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#141 BOB DYLAN - Expecting Rain N.E.T. Vol 1-6 (Flac)

In 2011, members of the Bob Dylan 'Expecting Rain' forum conducted a poll to decide on the best 100 live performances of Dylan’s career. The tracks included on these volumes have been selected from the Never Ending Tour only - those that made the top 100 and also some of the best tracks from the forum's short list.

The earlier live recordings were excluded as many have been officially released and the early sixties to early eighties recordings are best heard in their entirety.

This is the complete series of six volumes made available for the first time.They cover the beginning of the N.E.T. in 1988 through to 2010. The vast majority of tracks are from audience recordings.

As you can imagine this set required a great deal of work putting together, not just in collecting and collating the actual tracks chosen in the 100, but also those that made the short lists. 

Source information where available has been included with the notes, as has the artwork which was created especially for those that like a tangible object in their hand, with details on the tracks they are listening to. 

If this compilation inspires a further interest in the NET years and I hope it does, then I would advise getting hold of the following two books:

Mind Out Of Time (1986-1990 & beyond) by Paul Williams.
Superb writing and especially strong on the beginnings of the NET in 1988 through 1990

The Razor's Edge: Bob Dylan and the Neverending Tour by Andrew Muir
One More Night: Bob Dylan's Never Ending Tour (Second and updated edition of above)
Infectious and enthusiastic, Andrew's book more than any gets a grip on the mammoth task of understanding Dylan's live performance since 1988

One final point, if you are looking for further information about Bob Dylan, don't forget to check out 'Expecting Rain' the finest Dylan site on the web. 

Exprecting Rain

Compiled by thebasement67
for the 100 greatest bootlegs blog (February 2016)


Expecting Rain N.E.T. Vol. 1

01. Lakes Of Pontchartrain - Wantagh 30-Jun-88         
02. Hallelujah - Montreal 8-Jul-88            
03. Barbara Allen - New York City 19-Oct-88   
04. Disease Of Conceit - London 8-Feb-90       
05. That Lucky Old Sun - Madison 5-Nov-91   
06. Most Of The Time - San Jose 9-May-92           
07. Tight Connection To My Heart - NYC. 17-Nov-93    
08. Blood In My Eyes - New York City 17-Nov-93
09. Delia - New York City 17-Nov-93     LB-6207   
10. A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall - Nara 22-May-94       
11. Ring Them Bells - Nara 22-May-94       
12. Mama, You Been On My Mind - Warsaw 19-Jul-94        
13. Two Soldiers - Boston 9-Oct-94       
14. I Want You - Unplugged 17-Nov-94

 ER NET Vol 1

 Expecting Rain N.E.T. Vol. 2 

01. Desolation Row - Unplugged 18-Nov-94   
02. Dignity - Unplugged 18-Nov-94    
03. Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Unplugged 18-Nov-94    
04. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue - Prague 11-Mar-95
05. Shelter From The Storm - Prague 11-Mar-95
06. Mr. Tambourine Man - Prague 11-Mar-95
07. In The Long Black Coat - Prague 11-Mar-95
08. Born In Time - Berkeley 26-May-95   
09. Gates Of Eden - Berkeley 26-May-95    
10. Restless Farewell - Sinatra 80th 19-Nov-95   
11. Dark Eyes - Philadelphia 17-Dec-95    
(an alternate has also been provided of a superior recording from 15 Dec 1995)


 Expecting Rain N.E.T. Vol. 3

01. My Back Pages - Berlin 17-Jun-96
         02. Friend Of The Devil - Berlin 17-Jun-96
03. Lovesick - NYC 25-Feb-98
04. This Wheel’s On Fire - Stockholm 9-Jun-98
05. I And I - Dijon 1-Jul-98
06. The Times We’ve Known - New York City 1-Nov-98
07. Train Of Love - J. Cash Tribute 6-Apr-99
08. Tryin’ To Get To Heaven - Lisbon 7-Apr-99
09. Not Dark Yet - New York City 30 Jul-99
10. Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
11. Tomorrow Is A Long Time - Ithaca 15-Nov-99
12. Blowin’ In The Wind - Santa Cruz 16-Mar-00
13. Song To Woody - Santa Cruz 16-Mar-00



