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THE BLUE NILE - In Search Of The Blue Nile (Documentary) *Special Post* #2

The second in a short series of special posts is unusually for the blog a radio documentary. This has been posted elsewhere but with the ongoing interest in the Blue Nile, it seems an ideal opportunity to post it here, especially as it's one I recorded myself some three years ago.

In Search Of The Blue Nile' Documentary
BBC Radio Scotland FM
Friday 18 August 2017

01. 'In Search Of The Blue Nile' Documentary

Much is made of the fact that the Blue Nile have only released four albums in their lifetime. A career that is a prime example of quality over quantity with two outright classics in “A Walk Across the Rooftops” and “Hats”. The final release 'High' sounds better as the years pass, although as you will hear, Paul Buchanan says the band should have finished years before its release.

Peter Gabriel, Elbow and Ryan Adams are among high profile fans of The Blue Nile and this labour of love documentary 'In Search of the Blue Nile' was made by journalist, documentary-maker and musician, Ken Sweeney. He travelled to Glasgow in 2016 to interview Paul Buchanan and PJ Moore and see the sights and sounds of Glasgow's landscape that are inextricably linked with their music. As the documentary progresses Sweeney discusses the decisions, good and bad that the group made during their long career.

The documentary was first aired on RTÉ Radio One (10pm on Wednesday, December 28, 2016) and received its first broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland at 4pm on Easter Monday 17 April, 2017 with Donal Dineen, Tom Dunne and Mark Cagney among the contributors. The documentary received a repeat broadcast by the same station on Friday 18 August, 2017 at 9pm.

This is my FM recording of that repeated show. There is some sibilance on the recording, a result of me being on the outer limits of the FM reception area. It shouldn't spoil your enjoyment too much. This is a superb documentary about a most unique group.

One final comment, on playing 'Tinseltown' recently my wife said, "Kate Bush" as the track began, and it does indeed sound like the rhythm Kate used on her single a year later, 'Running Up That Hill'.

Lineage: Denon Tuner TU-260L > Audacity 2.1.3 > 16bit 44kHz > WavLab 6 > (edit and fades) > TLH > Flac 8

thebasement (November 2017)

+ 3 demos

02. Young Club (demo recorded between 1985-86)
03. Broadway In The Snow (demo recorded between 1985-88)
04. Tinseltown In The Rain (demo recorded between 1985-88)

These were obtained in mp4a some years ago and are passed on the way I received them.



Further Listening: The four albums the band have released since 1983, are all essential purchases.

               A Walk Across The Rooftops (Linn Records) 1983


                      The Blue Nile ‎– Hats (Linn Records) 1989


                  The Blue Nile - Peace At Last (Warner Bros) 1996


                          The Blue Nile - High (Sanctuary) 2004

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