Wednesday 10 January 2024

OMD - Electric Ballroom, London 1979 (Flac)

As 2023 slips further away I'm taking you back to December 1979 when one of the most successful UK bands of the 80's, were plying their trade as a support act. 

Forty-four years since that performance, while supposedly Christmas shopping! I came across a 2nd hand CD of OMD's second album 'Organization' which included bonus tracks that I'd never heard before. 

Subsequently later that evening, while looking through torrent sites I spotted this early live show and was impressed by the sound quality and performance. It's definitely worthy of a place on the blog. 

Seven of the tracks performed here appeared on their debut album, released on 22 February, 1980. The closing track is a cover of the VU song.


Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 

December 7th, 1979
Electric Ballroom, London

Another gem from Hans 'the madtaper" Devente. This is EXCELLENT quality.

01. Messages (4:37)
02. Bunker Soldiers (2:59)
03. Mystereality (2:49)
04. Julia's Song (4:13)
05. Red Frame White Light (3:18)
06. Almost (3:28)
07. Electricity (3:39)
08. Waiting For The Man (3:58)


Soundboard Master cassette > 24/96 > Flac(1 track) > Audacity (tracked/Balanced Channels/Tagged) > 24/96 Flac8

July 28, 2012: Taper/Transfer: Hans "the madtaper" Devente
Tracked and Seeded: 'Creatured' (Dimeadozen)

OMD opened for Talking Heads this evening.

Remaster info:

MULTIBAND REMASTER by the Digital Loyalist

This time i want to pay my tribute to true pioneers of British synth era.
It's a well know bootleg recording when they were a duo, Andy McCluskey, Paul Humphreys with their drum machine 'Winston' 

As always i wanted to improve this soundboard recording by Hans 'the madtaper" Devente by using Steinberg Multiband Compressor.

Shared originally by 'Creatured' on Dime, many thanks to him. Cheers, Viv

LINEAGE 2 (my version) =
Flac > Wav > Steinberg Multiband compression > Wav 16 bits 44.1 kHz > Flac level 8.


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