete the songs, with a lesser quality source)

      Hope this makes it a bit clearer. The recording is not being released on the new official set, more's the pity.

    5. Many thanks marvellous

  11. link to this one is gone as well?