Friday 24 February 2012

#03 DICK DALE - MSN On Air, Irving Plaza, NYC. (Flac)

Dick Dale’s song Miserlou was featured in Quentin Tarantino’s movie Pulp Fiction in 1994 and introduced a new generation of fans to the king of surf guitar.

This one’s a bit special a blistering performance by Dick recorded at a live show Irving Plaza, New York on April 16, 1997.  It was then broadcast on June 15, 1997 to promote Dick’s compilation on Rhino Records - Better Shred Than Dead: The Dick Dale Anthology. Highlights are live renditions of three of the early singles Let’s Go Trippin’, Miserlou and Mr. Peppermint Man from 1961-2

Pre-fm radio broadcast disc
original MSN On Air broadcast disc > eac > flac

April 16, 1997
Irving Plaza, New York
running time 57:35

1.  Radio ID
2.  intro by Dick Dale
3.  Nitro
4.  Nitrus - Take It Or Leave It
5.  Bandito
6.  Miserlou
7.  The Wedge Paradiso
8.  Mr. Peppermint Man
9.  Radio ID by Dick Dale
10. Untitled
11. Let’s Go Trippin’- Smoke on The Water - Peter Gunn
12. Fish Taco
13. Fever
14. Radio ID
Password is:  Dale1
Password is: Dale2