Friday 24 December 2021

THE BEATLES - Twickenham Sessions 1969 (1CD) Flac


THE BEATLES - Twickenham Sessions 1969

The 4 disc ‘Daddy Has Gone Away Now’ set comprised
109 tracks and the compilation ran for about about 5-hours with 46 songs and/or instrumentals. Many of these were the Beatles goofing about, half-hearted attempts or straight up parodies, basically the Beatles having fun as a means of alleviating the boredom of the Twickenham rehearsals.

The most interesting tracks are those where the band are working on new songs and improvising lyrics to them while playing. The titles may be familiar but not the way the band play them. The best are those that were eventually finished and included on Abbey Road and Let It Be, plus the two songs that would appear on solo albums, after their split.    

I've been working on this single disc for some time. It was put aside and listened to again with fresh ears. The aim was to get it ready for early December, before the Beatle film was released. The original idea for the cinema film was dropped and it was made available in three parts comprising six-hours of footage on the Disney channel. I'm sure if you are a Beatles fan and haven't seen it all, you'll be attempting to catch up with it over the festive period.

From the original 4CD (5 hours) I've whittled it down to just over an hour - for those like myself who just want a flavour of the best tracks from these sessions. 

The new official release only includes a small number of tracks from the Twickenham sessions. So this post gives an earlier preview of the birth of some of the latter day Beatles classics as opposed to the later Apple sessions featured on the new official box set.

All tracks were selected from the 4 disc collection "Daddy Has Gone Away Now" (Nite Owl NO-2019-07) (2019) (FLAC Tracks)

It was remastered by Captain Acid in January 2021, who applied phase and level correction and a very gentle touch of new EQ.


01 - I've Got A Feeling (3:43)                  
02 - Two Of Us (4:21)                                  
03 - The Palace Of The King Of Birds (5:37)

04 - All Things Must Pass (3:35)            
05 - Oh Darling (2:37)                    
06 - Dig A Pony (1:13)                
07 - Gimme Some Truth (1:25)                
08 - Don't Let Me Down (2:49)                
09 - The Long And Winding Road (2:31)            
10 - Golden Slumbers (3:42)               
11 - Carry That Weight (2:40)                
12 - I Me Mine (2:22)                    
13 - She Came In Through The Bathroom Window  (3:52)     
14 - Across The Universe (3:55)            
15 - Let It Be (3:16)                    
16 - Woman (2:11)                    
17 - The Back Seat Of My Car (4:37)            
18 - Get Back (2:29)                    
19 - Mean Mr Mustard (4:15)                



Best of the Twickenham Rehearsals - 50th anniversary edition - in stereo (no camera beeps)
Recorded 2-14 January 1969 at the Twickenham Film Studios, Richmond upon Thames, London

The selections were compiled from the raw and unedited Get Back rehearsals that took place at Twickenham studios.
The roughly 40 hours of soundtrack recorded at the studio sound stage between 2 and 14 January 1969 - weekends excepted - has been carefully sifted through and distilled. While there is little that is truly great, there is much that is at least interesting, and on this compilation the "good" has been hand-picked and the "bad" left on the cutting room floor.

All of the annoying sync beeps are gone, and the listening experience is further enhanced, the edited compilation, originally recorded in mono, has been processed into a stereo presentation using modern de-mixing software (NOT micro-second delay or ADT in one channel).

Audio source: Purple Chick's 'A/B Road' v.1.1 (jameskg etc.); for identification purposes, the DDSI numbers in parentheses correspond to tracks on that revised set. All tracks de-mixed to stereo and edited from the film soundtrack Nagra tape reels, except * mono.
Camera sync beeps ("bloop slates" removed by filtering, editing and patching. (A Nite Owl production (NO-2019-07)).

For further background, read Jonathan Cott & David Dalton's article from 1970:

Only available over the Christmas holidays. Further details are in the 'Bootlegs of the Year.'