Expecting Rain N.E.T. Vol. 4

01. Highlands - Santa Cruz 16-Mar-00  
02. Delia - Newcastle 19-Sep-00                      
03. The Ballad Of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest
- Portsmouth 
05. Standing In The Doorway - Paris 3 Oct-00        
06. If Dogs Run Free - Asheville 1-May-01
07. Sugar Baby - Atlanta 9-Feb-02 / Spokane 5-Oct-01  
08. I’ll Remember You
- M&A  18-Jul-02  
09. Cold Irons Bound - M&A 18-Jul-02           
10. Mutineer
- Fairfax 22-Nov-02 
11. Accidentally Like A Martyr - Fairfax 22-Nov-02
12. Summer Days - Fairfax 22-Nov-02   

This is the first time these volumes (4-6) have been posted, the series was interrupted due to a sound card failure and during the resulting delay the links were lost because of hosting issues.



Expecting Rain N.E.T. Vol. 5

01. Dignity - Niagara Falls 23-Aug-03
02. Highwater (for Charley Patton) - Niagara Falls 23-Aug-03
03. Desolation Row - Berlin 20-Oct-03
04. The Mighty Quinn - London 23-Nov-03
05. Jokerman - London 24-Nov-03
06. Romance In Durango - London 24-Nov-03
07. Million Miles - London 24-Nov-03
08. Dear Landlord - London 24-Nov-03
09. Blind Willie McTell - London 25-Nov-03
10. A Change Is Gonna Come - NYC 28-Mar-04
11. Million Dollar Bash - London 21-Nov-05
12. ‘Til I Fell In Love With You - Dublin 27-Nov-05 


Expecting Rain N.E.T. Vol. 6

01. Boots Of Spanish Leather - Dublin 27-Nov-05
02. Visions Of Johanna - Dublin 27-Nov-05
03. Ain’t Talkin’ - New York City 20-Nov-06
04. Nettie Moore - Santa Monica 3-Sep-08
05. Billy - Stockholm 22-Mar-09
06. Forgetful Heart Tokyo 23-Mar-10
07. The Times They Are A Changin’ - Whitehouse 9-Feb-10
08. Shelter From The Storm - Osaka 13-Mar-10
09. What Good Am I - Linz 12-Jun-10
10. Love Sick - Tampa 7-Oct-10

This is the final volume, the download link includes a word document of the tracks shortlisted, that were used to compile this series. 

As we are now ten years on from the oldest performances on this set I recommend the following site:

It's ideal especially if you are looking for Dylan's best performances during the last decade.

Wednesday 15 April 2020

#20 CAT POWER - The Complete Peel Sessions (Flac)


Standing in a queue waiting to pay for the latest selection of cds I’d chosen. I overheard the girl in front asking what was playing over the shop speakers. When told it was Cat Power’s new album she replied, “I’ll take it too.”

Cat Power at that time was just a name to me despite the 'Covers Record' being her fifth release. Some months later I heard her music for the first time on the John Peel show - the famous long running late night show on BBC Radio One.

The session included a selection of songs that had been recorded but not included on the Covers Record. That covers session included here features just Chan’s vocal and acoustic guitar or keyboards. I remember the DJ John Peel, being particularly taken by “Freebird,” a minimalist cover lasting barely fifty seconds and so completely different from its original incarnation, that it sounds quite bizarre in comparison.

The covers session was recorded on June 18, 2000 at Maida Vale’s studio 4 in London. It was broadcast in two parts, part one on July 20, 2000 including tracks 1 to 4 and track 9. The second part was broadcast on August 31, 2000 and included tracks 5 to 8 with a repeat of “Freebird.” Both parts of the session were broadcast later in the year, a few weeks before Christmas.

The second session was broadcast live and recorded at John’s home “Peel Acres” on August 23, 2001

The third and final session was recorded on January 23, 2003 to promote the follow up release “You Are Free.” It was broadcast on 12 February, 2003. Chan performs another sparse stripped down session emphasizing the haunting soulful beauty of her voice.

This is the complete Cat Power Peel sessions made available in flac, together for the first time (April 2020).

