Thursday 4 August 2016

#59 SANTANA - Bottom Line, NYC 1978 (Flac)

The Bottom Line, New York, NY
16 October, 1978
FM broadcast

This was one of the best bootlegs I downloaded last year and is a fabulous show broadcast live on WNEW FM (New York) and WMMR FM (Philadelphia). In front of an intimate crowd at New York’s famed Bottom Line. (see the notes below on the importance of the 'Bottom Line' as a live venue).

This set drew on tracks from six of the ten albums that Santana had released at the time. Four tracks are taken from ‘Santana III’ (1971), and five from ‘Moonflower’ (1977) two of them covers - both sixties hits 'Black Magic Woman' and 'She’s Not There' re-imagined for the seventies and every bit as successful and enduring as the originals have been.

I’ve heard a few Santana bootlegs that seemed flat and lifeless sounding; this one doesn’t and is a keeper, the best from 1978 – it’s warm and percussive, rock music you can dance too.
Make sure you get this one, it's free of the micro gaps, errors and dropouts on some circulating versions..

01. intro > Well Alright (6:19)
02. Black Magic Woman > Gypsy Queen (7:08)
03. Dance Sister Dance (7:57)
04. Europa (7:50)
05. Dealer (5:33)
06. Incident At Neshabur (6:31)
07. Move On (10:47)
08. Batuka > No One To Depend On (4:46)

01. One Chain (6:27)
02. Toussaint L' Overture (9:19)
03. She's Not There (5:05)
04. Open Invitation (5:11)
05. Jungle Strut (5:55)
06. Transcendence (6:54)
07. Evil Ways (5:26)

Running Time: 56:56, 44:19

 from the Bottom Line archives:
" This show as well as the show we did with Van Morrison almost a month later, Nov 1, 1978, was very special to Stanley and myself. Bill Graham, someone we both admired, introduced both of those artists from our stage the night of those shows. Graham told us that he felt the Bottom Line stage had become as important in New York City as the Fillmore stage in terms of an artist¹s career. That was the ultimate compliment coming from the person we most admired. Words do not convey what Bill's comp[liment meant to us because we always thought of the club as a mini-Fillmore.
You cannot imagine the joy it brought to hear him introduce SANTANA in that initimible Bill Graham way...N.Y. Let's have a warm Bottom Line greeting for... "

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