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#5 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Main Point, Bryn Mawr 1975

Bruce Springsteen & the E. Street Band
The Main Point,
Bryn Mawr, PA.
Wednesday 5th February 1975

There are many classic live performances by Bruce and the E Street Band circulating, this is one of the greatest, recorded over five months before the beginning of the ‘Born To Run’ tour. The liner notes by Crystal Cat succinctly describe a writer’s reaction to it as “Fuckin’ great!”

The show was held as a benefit for the 270-seat coffeehouse, Main Point. It was presented by DJ Ed Sciaky and broadcast complete with a two hour time delay by WMMR-FM on the night of February 5th, 1975

The 18-song set list is comprised of the complete ‘The Wild, The Innocent’ album live, bar Wild Billy’s Circus, four tracks apiece from the debut ‘Greetings’ and the forthcoming ‘Born To Run’ album. A Love So Fine is an unreleased Springsteen song and the other three tracks are covers; Dylan’s I Want You is superb with exquisite violin by Suki Lahav, Mountain Love was a hit single in 1960 by Harold Dorman and the set closer is Chuck Berry’s Back in the USA.

Many boots appeared originally incomplete but in 1990 the Italian bootleg label Great Dane released ‘The Saint, The Incident & The Main Point Shuffle’ on CD. This was quickly superseded by a pre-FM upgrade of the first ninety-minutes and issued with the same title but for the addition of ‘Masters Plus'. Since then there have been numerous releases.

The first part of this post, the pre-FM source is taken from the Crystal Cat release Main Point Night (CC 729-30). For some considerable time, the last hour of the show, part way through Kitty’s Back onwards, was only available from an FM broadcast in vastly inferior quality. In the summer of 2011 an upgrade emerged via a recording of the concert on reel at 3-3/4 IPS by a Philadelphian fan. The quality while not matching the pre-FM is still a significant upgrade and it was released online by the highly regarded JEMS team, responsible for some of the finest unreleased Springsteen recordings in circulation.

Queuing at the Main Point

Disc 1
01. Intro  
02. Incident On 57th Street  
03. Mountain Of Love  
04. Born To Run  
05. The E Street Shuffle  
06. Wings For Wheels  
07. I Want You  
08. Spirit In The Night  
09. She's The One  
10. Growin' Up  
11. It´s Hard To Be A Saint In The City  
12. Jungleland  

Disc 2
01. Kitty's Back*  
02. New York City Serenade  
03. Rosalita  
04. 4th Of July, Asbury Park  
05. A Love So Fine  
06. For You  
07. Back In The U.S.A.

Disc One Main Point Night (CC 729-30) Crystal Cat bootleg silver
Disc Two FM recording to reel at 3-3/4 IPS (via JEMS)
* see notes above



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#6 THE CLASH - Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam, 1981

The Clash -
Jaap Edenhal,
Amsterdam, Holland
Sunday, 10th May 1981
FM re-broadcast

The ‘Sandinista’ album released on 12 December 1980, had met with little critical acclaim apart from the weekly UK based music paper ‘Sounds’ and the influential US publication ‘Rolling Stone.’ A tour to promote the album was scrapped because the record label CBS refused to provide the essential financial support. At this time the band were a half million pounds in debt to their record company. Eventually after the return of Bernie Rhodes (their original manager) a tour of the major European cities was finally set up. The Impossible Mission tour began on Monday 27th April 1981 in Barcelona. It was their first gig in ten months, the longest gap in their history. As the tour progressed the ‘Sandinista’ songs took on a different form, and longer more improvisational sets followed. This show mid-way through the tour was recorded and broadcast on Dutch radio. This is the rebroadcast (2008) that has been cleaned (remastered?) by ‘Sonny Burnit’. The following 9 tracks are still unavailable from a soundboard source: Safe European Home, Complete Control, Corner Soul, Wrong Em Boyo, Brand New Cadillac, The Street Parade, Washington Bullets, Armagideon Time and London’s Burning.
This is a show that deserves an official release, the complete set in best ever quality would be a fitting live legacy. The Clash are firing on all cylinders here, it's an explosive performance and justifies their legendary live reputation.
For those too young to have seen the Clash, their live volume was like a nuclear blast, pummelling the ears. The closest a modern band has got to it, is perhaps Mogwai, different musically but they employ a similar wall of sound.
A review by ‘Rat Patrol’ on the 'black market clash' site declared that this show has the best One More Time, Lightning Strikes and This Is Radio Clash performances. It also has the following tracks in their best available quality, Somebody Got Murdered, Career Opportunities, Charlie Don’t Surf and The Leader. He also declared that London Calling was the weakest track because Joe sounded half asleep. I can’t say I agree with that last comment.
I tried to compile the whole show using the circulating audience recording but because of the varying sound quality it didn’t work out, except for the intro which included Sixty Seconds with the opening track London Calling, it sounds much better hearing the beginning of the show in it’s true context. I have added a link for this track for those who wish to burn it to cdr, in place of the original London Calling.

