Saturday 8 October 2016

#94 CURTIS MAYFIELD - Keep On Keepin' On (Flac)

Original uploader notes:

This was a "dream release" for me when I found it at the same traveling record convention I bought the Funkasaurus boot at. I had been listening to Curtis a lot at the time, since the Curtom label had re-released a bunch of recordings with bonus tracks in 2000 after his death.  I had never seen any boots of him, let alone any of this quality.  I first seeded this show at STG back in the fall of 2003 and thinking that relatively few people were familiar with him, I penned an introduction to persuade downloaders to check him out.  Little did I know, there were over a thousand fans waiting to grab it.  Since others who've re-seeded the show since have seen fit to reprint my words, I'm including them once more.  The man truly inspired me during his lifetime and continues to today.  I hope he inspires you all too.

"If you haven't heard of Curtis Mayfield, do yourself a favor and give him a listen.  If his superlative songwriting skills, smooth guitar licks and sweet falsetto vocals aren't enough to grab you, consider this; his messages of love, compassion, perseverance, and temperance are just as socially and politically relevant today as they were during the civil rights movement.  Curtis, we miss you." -- bcc32065 (Fall '03)

Curtis Mayfield
Keep On Keepin' On
(Live & Studio Rarities)

01. Keep On Keepin' On
02. We Got To Have Peace
03. Stone Junkie
04. Pusherman
05. Freddie's Dead
06. Eddie, You Should Know Better
07. We People Who Are Darker Than Blue
08. Give Me Your Love
09. Superfly
10. Freddie's Dead
11. Superfly
12. Back To The World
13. Give Me Your Love

14. Curtis on Discovery (interview)
      Curtis on Songwriting (interview)
      Curtis on Superfly (interview)
      Curtis on Politics (interview)
      Curtis on Curtis (interview)

Source: "Keep On Keepin' On" Big 'Fro Bootleg (BF-005)
Lineage: SBD > CD (Original Silver) > EAC (secure mode/offset correct) > WAV > FLAC (A)

t01-02 Old Grey Whistle Test - London England, January 1972
t03-04 Radio City Music Hall - New York NY, July 6, 1972
t05-06 In The Studio - 1972
t07-08 The Push Expo - Chicago 1972
t09-10 The Midnight Special - Los Angeles CA, 1972
t11-12 The Midnight Special - Los Angeles CA, June 8, 1973
t13 1st Annual Black Caucus Benefit, Washington DC, September 25, 1974
t14 Various Interviews

Curtis Mayfield - guitar
Master Henry Gibson - bongos & congas
Scott Harris - drums
Lucky Scott - bass
Craig McMullen - guitar

"Now is always the right time,
With something positive in your mind,
Whenever something pulls you down,
Just get back up and hold your ground."

Curtis Mayfield (June 2, 1942 - December 26, 1999)



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    1. Your welcome Wilder. I had it on repeat after the first time I heard it. The bootlegger did a great job.