Sunday 28 August 2016

#83 PAUL WELLER - Berlin 2006 (Flac)

Huxley's Neue Welt, 
Berlin, Germany

April 23, 2006

Paul Weller is a huge talent, sadly unrecognised in many countries throughout the world. He has produced terrific, diverse and inventive songs throughout a long career incorporating The Jam, The Style Council and under his own name for nearly forty years.

'As is Now' Weller's 8th solo album was heavily toured and accompanied with a live album, recorded at Alexandra Palace in North London at the end of 2005. This set was recorded four months afterwards in the spring of 2006, from a European tour promoting the live album 'Catch Flame'. It was broadcast by European radio and the FM recording has circulated for years. In fact it is still circulated by the uninformed but I can assure you, that you will not find a better upgrade than this pre-FM source. It's interesting to compare both performances. The sound quality is stunning on this bootleg and is equal in quality to the official release, perhaps better. In this smaller venue, the audience is closer, the band perform with a touch more subtlety and finesse, adding more fluidity, shade and feeling to a fine eclectic set of songs.

Accompanied by his tight, seasoned and unerringly professional band, Paul Weller struts between powerful versions of tracks from his solo studio albums and early Jam classics; Running On The Spot, In The Crowd and the UK #1, 'A Town Called Malice' that propel this bootleg into the premier league. The singles from the recent studio album, “From The Floor Boards Up” and “Come On/Let’s Go” help force the pace and energy levels up towards the youthful energy and mania, the Jam inspired in days gone by. Tempering the energy levels is the classic 80's seasonal track, 'Long Hot Summer' by the Style Council, imbued with a particularly fine and evocative performance. Another highlight, is the jazzed up version of the near 11-minute 'Foot of the Mountain' found originally on the 'Wild Wood' album.

I wouldn't normally recommend discovering an artist first through their recorded live work, but this bootleg if you are hearing the artist for the first time, will have you busily exploring a vast back catalogue. A fact that is often forgotten by those who seek to suppress the circulation of unreleased music.

Soundboard, Pre-FM recording (upgrade)
Taper: Radioeins
Lineage: PreFM Soundboard CD > EAC (logs included) > TLH (with align on sector boundaries) > flac
Running Time: approx 110:00
Sound Quality: 10+ 


Disc 1:
01. From The Floorboards Up   
02. Paper Smile 
03. Out Of The Sinking   
04. Science   
05. Above The Clouds  
06. Amongst Butterflies   
07. Running On The Spot   
08. Savages > 
      Fly Little Bird   
09. Up In Suze's Room   
10. Wild Wood   
11. Come On / Let's Go   
12. Porcelain Gods > 
      Walk On Gilded Splinters

Disc 2:
01. The Pebble And The Boy   
02. You Do Something To Me   
03. Long Hot Summer   
04. Here's The Good News   
05. In The Crowd   
06. The Changing Man   
07. Foot Of The Mountain   

08. Broken Stones  
09. A Town Called Malice