Note that the FM source has gaps between the tracks. Thanks to those who have provided the links for the FM and Audience sources. I have not included the details of their origins, so as to deflect any unwelcome attention from their site by the copyright police!

In a 'Rolling Stone' magazine interview from 2013, shortly after the release of 'Sound System', Mick Jones was asked. So there’s no plan to release any concerts now?  He replied,

“I'm not even thinking about any more Clash releases.
This is it for me, and I say that with an exclamation mark."

Hopefully he will have second thoughts and change his mind. The upcoming release of a new Jam box set containing no less than six concerts may concentrate further thoughts on the subject:

Disc 1:  Live at the 100 Club – 11th September 1977,
Disc 2:  Live at the Music Machine - 2nd March 1978
Disc 3:  Live at Reading University – 16th February 1979
Disc 4:  Live at Newcastle City Hall – 28th October 1980
Disc 5:  Live at Hammersmith Palais – 14th December 1981
Disc 6:  Live at Wembley Arena – 2nd December 1982

It would be a shame if the last officially sanctioned live release by the Clash was as a support band. Surely the best live band of my generation deserves a better legacy. So c'mon Mick, none of us are getting any younger!

Tracklist (FM)
1.  London Calling        
2. The Leader
3. Somebody Got Murdered
4. White Man In Hammersmith Palais
5. Guns of Brixton
6. Lightning Strikes        
7. Ivan Meets GI Joe
8. This is Radio Clash
9. Charlie Don’t Surf
10. Magnificent Seven
11. Bankrobber        
12. Train in Vain
13. Career Opportunities
14. Clampdown
15. One More Time       
16. I Fought the Law

Impossible Mission 1981 tour dates:
Apr 27  Barcelona, Spain
Apr 28  Madrid, Real Madrid basketball stadium
Apr 30  Cascais, Portugal
 May 1  Lisbon?
May 2  Velodromo de Anoeta, San Sebastian, Spain
May 4  Bordeaux, France
May 5  Palais des Sports, Lyon, France
May 6  Palais de Beaulieu, Lausanne, Switzerland
May 7  Zurich (venue?)
May 8  Hippodrome de Pantin, Paris, France Aud
May 9  Palais St. Sauveur, Lille, France SBD *
May 10  Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam, Holland  FM *
May 11  Forest National, Brussels.
May 12   Musikhalle, Hamburg, West Germany

May 14 Idrottshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark Aud
May 15 The Scandinavium, Gothenburgh, Sweden Aud
May 16  Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden Aud
May 18  Eissporthalle, (West) Berlin Aud
May 19   Circus Krone, Munich, West Germany
May 21  Velodromo Vigorelli, Milan, Italy  Aud *
May 22  San Remo
May 23  Stadio Comunale, Florence, Italy Aud

A recording exists for all the shows not in grey, those with an asterisk have the best sound quality

16 track FM re-broadcast

Intro (Sixty Seconds to Watch) > London Calling

Complete Audience recording

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#7 BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS - Boarding House, San Francisco 1975

Bob Marley and the Wailers
Boarding House,
San Francisco, CA.
July 7, 1975

KSAN reel #354 1/2 track @ 7.5 ips
After a warm up show in Miami, the Natty Dread tour began with a trip over the border to Toronto in Canada on June 8th; these early dates in June then covered the North Eastern states of the USA. After a seven day consecutive run at Paul's Mall in Boston, the tour broke for a few days with some much neeeded rest and the inevitable travelling time for the remaining dates on the West coast. Ten dates in California followed, beginning on July 4th with a four night stand at the Boarding House in San Francisco. One night at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland followed before finishing this North American leg with a five night run at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. Four days later the group were in London for two dates at the Lyceum Ballroom, a show in Birmingham followed, before this short visit to England concluded in Manchester on July 20th.