Cat Power - Peel Session #1
BBC Radio 1 FM
Maida Vale Studio 4
London, England
Recorded: June 18, 2000

Lineage: FM > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC

01. Sophisticated Lady (2:20)
02. Hard Times In New York City (2:49)
03. Wonderwall (2:41)
04. He Was A Friend Of Mine (3:54)
05. Deep Inside > Come On In My Kitchen (5:11)
06. Werewolf (3:07)
07. Up & Gone (2:21)
08. Sister > Knocking On Heaven's Door (4:00)
09. Freebird (0:52)


Cat Power - Peel Session #2
BBC Radio 1 FM
"Peel Acres" (John Peel's house)
Great Finborough, Suffolk,
England, U.K.
Recorded: August 23, 2001

Master FM recording
Lineage:  BBC Radio 1 FM  -> Roof Aerial -> Marantz ST151L Tuner -> SB Extigy soundcard -> CoolEdit Pro 2.1 ->
WAV -> CD-R -> EAC -> WAV -> TLH -> FLAC 8 & .ffp

10. Intro  (with Nellie the dog) (1:09)
11. The Party (3:10)
12. Interview  (with John Peel) (0:42)
13. Intro  (with John Peel) (0:28)
14. Baby Doll (3:09)
15. Interlude  (with John Peel) (0:24)
16. Up And Gone (2:40)
17. Come On In My Kitchen (3:52)


Cat Power - Peel Session #3
BBC Radio 1 FM
Maida Vale Studio 4
London, England.
Recorded: January 23, 2003

Lineage: FM > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC

18. Names (5:18)
19. Funny Things (3:10)
20. Evolution (3:01)
21. I Don't Blame You (3:34)

These are the correct dates as sourced from the book 'The Peel Sessions' by Ken Garner (2007)


Wednesday 8 April 2020

JOHN PRINE - BBC Session & Interview 2018 (Flac)

* Special Post *

JOHN PRINE (1946-2020)

John Prine bravely fought and conquered cancer twice before sadly becoming another victim of the current pandemic. 

His peers and fellow musicians described him in glowing terms:

Bruce Springsteen said:

"We are crushed by the loss of John Prine. John and I were "New Dylans" together in the early 70s and he was never anything but the loveliest guy in the world. A true national treasure and a songwriter for the ages. We send our love and prayers to his family.

Bob Dylan described John's music as:

"Pure Proustian existentialism". "Midwestern mind trips to the nth degree. And he writes beautiful songs."

Robbie Robertson, ex-The Band - called him:

"A genius".

and Robert Plant, ex-Led Zeppelin - said of his work:

"A beacon of clear white light cutting through the dark days," and "His charm, humour and irony we shall miss greatly."

Here he talks candidly to BBC DJ & legendary OGWT presenter, Bob Harris and also performs two songs from his latest album 'The Tree Of Forgiveness'

This short session was recorded by me over a year and a half ago, and is new to circulation. Just a brief example of John's brilliance as a musician, songwriter and raconteur.

Thursday 23 August, 2018
BBC Radio 2  FM broadcast
Bob Harris Country show
John Prine is in session

01. Bob Harris Intro  (0:27)
02. John Prine - Summers End (session)  (3:14)
03. Interview pt. 1  (6:40)
04. John Prine - Crazy Bone (session)  (3:26)
05. Interview pt. 2   (5:02)

Lineage: Denon FM tuner > WAVLAB 6 > FLAC 8
Recorded: thebasement67


BBC Radio 2 FM notes.
Earlier this year (2018) legendary singer/songwriter John Prine released his first album for 18 years. Tonight he plays songs from it and discusses his 50 year career with Bob.

Back in 1970, Prine was playing at the Chicago folk club The Fifth Peg when the young journalist Roger Ebert dropped in for a set. At the time, Prine was a 23-year-old mailman who had been singing his original songs every Thursday night for about two months. Ebert wrote a glowing review for the Chicago Sun- Times , essentially launching Prine’s music career. Kris Kristofferson became one of his earliest advocates; their friendship has lasted decades and they have toured together extensively over the years. In turn, Prine has invited a new generation of songwriters, such as Jason Isbell and Margo Price, to open his concerts. His 2018 tour schedule includes select dates with Sturgill Simpson.

Prine still remembers the first three songs he performed on any stage: “Sam Stone,” “Hello in There,” and “Paradise.” With humility, he recalls, “I sang those three songs and people just sat there and looked at me. I thought, ‘Wow, those are really bad.’ They wouldn’t even applaud.”

Of course, the opposite is true today. Those three songs are Prine signatures. His songs have been recorded by iconic singers like Johnny Cash (“Sam Stone”), Bette Midler (“Hello in There”) and Bonnie Raitt (“Angel from Montgomery”).