Thursday 11 August 2016

#66 NIRVANA - Pat O'Brien Pavilion, Del Mar, CA. 1991 (Flac)

The 2nd show of a short five-date tour on the US west coast with Pearl Jam and Red Hot Chili Peppers. This show was professionally recorded to 24 track. The sound quality of this is superb, the mix is stunning with crystal-clear dynamics. Perfect to blast your ears with headphones on!


Pat O'Brien Pavilion, Del Mar CA.
December 28, 1991 

Back in the States, Nirvana were on a triple-bill tour with Pearl Jam and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, playing relatively short sets. For one reason or another, the show in Del Mar was chosen to be recorded for a Westwood One radio broadcast.Wisely, Andy Wallace was hired again, and he did a fine job capturing and mixing this excellent performance.

The version featured here is a patchwork of various sources. Most of the show is available in perfect digital quality on various Westwood One promo CD's. However, they have made life difficult for the completist by adding fake crowd noise between many songs and throughout the first half of "Smells Like Teen Spirit". They also took the liberty of censoring the word "shit" from "Aneurysm". Thankfully, there is an internal Geffen promo cassette available to collectors. It sounds amazingly similar to the digital source, but has various dropouts and flaws. After some slight tweaks, it was used here for all the between-song crowd noise and for "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Now the show is 100% complete, free of dropouts that plague the promo cassette and the fake crowd noise that ruins parts of the digital promos. All of the source switches are seamless and undetectable.


 1. intro
 2. Drain You
 3. Aneurysm
 4. School
 5. Floyd The Barber
 6. Smells Like Teen Spirit
 7. About A Girl
 8. Polly
 9. Sliver
10. Breed
11. Come As You Are
12. Lithium
13. Territorial Pissings

From the lowest generation underground sources. There was no brickwalling, compression or noise reduction applied during mastering...only the speed, EQ and occasionally the balance was tweaked to achieve as close to a "perfect" version as possible.Original Tape Transfer by Mike Ziegler & Kris Sproul
A NeedleDeeDee Production - July 2013