This tour is notable for the significant change in group members, only Bob Marley (guitar and vocals), Aston 'Familyman' Barrett (bass) and Carlton Barrett (drums) appeared on the 1973 tour. Drafted in to take the places of Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer (Joe Higgs) and Earl Lindo were the I Threes consisting of Bob's wife Rita and Judy Mowatt formerly of the Gaylets (renowned Studio One singer Marcia Griffiths missed this tour because of pregnancy. Al Anderson took over on lead guitar, Alvin 'Seeco' Pattterson added percussion with Tyrone Downie on keyboard duties.

The only official release to date from this tour is the 'Live' album recorded at the Lyceum in London, this being it's 40th anniversary, yet another opportunity is being squandered by the record company in not releasing a deluxe edition of such a classic album.
Fortunately there are a further ten unreleased live recordings circulating from the tour. One of these is in quite desperate sound quality; the Roxy in LA, but the other nine recordings split between five audience and four sbd/fm sources are all worth collecting if you are a keen Marley fan.
This is the best sounding of those unreleased shows, from the last night of the four dates performed at the Boarding House in San Francisco. This is the latest upgrade, it has the best PreFM lineage and is the most complete. - thebasement67

the original notes - edited: (with thanks to musigny23 for his work and upload)

In September 1989 I had the opportunity to copy a bunch of KSAN reels over a weekend. I had just bought my first DAT portable so I was able to do it digitally. In the 90s I traded a few DAT clones, circa 2000 CDr versions were mastered (the 48k resampled to 44.1k), and eventually, others circulated flac files via bit torrent. Over the years, as one would expect and I intended, this spread far and wide.
While digital formats make essentially perfect copies, as items pass through various hands, alterations of various sorts accumulate. Some can improve but most degrade the original data. Now that HD and dvd archiving have supplanted CD as have music servers and flac players for listening I can circulate the most direct possible version of this recording in its original sample rate.
In 2009 Sidewindersf circulated a pitch corrected version derived from a CDr source. If you have that version you could feel set and pass on this. However I noticed that version had each track normalized to 100%. It plays with maximum gain but it also reduces the dynamic range the analog master had. No Woman No Cry and Get Up Stand Up are the same volume that way, but NWNC is actually a much lower volume song live. This version preserves the original dynamic differences. It also wasn't normalized up to 100& because I think doing so can add an element of harshness to the sound. So, it won't play as loud as other versions, which some perceive as lesser quality. Also I reduced a slight hum at two frequencies, eliminating that particular coloration.

Revox A77 > Panasonic SV-250 DAT 48/16 (Maxell R120DM) September 1989
Panasonic 3800 > Weiss firewire I/O > OSX Peak 7 (editing, pitch, hum) > xACT

01. Trenchtown Rock
02. Burnin' and Lootin'
03. Midnight Ravers
04. Them Belly Full (But We Hungry)
05. Rebel Music
06. No Woman, No Cry
07. Kinky Reggae
08. Stir It Up
09. Lively Up Yourself
10. Get Up, Stand Up

This is direct from the DAT made off the KSAN reel
Original 48k 16 bit
Pitch adjusted -28 cents
Hum reduced @ 60, 180 HZ
15.63 second patch track 1 start
Audible flaw (not diginoise) @ 01:30 of track 2
Slight flaw (tape dropout?) @ 01:25 of track 6

Patch info:
FM Recording & Editing by Jay Abrams (jra-sm)
Teac 4300 Reel to Reel 7" - 3 3/4 IPS > MacBook Pro - Audacity > CDWav > xACT

It isn't !00% certain this was a master reel although it's more likely than not. It is possible this is mixed from a multitrack master which did happen with some KSAN broadcasts, however most were live mixes straight to two track. It appeared that a new leader had been spliced on to the station reel. Possibly at some point some damage occurred and it was repaired in that way. The tape box noted a rebroadcast on 6/10/79.


