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Elvis Costello & The Roots - World Cafe 2013 (Flac) *Special Post* #10

Special Post #10

Today two guys who take their music seriously, tell all about the new Elvis Costello / Roots collaboration 'Wise Up Ghost'. Elvis Costello and The Roots drummer Ahmir Questlove Thompson talk about making a non hip-hop album using hip-hop techniques and Ahmir admits to a little Elvis stalking leading to their working together.

We’ll hear live performances from the rehearsals for Elvis and The Roots live show at The Brooklyn Bowl, their only live show to be announced. Further information about the collaboration and live show can be found here: Brooklyn Bowl

See the document Bootlegs of the Year for information on locating the bootleg. The link for this stunning WXPN radio session & interview is below:

Elvis Costello & The Roots
The World Café
Philadelphia, PA.
September 24, 2013 (broadcast date)

Source: WXPN-FM Broadcast
Sound Quality: A+

01. intro (1:02)
02. You Bowed Down (from an earlier World Café appearance) (4:49)
03. interview (10:19)
04. Stick Out Your Tongue* (5:08)
05. interview (4:31)
06. Tripwire* (2:18)
07. interview (4:36)
08. Walk Us UpTown* (3:34)
09. interview (4:02)
10. Wake Me Up* (6:33)
11. closing (0:59)

*recorded live during rehearsals for the 'Brooklyn Bowl' concert.
Total running time 47:51

Lineage: Sony ST-S730ES AM/FM Stereo Tuner > ESI Juli@ soundcard > Sound Forge v10.0c > CDwav v1.98 > FLAC level 5

Recorded by rockcat
Originally seeded to DIME on 2013-09-27


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