Friday 7 October 2016

#93 NEW ORDER - Reading Festival 1993 (Flac)

Reading Festival, England
Sunday 29th August 1993

New Order put in a performance to match the quality of this, which has better sound quality than many officially released live shows. No shrill or dynamics squashing sound here. If you are a New Order fan, get this, it's a must have. Never heard their music before take a listen, you will forget you are listening to a live concert, it includes the big hitting singles, Blue Monday, Temptation and True Faith

Original notes:
At the time, this gig was regarded by many as New Order's swansong; the fact that a good proportion of the audience thought this might be the group's last-ever gig added a special frisson and atmosphere for those of us who were there. Basically it's the same set as the rest of the (fraught) '93 tour but with, I think, a bit of extra fire.

The show was broadcast in part by the BBC and other networks round the world. However, this BBC CD, taken straight from a broadcast quality CD has the songs in the right order. "BLT" and "Dream Attack" are particularly rare, not appearing on the well-known "Electronic Ecstasy" boot,, and will probably not have been heard in this quality before. This is a cracker. Sound quality is superb. All in all, one of my favourite-ever NO gigs. (there are a few references that are missing in the between-song comments )

01. Ruined In A Day
02. Regret
03. Dream Attack
04. Round And Round
05. World
06. As It Is When It Was
07. Everyone Everywhere
08. True Faith
09. Bizzare Love Triangle
10. Temptation
11. The Perfest Kiss
12. Fine Time
13. Blue Monday

Lineage: BBC Archives CD > iTunes (.WAV format) > SHN (Carbon Shorten) > TLH > WAV >Flac, level 8, align on sector boundaries

Running time: 73:17


  1. Thanks for sharing. I don't know this band, though I heard a track of them on a Top Gear episode which sounded quite good.

  2. Check out their studio albums and singles, one of the greatest bands of the eighties.
    They began as Warsaw then released two studio albums as Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures 1979 and Closer 1980. Their lead singer Ian Curtis killed himself in May 1980 and the band decided to continue with a different name - New Order.
    If you are interested further their is a great film called Control that tells their early story.

  3. This is amazing, great work! Awesome to hear Dream Attack and BLT in this quality, which was missing from other boots I have of this gig. Well done, you made my day.

  4. Thanks, comments like yours make the work involved in this blog well worth the effort. All the best.
    If you haven't already don't forget to check out the analog loyalist's blog Power Of Independent Trucking for some early New Order. He produces brilliant remasters. The link is in the right hand side bar

  5. Great job! The tracks all sound really smooth. I really love the New Order live songs I already had (their version of "Bizarre Love Triangle" on the BBC Radio album is my favorite NO song) so I'm really looking forward to digging into some new recordings. I appreciate all your work.

  6. Thanks for your postive comments, don't forget to check out the blog I mentioned above there are some great NO soundboards available on it. Barcelona 1984 is superb.

  7. Found this site which looks awesome! Thanks for all the shows you are making it!

    Looks like the files have expired...any chance of a reUp?

  8. Got this and the RH... thank you sooooo much!

  9. great stuff..good band..great blog..hope to see some Zappa soon

  10. Brilliant stuff, listening to the album now which is on YouTube. Found your site looking up NO trivia of the gig. There’s another great NO site ( name escapes me atm) where they’ve got the banter between songs listed and intentionally misquoted lyrics. Paul

  11. this is what I get for being sooooooo late to the party. sigh.