Bob Marley & the I-Two's at Massey Hall in Toronto

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#8 PINK FLOYD - BBC Sessions 1970-71

Between 1967 and 1969, Pink Floyd recorded five sessions for the BBC. These have been compiled and circulate as "BBC Archives 1967-69" and can also be found on "Have You Got It Yet?" (Vol 1 & 2, version 2.0). For anyone seriously interested in Pink Floyd and bootlegs in general these are a must have for your collection.
After much thought I have chosen the final two sessions, recorded for the BBC in front of a live audience during 1970 and 1971.
Certainly a very constructive argument can be made for any number of live performances by Pink Floyd to be featured on this blog, but a final choice had to be made and if you have never heard these before, you will not be disappointed.
Recently the BBC Archives 1970-71 has been re-seeded and circulated again on some of the most prominent torrent sites. Since that compilation was first made upgrades are now in circulation.
The 1970 session is available from a BBC archive mono master, unlike the previous source which was a fake stereo version.
The 1971 session (most of it) is taken from the BBC Transcription LP, a source that is superior to the CD version.  Not just my opinion but that of the Floyd fans responsible for both versions.
At the time of posting these are the best available sounding versions of the 1970 and 1971 sessions.
Thanks to Ron & MOB, and all involved at THE Pink Floyd site: Yeeshkul
The files for 1971 have been converted from 24 bit to 16 bit and artwork included.

Thursday 16 July, 1970
BBC Paris Cinema, Lower Regent Street, London

Pink Floyd recorded a live audience show for BBC Radio One. The final track ‘Atom Heart Mother’ was named from a newspaper prior to the broadcast, a bit of an improvement on its previous title ‘The Amazing Pudding.’ It was performed with the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble and the John Aldiss Choir. The band followed this performance with the headlining spot at the Hyde Park Free Concert two days later. This BBC show was broadcast on Sunday 19 July, 1970 at 4:00pm on 'the Peel Sunday Concert' and repeated three days later on the 'Sounds of the Seventies' programme.

1. John Peel intro
2. The Embryo (10:23)
3. John Peel
4. Fat Old Sun (5:29)
5. John Peel
6. Green is the Colour >> Careful with that Axe, Eugene (11:22)
7. John Peel
8. If (4:55)
9. John Peel
10. Atom Heart Mother (26:23)

BBC Mono Master
Source: BBC sound archive mono master
Lineage: Master > DAT > CDR > Soundstudio > Shorten > SHN
(also given as: Master > DAT(?) > CDR(?) > SHN)

Comments by MOB:
Sound quality speaking, this is the best version of the BBC mono masters from 16Jul70! Absolutely unprocessed ("BBC Radio One Master Reels" seems to have been dehissed a bit and suffers from slight metallic noise in the high end, and the HRV version "Mooed Music Rev.A" has some NR artefacts), this is superior sound!
However, a problem is the speed, much too fast (I compared with the live version of CWTAE on Ummagumma CD, with the studio versions of If and AHM from AHM CD, and with the versions available on BBC transcription CDs, all these comparisons lead to the same conclusion: a 102.5% stretch is needed to have correct speed).
Other problem with the SHN files is the existence of micro-gaps near the tracks transitions.
This RoIO would be absolutely perfect at correct speed and with micro-gaps fixed.
Micro gaps removed with EAC's integrated wav editor, speed corrected with CEP, tracked with CD Wave and re-encoded with sector alignment to flac level 8 with TLH on Sat. April 26, 2008 by Bert13.


Thursday 30 September, 1971
BBC Paris Cinema, Lower Regent Street, London

Pink Floyd recorded their second live audience BBC show on this day between 10:00pm and 11;30pm. The order of songs was as follows, ‘Fat Old Sun, ‘One of These Days’, ‘The Embryo’, ‘Echoes’ and ‘Blues’. It was broadcast on 12 October, 1971 at 10:00pm on the Sound of the Seventies programme. ‘Blues was not broadcast but appeared later on a WNEW radio show in New York. The BBC Transcription discs have also omitted this song as well as ‘Embryo’, as you can see by the sources used for this session.
The Radio Times (magazine) preview of the show was rather disparaging about the previous studio album, stating that “their recent Ron Geesin aided “Atom Heart Mother” emphasised the relative feebleness of the songs on the other side of the album…hopefully a new work will be unveiled tonight.”
The band followed this live show, in early October, with recording and filming sessions for the film ‘Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii.’

