Friday 8 December 2023

YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS - San Francisco 1980 (Flac)


Young Marble Giants
Western Front, Civic Center
San Francisco, CA

THTP Release 47

Young Marble Giants originated in Cardiff, Wales during 1978. Their minimalism was influenced by the punk scene, but in sharp contrast they stripped their sound back to basics, creating music based around the vocals of Alison Statton and the sparse instrumentation of brothers Philip and Stuart Moxham.

Another John Peel band, the legendary DJ began playing their music on Radio 1 after the release of their album Colossal Youth. He introduced their sound to a larger nationwide audience. There is a ninety-minute recording of the show broadcast on Tuesday 26 August 1980, available on the John Peel Wiki that includes the Young Marble Giants session, listen to musical history as it was being made.

The band released their debut and only full-length studio album, Colossal Youth, in February 1980. The debut single 'Final Day' was released in April 1980 and two of the tracks 'Radio Silents' and 'Colossal Youth' were included in this live set. (Dates are according to Discogs, Peel played tracks from the album in early April and the single in June)

This recording was made and preserved by collector / engineer Terry Hammer, for broadcast over the UC Berkeley station KALX, one of many others from the 1979 -1981 period. Terry would get a decent feed from the sound mixing board, then mixed direct to 2-Track Reel To Reel (and Cassette deck for backup and personal use) using headphones. It was mixed using a dedicated mixing board, with an additional one to two audience microphones in the mix. 

These recordings were released on the Dime torrent site and provoked a storm of interest. They are easily found under the title 'Terry Hammer Tape Project' or THTP for short.

01. Dirk intro >
02. N.I.T.A.
03. Holidays
04. Choci Loni
05. Radio Silents
06. Music For Evenings
07. Colossal Youth
08. Searching For Mr. Right
09. Credit In The Straight World
10. Brand New Life
11. Include Me Out
12. Wurlitzer Jukebox > Dirk outro

Length: 35:51

Alison Statton - vocals
Philip Moxham - bass
Stuart Moxham - guitar, keyboards

Recording chain:
Stage mics > splitter (split to house snake/SBD and TH snake) > TH dedicated snake >
Peavy MkII 12 channel mixing board (10 channels snake, 2 channels audience mics) >
AKAI GXC-570D Cassette Deck (Dolby B on) > TDK SA-90 tape

Archival Process:
1999: Sony TC-KA3ES > TDK SA-90 tapes playback (NO Dolby) > BBE 462 Sonic Maximizer (to clean up tapes) > Tascam DA-30 DAT > HHb DAT-125 DAT tape
2002: HHb CDR-850 Professional CD Recorder (In real time) > HHb CDR74 Gold 100 year archival grade CDRs 2005: Transfered to HDD in AIFF file format

Dime release processing: AIFF Master Files > FFMPEG > 16 bit FLAC 8 > tagging, cover artwork, checksums. Recorded, preserved, and master AIFF files provided by: Terry Hammer

thebasement67: (16bit 48kHz files > WAV > 16bit 44.1kHz > Flac 8)




Sunday 3 December 2023

A CERTAIN RATIO - Marc Riley session (2017)

This session was recorded and promptly forgotten about, languishing on my PC hard drive. It was only via the enclosed notes that I realised I had recorded it and not simply downloaded it from a torrent site.

I rediscovered it recently because my aging hard drive had started to make groaning noises on starting up. I transferred the files to a stand alone hard-drive. 

I'm making some of these early recordings available here on the blog, as it would have been a pity to have lost them. This is the 2nd edition and includes 'Shack Up'


BBC i-player (UK)
BBC Radio 6 - Marc Riley Show
Monday, 11 December 2017 / 7pm-9pm

A Certain Ratio provide tonight's live entertainment, they formed in Manchester in 1978 and were signed to Factory Records. Pedigree. Tony Wilson and Alan Erasmus also managed the band.
The band plan to re-release some of their classic albums in November 2017, followed with a live show in December.
This session provides a little taster of what you can expect ... blurb from the BBC website.

00. Marc Riley intro
01. A Certain Ratio - Do The Du (session)
02. A Certain Ratio - The Fox (session)
03. A Certain Ratio - The Big E (session)
04. A Certain Ratio - And Then Again (session)
05. A Certain Ratio - Shack Up (session)
06. Interview - Marc Riley talks with A Certain Ratio
07. Barry Adamson - I Got Clothes (ACR rework)

This session was broadcast by BBC6 Music on Monday 11 December and recorded from the BBC i-player (UK)
Only three tracks were aired on Marc Riley's programme. The following show by Gideon Coe, broadcast a further session track 'And Then Again'. The final session track 'Shack Up' was broadcast the following evening of Tuesday 12 December, on the Marc Riley show.

The tracks have been edited together from these three sources. The music has been placed together at the beginning and the three interview parts that followed the first three songs have been edited to one track following the session. Finally a bonus track has been included at the end. The reason for its inclusion will become apparent after hearing the interview.

Lineage:  i-Sound Recorder for Windows 7/10 > BBC I-Player stream 320+kbps > Wavlab6 > WAV 16bit 44kHz > TLH > FLAC (8)

A Songs From Northern Britain production upgrade*
the basement (December 2017)

* The first edition was missing the final track and had a time-lag glitch, this has been rectified.