Monday 18 July 2016

#52 RADIOHEAD - In Rainbows: Live from the Basement (2008)

This audio is from the HD broadcast of In Rainbows – From the Basement. The programme was filmed in 2008 by David Barnard at The Hospital Club's TV Studio in London's Covent Garden for Nigel Godrich's television programme ‘From the Basement’.

VH-1 premiered In Rainbows - From the Basement on Saturday, 3 May 2008. As well as songs from the new album In Rainbows the band also performed "Myxomatosis", "Where I End and You Begin", and "The Gloaming" from the previous album ‘Hail To The Thief’

It’s an excellent set with sound quality to match and is easily amongst the best of Radiohead’s latter-day performances.

The second appearance on From The Basement featured tracks from the current album ‘King Of Limbs’ and was released on DVD, this set should have been made available too.

01 Weird Fishes-Arpeggi
02 15 Step
03 Bodysnatchers

04 Nude
05 The Gloaming
06 Myxomatosis
07 House of Cards
08 Bangers & Mash
09 Optimistic
10 Reckoner
11 Videotape
12 Where I End and You Begin
13 All I Need
14 Go Slowly

Radiohead - In Rainbows: Live From The Basement
[Flac] by SideSkroll
Source: Uncompressed LPCM audio track from "From The Basement" DVD HDTV rip


  1. I had been looking for a FLAC rip of this for a while. Thank you so much! It sounds awesome. So happy I have a live version of "Where I End and You Begin" now.

  2. Your welcome, it's surprised me how popular this one has been. In Rainbows is a great album and evidently blog readers agree

  3. Thank you so much, much appreciated.

  4. thanks so much....its so very good

  5. Great video. Beautiful sound. Thank you.

  6. Thank you! You're the only person on the internet who has the full, 14 track version of From The Basement.

  7. Thanks so much for this!

  8. Thank you so much. Perfect.

  9. muchas gracias por el aporte! amo este album!

  10. This is gold, thanks!

  11. Thanks very much, I had only heard the iTunes release before.

  12. Thanks to everyone on this. Just shows what superb musicians they all are. Phil's drumming is awesome

  13. Now that the songs on the Dylan Safety Tape have been released, this is by far the most popular bootleg on the blog. Outnumbering all others by 3 to 1.
    Look out for the DVD of it, top quality too.

  14. Came here during a search for the King of Limbs basement thingy. Have both in lossy....would LOVE to have both in lossless. I have not spent a lot of time with this one as the other performance really shines (in that it is miles better than the official release). thanks so much for this one, though! Gonna give it another listen now. Cheers!

  15. That's interesting, I much prefer In Rainbows to King of Limbs and this was the choice one to post.(it is the 2nd most popular post on the blog)
    The King of Limbs live from the basement has been officially released on DVD and an audio rip circulates, it should be available in flac.

  16. I think most would agree with you. In Rainbows is the better album, in my opinion. The KOL recording, on the other hand, made me revisit the original album to see what I'd missed. Just think the basement version of it is sooooo much better.

    Really a great blog. Selections are top notch.

  17. Their is a weird high bitch buzz throughout the entire recording of All I Need, I have the video version and their is no buzz. Does anyone have a similar complaint? Consider ripping it again if you can. Thanks

  18. Congratulatios From Lima - Perú, Thank You Very Much.. !!!

  19. Your welcome Yvan. Good to hear from someone in Peru.

  20. thank you very much! i will certainly check the others albums you uploaded

  21. Is this file still available?

    1. Yes, in certain places, see the bootlegs of the year document

  22. Muchas gracias.