1. Fat Old Sun (14:05)              
2. One of These Days (7:12)                
3. Echoes (26:25)
Lineage: BBC Transcription LP > 48kHz/32Bit Wave (digitally captured with ProTools)
This version features a brand new 48kHz/32Bit transfer of the BBC vinyl (BBC Rock Hour) that was done at a professional recording studio and captured with ProTools. All pops, clicks, and imperfections were manually removed one-at-a-time. No EQing or NR was applied. Enjoy listening to what is likely the best quality version of these songs you're likely to hear.  Ron

4. Embryo (10:49) > Blues (5:06)   

WNEW-FM Broadcast
Lineage: TDK SA90 Cassette (1) > *Technics RS-B965-M > Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 > Audacity 1.3 > FLAC (24bit/96kHz)
xACT used to create FFP and MD5
*The Technics RS-B965-M is a modified deck - for details see the forum

RonToon sent me his 1st gen tape of the two unique songs from the WNEW-FM broadcast to work on and this is my raw transfer. Adjustments to balance the channels were made in the analogue domain using the FSP14 and I left the settings the same for both songs. RonToon cassette / Neonknight Tape Transfer (August 2012)

Download 1970 session

Download 1971 session

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#9 LEONARD COHEN - Live at the BBC (1968)

Leonard Cohen's song 'Nevermind' from his 2014 album 'Old Ideas' is currently being used as the theme tune for the television series 'True Detective' If you've watched the series you will know what an apt choice the song is. Now in his eighties, still relevant and as popular as ever.
For this post we move backwards in time to an earlier younger Cohen, although at 33 he was a good six to seven years older than many of his musical peers.

                                                                 LEONARD COHEN
                                                  BBC Broadcasts 1968 [JWB Remaster]
                                               Live on BBC TV, excellent mono recording.
While Dylan was the transition point for protest music to move towards singer-songwriter, there were others too championing to focus on songs not politics. Canadian Leonard Cohen, with his brooding monotonous voice, was a talented poet who would never have won American Idol. But where he lacked a sweet voice, he made up for it with the intensity of his songs.
Together with younger artists Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro and Paul Simon, singer-songwriters moved to make songwriting an art form. Their efforts were recognised when mainstream acts covered their songs. All this happened in the whirlpool that rock music was creating.
These well-preserved sessions at the BBC in 1968 offer a fly-on-the-wall experience to witness a young Cohen singing practically the entire first album. The voice is fresh and deep, pushing the songs outside the Tin Pan Alley perimeter, and delving into poetry with a richness of words and subject. Today, they still have that raw appeal of a young artist at the peak of his powers.
Suzanne, So Long Marianne and Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye are beautiful love songs without catchy hooks. They got your attention with words and the emotions in the song.
Tagged to this 1968 session are three songs from a Top Gear show hosted by John Peel. The final track is a duet with British folk singer Julie Felix on Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye. The quality on these four tracks are still very good.
The origin of this BBC session began when bootleg label Yellow Cat released Leonard Cohen - At The Beeb [YC 018] to a wider audience as a silver-disc bootleg. It ran slow and was a few generations from the master. Then Cohen fan “briggY” shared his much improved version on the Dime site.
Another music fan, JWB, took a copy and improved on the sound. He said: “I’ve remastered this torrent… removed all the pops and clicks (there were several per song and in between tracks)… restored the sound to true mono… and improved the EQ which really cleared up the sound… I did not use any compression or noise reduction tricks… I reduced hiss with some deft EQ moves while still maintaining clarity.”
But the original source was from a fan called “Artery”. This is how he came upon a copy: “This is most probably my transfer from Jim D’s cassette. I did it about 6 years ago. Jim wrote to a man at the BBC who sent him the cassette. He’d made a cassette audio copy for his own use I believe and indicated the videotape had been wiped.”
So for all who wanted to know, the video of this BBC show has been “destroyed”. Artwork for this comes from “luckburz”. Many thanks to all who had a part in preserving this show and improving upon it. By your actions, many others who were not there in ‘68 can now share the experience. - Professor Re

1. You Know Who I Am
2. Bird On The Wire
3. The Stranger Song*
4. So Long Marianne*
5. Master Song*
6. There’s No Reason Why You Should Remember Me [improvisation]
7. Sisters Of Mercy*
8. Teachers*
9. Dress Rehearsal Rag
10. Suzanne*
11. Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye*
12. Story Of Isaac
13. One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong*
* Songs that can be found on Cohen’s 1967 album Songs Of Leonard Cohen.
tracks 1-13 recorded Paris Theatre, London - Spring 1968

bonus tracks
14. Bird On The Wire
15. So Long Marianne
16. You Know Who I Am
17. Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye (Duet with Julie Felix)

tracks 14-16 recorded Piccadilly 1 studio - July 9, 1968
track 17 recorded BBC TV studios, Julie Felix show - January 27, 1968 (possibly 1967)


