Saturday 21 July 2018

#113 The Clash - Last Gang In Town (Rarities 1976-84) Flac

THE CLASH - Rarities 1976-1984

This version has the officially released tracks removed. The 5 Polydor demos are on the 'Sound System' box set, as are the 2 Combat Rock outtakes. 'Outside Broadcast' is on the 12" Radio Clash single and was released on the Clash - Singles 19CD box set. Not one of the best Clash remixes and best forgotten. Added are the three 'Kampuchea' benefit concert tracks. Listen to over 63 minutes of prime Clash, studio and live 'rarities'.

01 - Garageland (Complete Rude Boy Outtake)
This song is cut during the 'Rude Boy' movie. The scene cuts to Mick talking on the phone trying to get some amplifiers on credit from his supplier. Here is the complete track with its 'one microphone' breakdown.
02 - Pressure Drop (CBS Demo)
An alternate version produced by Lee Perry in August 1977. The keyboards are more prominent, as is Joe's rhythm guitar.
03 - White Man In Hammersmith Palais (Alternate vocal and lyric)
The superior 'Burton Suits, turning rebellion into money' lines are missing here. Joe's JA exclamation "Yeah, mon" on this is notably missing from the final version.
04 - All The Young Punks (CBS Demo)
This demo as you would expect has much rougher sound than the final Pearlman produced version. Some different lyrics near the end.
05 - Safe European Home (Music Machine, Camden Town 27.07.78)
Recorded on the 'Clash On Parole' tour, named after their earlier court appearance for the infamous 'Racing Pigeons' shooting incident. This track about Mick and Joe's first visit to Jamaica was one of the best on the 'Give 'Em Enough Rope' album. At this show the Clash were joined on stage by ex-Sex Pistol Steve Jones, adding fuel to the rumour, that Mick's replacement was being lined up.
06 - Lost In The Supermarket (Majestic Theatre, San Antonio, Texas 22.05.83)
A decent audience recording with Pete Howard on drums, at one of the warm up shows for the group's headling slot on the second day of the US festival in San Bernadino in California.
07 - Revolution Dub (Rude Boy Rock Edit)
An edit of the instrumental version of Revolution Rock
08 - Return To Brixton (1990 Jeremy Healy Remix)
A remix released on 12" vinyl. Beats International (ft Norman Cook) sampled the intro to 'Guns of Brixton' for their UK #1 single 'Dub Be Good To Me'. This remix re-samples some of that hit single.
09 - The Magnificent 7 (Dirty Harry Full Radio Mix)
A brilliant song and a ground-breaking track. The Clash soaked up the influences of early rap, during their time in NYC for the Sandinista sessions. There were many mixes and remixes but this is special, the original Mick Jones mix, featuring samples from the movie 'Dirty Harry' and the cartoon 'Bugs Bunny'. Mick would explore these ideas further with his next band, Big Audio Dynamite.
10 - Capital Air (With Allen Ginsberg - Bond's Casino Times Square, NYC 10.06.81)
During the Bonds residency in New York. Allen Ginsberg met the group backstage in their dressing room, he was invited on stage to perform, what he called "a poem that has chord changes".
11 - Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Mick Jones Produced Version)
The 'Rat Patrol from Fort Bragg' original version produced by Mick Jones with Joe singing in Spanish.
 12 - Walk Evil Talk (From the Combat Rock Sessions)
Described as 'a spacey piano-based free jazz mood piece', here it's edited down from the original seven and a half-minute length.
13 - This Is England (Dutch 7'' Single 1984 Issued In Error)
Quite different, it's more fractured and dub-like than the longer 'Cut the Crap' version.
14 - Tommy Gun (Dunfermline Kinema 06.07.78)
Recorded live from the 'Clash on Parole Tour'
15 - English Civil War (London Lyceum 03.01.79)       
This set opener, burns with energy, the furious guitar solos and raging vocals from Mick and Joe blow the album version into the dust.

bonus tracks (in place of cut OR tracks).
16 - Armagideon Time (Concert for the People of Kampuchea, London 27.12.79)
From the long out of print 'Concerts For The People of Kampuchea' vinyl LP. It featured a stellar line up of the new: The Clash, The Pretenders, The Specials, Elvis Costello & The Attractions and Ian Dury & The Blockheads along with the old guard of Paul McCartney & Wings, Queen and The Who.
17 - Bankrobber (Concert for the People of Kampuchea, London 27.12.79)
18 - London Calling (Concert for the People of Kampuchea, London 27.12.79)
Both of these tracks are taken from the JEMS tape that included a further 17 tracks, overlooked for selection on the original double album. It surprisingly has four tracks from British reggae group Matumbi, who didn't appear at all on the album track list.