Thursday 27 October 2016

#98 TOM WAITS - Postaula, Bremen, Germany April 26, 1977 (Flac)

This show was volume one of the Wolf HQR Remasters but that source was from an FM broadcast.
This is the pre-fm upgrade.

Tom Waits
Bremen, Germany

01 Step Right Up
02 Semi Suite
03 Fumblin' With The Blues
04 Midnight Lullaby
05 Emotional Weather Report
06 Nobody
07 I Can't Wait To Get Off To Work
08 New Coat of Paint
09 Grapefruit Moon
10 Diamonds On My Windshield
11 The One That Got Away
12 Small Change
13 Spare Parts
14 Invitation To The Blues / Eggs And Sausage
15 Depot, Depot
16 The Piano Has Been Drinking
17 Pasties And A G-String

Tom Waits (p,voc)
Frank Vicari (sax)
Dr. Fitzgerald Jenkins III (b)
Chip White (dr)

CDR (preFM) - xACT
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corrected artwork for back cover



  1. Thank you for the Waits boot! Superb clarity on this one. Highly recommended recording from Tom's most jazzy period.

  2. I'm totally shit-faced to this one!
    Sound quality is amazin'!

  3. Many thanks! Your blog is a treasure, I've downloaded most of the bootlegs you've posted and they're superb.

  4. thanks everyone for the positive comments

  5. The files are coming down with absolutely no tagging, just file names. Same for everyone?

  6. Jack, i've tagged them with the auto-tag option in Winamp. It's quite a famous show, so there should be no problem finding the tags ;)

  7. Great boot thanks for the post.

    I've noticed that the album art has a very different tracklisting to the files themselves (and your post). Not that it matters of course but does seem weird.

  8. Thanks for pointing it out, it may have contributed to the tag problem mentioned above. The artwork I have posted is for the Wolf HQR remaster and not the pre-fm source.
    The pre fm source has seventeen tracks, track 14 has two songs.
    The radio fm remaster has eighteen tracks and a different order.

  9. A Major Thankyou for the upgrade of
    this wonderful show.

  10. Thank you for the great tunes (a top Waits boot') and thanks also for spreading the truth about the political fascist regime we are living under in the UK.

    "Power to the people." - Wolfie.

    "Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state." - Noam Chomsky.

    "Fascism is not defined by the number of its victims, but by the way it kills them." - Jean-Paul Sartre.

    "Contrary to what the politicians and religious leaders would like us to believe, the world won't be made safer by creating barriers between people." - Michael Palin

    "To some degree it matters who's in office, but it matters more how much pressure they're under from the public." - Noam Chomsky.

  11. Thanks for your comments. Some very relevant quotes especially those of Noam Chomsky.
    I think Power To The People belongs to John Lennon though!
    Citizen Smith was a great programme. Long live the Tooting Popular Front.

  12. Can I ask where you got that "Wrong Note" artwork?

    I have the Wolf HQ Remasters. Two of the volumes(5&6 I think) have super nice hi-res artworks with the "Wrong Note" label. But I haven't been able to find any such artwork for of the other volumes!

    Also does this "Pre-FM" release have any "official" artwork?

    Yes I am obsessed with artwork :D!!

    Many Thanks!

  13. I made it myself. Like you I was impressed by the Wrong Note artwork based on the original jazz label Blue Note design.
    So I made single sleeves for each disc and bound it like a book. I will add a few photos of it to the post.

    As for the back for this one I will upload a new corrected track listing. I don't think the original post I downloaded had art work but I will check the original files for you and see.

  14. That fantastic CD Book you made!

    I've always wanted to design a bootleg package myself.

    Hope there's more Tom Waits to come!!

  15. thanks, Tom will definitely appear again.

  16. Hi!

    I ran into this site by accident when googling "postaula bremen" and was surprised to find a bootleg of the legendary Tom Waits 77 concert here.

    I did tape the concert from a radio broadcast of Norddeutscher Rundfunk, one of Germany's public-service radio stations. This was way back in the 80s last century and for many years I only had that pretty worn compact cassette tape, when I eventually bought a bootleg CD named "Every Time I Hear This Melody - Tom Waits Live In U.S.A. 1977" (EAN 4011778959106, no label-code, in Gracenote-CDDB listed as "Live in Hamburg 77"). I was surprised when listening that CD it contained that very Bremen-Postaula concert which I had taped years before.
    An now I find another release, obviously derived pretty close from the original Radio Bremen tapes... And the best thing is: Your release contains the final track not included in the "Every Time"-CD but only in my poor quality cassette recording: Small Change.

    However I'm pretty sure the sequence of tracks in your release is wrong. The correct listing is IMHO

    01 Spare Parts
    02 Invitation To The Blues / Eggs And Sausage
    03 Depot, Depot
    04 The Piano Has Been Drinking
    05 Pasties And A G-String
    06 Step Right Up
    07 Semi Suite
    08 Fumblin' With The Blues
    09 Grapefruit Moon
    09 Midnight Lullaby
    10 Emotional Weather Report
    11 I Can't Wait To Get Off To Work
    12 New Coat of Paint
    13 Nobody
    14 Diamonds On My Windshield
    16 The One That Got Away
    17 Small Change

    This is according to the original radio broadcast and the above mentioned bootleg CD.

    When you listen carefully, Tom Waits announces a "short fifteen minutes cigarette break" at the end of "Pasties And a G-String" and the end of the concert after "Small change".

    Announcing the radio broadcast back in the 80s, the radio DJ reported the concert had started with a substancial delay of about an hour because Tom Waits had been heavily drunk with a bottle of german "Korn" (Listen to "The Piano Has Been Drinking": Tom sings "... he's on a hard stuff tonight ..."). When he finally made it on stage, he had to take a break after only five songs and that break took almost another hour. Finally the band came back and played the rest of the concert as planned.
    When you listen the concert in the order of tracks I have suggested, you'll note that Tom's pronunciation appears much less handicapped starting at track 6 after the prolonged break.
    When announcing "Nobody" Tom makes a back reference to his announcement of "I can't wait..." so "Nobody" had been performed after "I Can't Wait".

    1. Your sequence is the original I used for the artwork but it was incorrect for the pre-fm source.
      The source I have posted is before radio broadcast - therefore better sound quality, no compression etc.
      Your running order is for the radio broadcast and bootleg. See the discussion in the comments above about this.
      I will stick with the running order as posted because radio broadcasts are notorious for omitting songs and changing the order of songs played.
      Unfortunately the Dutch Dogs site is no longer available and may have confirmed the set list one way or another

    2. Thank you - the pre-FM source sounds really wonderful.

      However, it's obviously edited as well: if you listen closely, there are a couple of crossfades and the German announcement during the intro of Spare Parts is edited out (about 7 seconds).

      My guess would be that the Wolf remaster has the songs in the right order (although some dialogue between Nobody and Diamonds is placed after Pasties and a G-String).

      Nevertheless, this is the best sounding version without a doubt.

      cheers, Arne