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#10 The Rolling Stones - Forest National, Brussels, Belgium - October 17, 1973 (early show)

(See the notes below)

The Background:
It’s 1973, the Rolling Stones play a live benefit concert for victims of the Nicaraguan earthquake. The show at the Forum in LA on January 18, would be their first live performance in six months, since the closing date (July 26, 1972) of the North American tour, at Madison Square Garden in New York. 
Three days after this benefit concert, they took to the stage of the Honolulu International Centre in Hawaii, to begin their Winter tour. After three shows they returned to LA for further work on the forthcoming follow up to ‘Exile On Main St.’
On February 9, the Stones arrived at Sydney airport in Australia, to conduct the usual press conferences for promotional and publicity purposes before flying to New Zealand to perform at the Western Springs Stadium in Auckland on the 11th, their only date in this country.  Nine shows then followed in Australia, taking in the cities of Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and finally Sydney on February 26 & 27.
Mixing and overdubbing for the upcoming album ‘Goat’s Head Soup’ continued throughout the spring and summer months. The first single from the album, ‘Angie’ backed with ‘Silver Train’ was released on August 20th
The ‘Goat’s Head Soup’ album would be released on the last day of August, and the European tour in support began the very next day in Vienna. The tour comprised of 43 shows over 49 days. This bootleg is from the third last show, not the official release from the evening show, although a few tracks are common to both.

The Bootleg:
At the time of writing, the Rolling Stones bootlegs database, lists 65 different titles for this early show (of which at least part of the show has appeared on). I have downloaded numerous variations over the years, a few of the titles I have been through - Bunnies, Bombs, Busts & A Princess (Halcyon), Bedspring Symphony, Nasty Music (VGP) & Europe 73 (VGP) in fact, five editions of the latter. A book could be written about just this one Rolling Stones show and the endless amount of bootlegs that have been derived from it. The one that remains on my shelf is this: Brussels Affair - Definitive Edition! released in 2000 on the Rattle Snake bootleg label (RS 015/16). Other Stones fans may have their own favourite from the titles I have previously mentioned but what is important, is that you have a copy of the show.

Reviewer’s Comments:
“The boot is the Stones' finest hour in terms of live performance captured on tape”

“Midnight Rambler on the first disc just soars (Mick Taylor is in top form) and the recording is a primal moment. The way the Stones come back into the full tempo ending from the conclusion of the breakdown 3/4 of the way through is something magical and transcendent.”

“Gimme Shelter is perhaps the most original and enduring song in the Stones cannon, capable of knocking a listener out in any of the many interpretations the band has put forth over the years. However, listening to the guitar interplay between the savage slashing of Keith Richards on the rhythm riffs and Mick Taylor's monster soloing will take your breath away.”

“This is in fact the best Stones album bar none. Yes, really! Sound quality is amazing. The Stones are at their peak musically and as a performing band.”

“Arguably the best live release from the band's illustrious career, this is one affair that will remain fresh after repeated visits.”

“This snapshot of the 1973 Rolling Stones tour of Europe in support of the Goats Head Soup album finds the band at the pinnacle of their live prowess, Brussels Affair is such a revelation”

The European Tour Dates:

1st: Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria
3rd: Eisstadion, Mannheim, (West) Germany
4th: Sporthalle, Cologne, (West) Germany (early show)
4th: Sporthalle, Cologne, (West) Germany (late show)
7th: Empire Pool, Wembley, London,
8th: Empire Pool, Wembley, London (early show)
8th: Empire Pool, Wembley, London (late show)
9th: Empire Pool, Wembley, London
11th: Belle Vue, Kings Hall, Manchester, England
12th: Belle Vue, Kings Hall, Manchester, England
13th: City Hall, Newcastle, England (early show)
13th: City Hal,l Newcastle, England (late show)
16th: Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland
17th: Apollo Theatre, Glasgow, Scotland
19th: Odeon Theatre, Birmingham, England (early show)
19th: Odeon Theatre, Birmingham, England (late show)
23rd: Olympiahalle, Innsbruck, Austria
25th: Festhalle, Berne, Switzerland
26th: Festhalle, Berne, Switzerland (early show)
26th: Festhalle, Berne, Switzerland (late show)
28th: Olympiahalle, Munich, (West) Germany (early show)
28th: Olympiahalle, Munich, (West) Germany (late show)
30th: Festhalle, Frankfurt, (West) Germany (early show)
30th: Festhalle, Frankfurt, (West) Germany (late show)

