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SONIC YOUTH - Berkeley 1995 (Flac) *Special Post* #11

Special Post #11

This was part of a compilation that I had put together titled 'Analog Soul' (1985-1995) basically an alternate to 'Walls Have Ears'. It gathered together three of the best short broadcasts by the band in circulation and included the following tracks:

01. Brave Men Run (4:04) 02. Brother James (3:28) 03. Flower (3:15) from the VPRO Frontline, Radio Hilversum FM b/cast, Holland on April 1, 1985

04. Come And Smash Me Said The Boy With The Magic Penis* (3:12)  05. Magic Wand* (2:58)
06. Hallowed Be Thy Name (2:28)  07. Expressway To Yr Skull (4:53)
from the first John Peel session at BBC Maida Vale Studio, London, England on May 19, 1986.
08. Washing Machine (10:00) 09. The Diamond Sea (14:03)       
from Live 105 Green X-Mas: Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA. on December 15, 1995 (KITS Radio FM b/cast)
To complete it I needed a live or studio session from around 1992 or 1993. I later discovered that tracks 4 & 5 of the Peel session* had been released on the Various Artists compilation 'Nothing Short Of Total War (Part One)' LP & CD (1989). Those were the reasons for it not being finished.

Nevertheless the stunning performance from Berkeley, the penultimate show on the North American 'Washing Machine' tour, deserves to be heard and is now made available on this special post.

Sonic Youth - Live 105 Green X-Mas
Berkeley Community Theatre, 
Berkeley, CA.
15 December, 1995

01. Washing Machine (10:00)
02. The Diamond Sea (14:03)
03. KITS radio interview (6:34)

No EQ, normalization or processing.  Tracks/labels created in Audacity. 
The interview took place prior to their set, with Thurston.

 Source:  FM  > Sony STR-D711 > Sony DTC-690 (LP Mode) > DAT Master (LP)
Transfer: DAT Master (LP) > Tascam DA-20 > Pioneer PDR-509 > CDR > Audacity > FLAC8


Sonic Youth began releasing recordings of old shows as part of an ongoing live archival program in  the closing months of 2018. Drummer Steven Shelley said

“Through the years and as the times changed we recorded our live shows as often as we could, on cassettes, DATs, CD-Rs and later on multi-track recorders. We now maintain an archive of hundreds of hours of Sonic Youth oncerts and we’d like to share some of our favorites.”

These are available on the Sonic Youth official site via the Concert Archive tab. 12 shows are currently available dating from 1987 to 2011.

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