Sunday 11 February 2024

THE BODYSNATCHERS - John Peel session #1 1980 (Flac)

The Bodysnatchers - John Peel Session #1
Recorded at Maida Vale, London: 8 April 1980

01. What's This
02. Happy Time Tune
03. The Boiler
04. The Ghost Of The Vox Continental

This is the Bodysnatcher's first session for DJ John Peel's legendary BBC Radio 1 show. It was broadcast three times in 1980. This recording is from the first broadcast on 14 April, 1980. The session was repeated on 15 May 1980 and also included in the 2-tone special broadcast on 9 June 1980. That whole show is available on the John Peel Wiki.

Notable for the early version of 'The Boiler' Rhoda's vocals are pretty much word for word, the same as on the Special A.K.A released version. What it lacks is the sinister edge that Jerry's cinematic organ arrangement brought with it.

Now it's possible to compare and contrast such a hugely poignant and important song, as it evolved between the writing and recording.

Further information is available in the download notes included with the audio files..

All of the initial 2-Tone first sessions have been officially released, The Specials, The Beat, Madness & The Selecter, this is the only one that hasn't. It's excellent quality and I've passed on the recording as found and resisted editing any of the speech or fades used.



  1. Thank you very much for this. I always have to gird myself prior to listening to "The Boiler".

  2. You're welcome, Neal. Yes it's a tough listen, more so on the single. I often put on Theme From The Boiler on the single's b-side. You can really appreciate the genius of Dammers arrangement. Rhoda's performance on the single is quite extraordinary though. I've included the Record Mirror review of the sngle from 1982. The Specials with Gangsters, Ghost Town, The Boiler & Nelson Mandela were no ordinary singles band!