2nd: Ernst-Merck-Halle, Hamburg, (West) Germany (early show)
2nd: Ernst-Merck-Halle, Hamburg, (West) Germany (late show)
4th: Vejlby-Risskov Hallen, Aarhus, Denmark (early show)
4th: Vejlby-Risskov Hallen, Aarhus, Denmark (late show)
6th: Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden (early show)
6th: Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden (late show)
7th: Brondby-Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark (early show)
7th: Brondby-Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark (late show)
9th: Grugahalle, Essen, (West) Germany
10th: Grugahalle, Essen, (West) Germany
11th: Grugahalle, Essen, (West) Germany
13th: Sportpaleis AHOY, Rotterdam, Holland
14th: Sportpaleis AHOY, Rotterdam, Holland (early show)
14th: Sportpaleis AHOY, Rotterdam, Holland (late show)
15th: Sportpaleis Merksem, Antwerp, Belgium
17th: Foret Nationale, Brussels, Belgium (early show) (bootleg)
17th: Foret Nationale, Brussels, Belgium (late show) (official release)
19th: Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, (West) Germany

Rolling Stones Brussels Affair - Definitive Edition! 
Rattle Snake ‎– RS 015/16

Released:  2000 

Disc one:
01 Brown Sugar*   
02 Gimme Shelter   
03 Happy   
04 Tumbling Dice   
05 Dancing With Mr. D   
06 Angie   
07 You Can't Always Get What You Want   
08 Midnight Rambler*  
09 Honky Tonk Woman   
10 All Down The Line   
11 Rip This Joint   
12 Jumping Jack Flash   
13 Street Fighting Man*   
14 Starfucker   
recorded live at the Forest National, Brussels, Belgium on October 17th 1973, 1st show.

Disc two:
01 Brown Sugar            Rotterdam Oct 14 (late show)
02 Happy                       London Sep 9
03 Gimme Shelter         London Sep 9
04 Heartbreaker             London Sep 9
05 Street Fighting Man  London Sep 9
06 Brown Sugar             Newcastle Sep 13
07 Starfucker                  Newcastle Sep 13
08 Dancing With Mr. D  London Sep 9
09 Angie                         Newcastle Sep 13
10 Midnight Rambler     London Sep 9
11 Gimme Shelter          Munich Sep 28
12 Street Fighting Man  Munich Sep 28
 bonus tracks 
13 Bitch                        Vienna, Sep 1
14 100 Years Ago         Vienna, Sep 1
15 Sweet Virginia         Vienna, Sep 1
16 Silver Train              Vienna, Sep 1

Disc One

Disc Two


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(Flac) FLEETWOOD MAC - Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco 1968

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This is a wonderful live performance by Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac. Particularly impressive are the extended slow blues ‘Worried Dream’ and ‘I Loved Another Woman.’ There is a smouldering slowburn and ambience that the early Mac bring to their songs, that sets them apart from the other British Blues bands of this era. The tone and piercing crystalline sound of Peter Green's guitar is highly unique and combined with the subtle underrated playing of Mick Fleetwood and his rhythm buddy John McVie give the band such a distinctive feel. They can also rock hard too, see 'Long Tall Sally' on disc two, where they produce a clattering punk like intensity on this classic rock 'n' roll cover.

Fleetwood Mac
Carousel Ballroom
San Francisco, CA.
June 9, 1968
(plus another partial set from the same run of shows (June 7 or 8, 1968)).

Excellent stereo soundboard recording from low gen. source

CD1: June 9, 1968 first set
01. [cuts in] Madison Blues  4:31
02. My Baby’s Gone  6:00
03. My Baby’s Skinny  4:48
04. Worried Dream  9:57
05. Dust My Broom  4:32
06. Got To Move  3:00
07. Worried Mind  4:41
08. Instrumental  10:29
09. Have You Ever Loved A Woman?  7:58
10. Lazy Poker Blues  4:49
Running time: 60:55

CD2: June 9, 1968 second set
01. [cuts in] Stop Messin’ ‘Round [with Paul Butterfield]  2:12
02. I Loved Another Woman [with Paul Butterfield]  7:03
03. I Believe [with Paul Butterfield]  5:17
04. The Sun Is Shining [with Paul Butterfield]  6:27
05. Long Tall Sally [with Paul Butterfield]  4:53
06. Willie & The Hand Jive 4:04
07. > Tuti Frutti  3:02
08. thanks by Peter Green, announcer band intros + crowd noise before encore  0:32
09. Ready Teddy [cut]  3:16

