Sunday 29 April 2012

#09 BECK & THE FLAMING LIPS - KCRW 2002 (Flac)

Beck’s Sea Change was a downbeat album reflecting on his broken relationship with long-term girlfriend, the designer Leigh Limon. It was released in September 2002 and the resulting tour featured the Flaming Lips as his opening and backing band.

They also recorded together for this partly acoustic session on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic radio show, Christmas Eve 2002, and previously in November for the Austin City Limits show.

This is a more collaborative performance than Austin City Limits where the Flaming Lips sound like any other backing band, here there can be no mistaking their influence on Beck’s live sound.

Versions exist with the interview sections but this remastered source by thir13en contains only the music.  The ten-minute interview with the camera running is available on YouTube, the look on Beck’s face while Wayne dominates the interview is priceless

1.       Golden Age
2.       We Live Again
3.       Cold Brains
4.       Do You Realize ?
5.       Lonesome Tears
6.       Lost Cause
7.       Little One
8.       Paper Tiger
9.       New Pollution

Beck Hansen (vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine)
Wayne Coyne (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Michael Ivins (bass)
Steven Drozd (guitar, keyboards, vocals
Kliph Scurlock (drums)
Greg Kurstin (keyboards, vocals)

     KCRW FM Radio Broadcast
 December 24 2002
 KCRW, Santa Monica, CA
original notes

**Remastered** by thir13en

w/ Flaming Lips
Santa Monica, CA

Another great in-studio Beck performance, and during his tour with the Flaming Lips as his band. This is fine quality stuff here, from the first to the last note, it's a real nice ride.

I've heard a few sources of this show and come across a few different lossy sourced ones as well. While I wouldn't suggest taping shows from a Grundig radio, this one was the best source I've heard. Much gratitude to our taper for making it happen with the tools that were handy at the time. I cleaned up the static a bit and then smoothed over the spectrum, maximized.

It's a very clear recording, KCRW does exceptional work yet again.


Lineage: Grundig Yachtboy FM radio>G4 OEM minijack input>16 bit aiff>edited, normalized, tracked with Sound Studio>FLAC8 via Xact.

Recorded with a portable radio because my thrift store tuner died the day before.
A stellar performance, more FM noise than usual due to the Grundig radio.

Monday 9 April 2012

#08 RADIOHEAD - Glastonbury Festival, England 1997 (Flac)

June 28, 1997
Glastonbury Festival
Pilton, UK

A legendary show from nearly fifteen years ago. 1997 was a particularly strong year for British music with now classic albums released including The Verve - Urban Hymns, Primal Scream - Vanishing Point, Charlatans - Tellin' Stories, Mogwai - Mogwai Young Team, Spiritualized - Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space…,  Teenage Fan Club - Songs From Northern Britain and of course Radiohead's - OK Computer

Disc 1:
01 Lucky
02 My Iron Lung
03 Airbag
04 Planet Telex
05 Exit Music (For A Film)
06 The Bends
07 (Nice Dream)
08 Paranoid Android
09 Karma Police
10 Creep
11 Climbing Up The Walls
12 No Surprises

Disc 2:
01 Talk Show Host
02 Bones
03 Just
04 Fake Plastic Trees
05 You
06 The Tourist
07 High & Dry
08 Street Spirit

Source (Disc 1, tracks 1-3): BBC Transcription Services "In Concert" CD > CDR(?) > SHN > WAV > * (see notes) > FLAC
Source (Rest of show): SBD > EMI Promo Cassette > WAV > CDR > SHN > WAV > * (see notes) > FLAC



This show has circulated from a few different sources, and sometimes in incomplete form.  This particular source supplies most of the show from the EMI promo cassette.  The only problem with the EMI promo is that it didn't include the first three tracks of the show... "Lucky," "My Iron Lung," or "Airbag." 

When I received this show in SHN format the BBC sourced tracks were in one folder, and the EMI sourced tracks in another.  If you were to simply take the BBC tracks and place them before the EMI tracks you were left with a sloppy transition (the end of the BBC source seemed to cut out abruptly, and didn't flow smoothly into the EMI source). 

What I have done here is basically taken the last track of the BBC source ("Lucky") and crossfaded it with the first track from the EMI source ("Planet Telex").  What you're left with is a very smooth transition from one source to the other, giving the impression that this is a complete show taken from a single source. 

The only other issue that existed with this show was that there was some slight static/crackling on the BBC source (maybe this is why it wasn't used for the entire show).  I have taken the BBC source and ran it through GoldWave's Pop/Click Filter, and this issue has been slightly improved.  Before I used the filter you could hear the static a little bit, now you can only hear it if you're looking for it, either way, it's barely noticeable and doesn't interfere with the listening experiendce.

The overall volume and mix of each source seemed to be about the same, so no further adjustments werre made.

I encoded the files to FLAC (level 8) with Trader's Little Helper, and also corrected the SBE's (which were most likely a result of my edits).  


Sunday 8 April 2012

#07 THE JAM - Live In Boston 1982 (pre-fm) (Flac)

pre-fm radio station reel
The Orpheum Theatre, Boston
May 20, 1982
Running time: 57: 11
Paul Weller: vocals, guitar
Bruce Foxton: bass, vocals
Rick Buckler: drums percussion
The tour also featured a horn section and backing singers

The  'Trans-Global Express Tour' began on March 12 1982, the same day as the final Jam studio album, The Gift was released. The tour progressed through March and April with dates in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium and France.  May saw the band in the USA and Canada then onto Japan in June for the final five dates.
This recording comes from a pre-fm reel used for radio broadcast during the North American leg of the world tour, few unreleased Jam recordings are available in this excellent sound quality.

1) Radio intro
2) Interview with Rick and Bruce
3) Circus
4) Start
5) Pretty Green
6) In the Crowd
7) That’s Entertainment
8) Tales from the Riverbank
9) Carnation
10) Town Called Malice
11) Move on Up
12) David Watts
13) Private Hell
14) Ghosts
15) When You’re Young
16) The Gift
17) Post- concert interviews with band and fans

Pre-FM  reel > Cdr > wav > Cdwav> mastercdr > wav > flac