June 7 or 8, 1968 S.F. Carousel Ballroom 
10. [cuts in] I Need Your Love So Bad  1:46
11. I Believe  4:59
12. Shake Your Moneymaker  9:12
13. Ready Teddy  2:30
14 Peter Green says thanks, announcer outro + crowd noise  0:19
Running time: 55:38

Peter Green - guitar, vocals
John McVie - bass
Mick Fleetwood - drums
Jeremy Spencer - guitar, vocals
Paul Butterfield - harp (where noted)

 Original notes:
There are minor channel fluctuations in a few spots but this mostly sounds spectacular with a very 60's sounding mix (vocals in one channel and guitars in the other). To be able to hear Paul Butterfield with Fleetwood Mac is a highlight but Peter Green sounds really great too!
I have heard that this was posted back in the STG era, but this version has been remastered with the sets separated better between discs and some minor "nip and tuck" type edits. No EQ or noise reduction was used in the remastering process.
From Peter Green's stage comments, this is from one week into Fleetwood Mac's first U.S. tour and he sounds like he's having a really good time on the last night of a 3 show run with Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane. This is presumed to be the last night because Peter Green makes a comment about how they'll be back in 2 weeks (not the following night). I think that they returned to the Carousel on the 22nd or 23rd of June.
A Dime member offered to create some cover art and it contains some rare cover photos that came from another Dime member so thanks to both of them and to the original source for this terrific recording!
I should mention that the poster for this concert was one of the strangest designs ever. It was a rendition of some medals that was supposed to be cut out and worn. I guess you'd have to see it to understand the concept...
Transfer info: unspecified lineage CD's received in trade // CD extraction with Toast Titanium > Macintosh Pro Tools (minor edits, normalization & retracking) > AIFF > FLAC > CD.
FLAC files (level 8) created with xACT with sector boundaries verified.
md5 file created with checkSUM+.

Disc One

Disc Two

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(FLAC) DAVID BOWIE - Strange Fascination (Live 1974)

DAVID BOWIE - Strange Fascination
Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, USA
5th September 1974

“The Year Of The Diamond Dogs” as named by producer Tony Defries, began on 14 June and ended on 1 December 1974. The tour had three distinct legs; June to July, then September and ending with October through to the beginning of December.
This soundboard was recorded on the second leg, from the fourth date of a seven-night run, at the Universal Amphitheatre in LA. During the month layoff in August, David began recording his next studio album, “Young Americans.”
The official release “David Live” was recorded on the first leg during July. This live recording from the second leg, is somewhat different with alternate arrangements of some of Bowie’s most famous songs, making it never less than interesting and somewhat of a rarity, as there are few seventies unreleased Bowie recordings in this quality.
The set list is excellent, a third of it taken from the current ‘Diamond Dogs’ album, four tracks from ‘Aladdin Sane’ and three from ‘Ziggy’, also performed is ‘All The Young Dudes’ a Bowie written hit single for Mott The Hoople. The outtake ‘ It’s Gonna Be Me’ from the ‘Young Americans’ sessions would not see official release until 1991 (on the album re-issue)
Despite the many accounts of David’s large cocaine intake and drug problems, he performs and sings extremely well, despite the bizarre ‘Italian’ accent used on some track intros.
A superb bootleg, well worth a place in your collection.

Liberated Bootleg
Label - Tom 001/002 CD
Artwork Included

Silver Discs > EAC > Flac
2xCD - 106 Minutes Approx

CD 1
Rebel Rebel
Moonage Daydream
Sweet Thing
Suffragette City
Aladdin Sane
All The Young Dudes
Cracked Actor
Rock And Roll With Me

CD 2
Knock On Wood
It's Gonna Be Me
Space Oddity
Diamond Dogs
Big Brother
The Jean Genie
Rock 'n' Roll Suicide
John I'm Only Dancing (Again)
Voice Of Promoter

Notes below from Bassman's David Bowie site

"A Japanese double CD made from the original tape. It is not fair to call it a re-issue of the European CD with the same title, because this one contains the 10 minute intro and the outro. The intro consists of lots of street sounds and the outro is the voice of the promoter announcing that Bowie has left the theatre after the final song. The sound quality is absolutely excellent, which means even better than the European issue, but if you can't compare you won't notice! Anyway, it's a true must!"