Thursday 7 July 2016

#50 TOM WAITS - Live in Austin (1978)

Austin City Limits
Austin, Texas
December 5, 1978

01. Burma Shave (11.17)                                                
02. Annie's Back In Town / I Wish I Was In New Orleans (7.28)                       
03. A Sweet Little Bullet From A Pretty Blue Gun (7.55)  
04. On The Nickel (6.11)                                                   
05. Romeo Is Bleeding (5.04)                                                            
06. Silent Night / Xmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis / Silent Night reprise (5.51)
07. Small Change (9.39)       

Lineage: Wolf HQR remasters vol. 2

An absolute classic from Tom Waits, this superb high quality performance was included among the Wolf HQR remaster series. It has a clutch of new songs that appeared on the latest album ‘Blue Valentine’. Of the two non album tracks Annie’s Back In Town appeared on the 'Paradise Valley' soundtrack, also released in 1978. On the Nickel would finally appear in 1980, finding a place on ‘Heartattack and Vine.’ The set-list is vastly changed from the Bremen 1977 performance (included in the 100) only Small Change is common to both. 

If you're not a Waits fan or familiar with his music, give this one a chance, especially the 11-minute opener. Only two minutes in and Tom casually rips a joke, much to the delight of the television studio audience. Immediately he has the audience in his grasp with evocative story telling, humour and the exquisite musicianship of his supporting band. Burma Shave is undoubtedly one of the great ‘small-town escape’ songs, applicable to any young person growing up in a small town or village throughout the world. His genius is not just in the music and lyrics but the way he draws you in to his characters and makes their lives and points of view feel like reality.

Tom’s appearance on the Austin City Limits TV show is one of the most requested shows in their 40-year archive. It was recorded three months after the release of ‘Blue Valentine’ and embodies a transitional stage in his career from beat poet evolving towards the more experimental work of the classic 80’s trilogy of ‘Swordfishtrombones,’ ‘Raindogs’ and ‘Frank’s Wild Years.’

Tom's band:
Herbert Hardesty - sax, flugelhorn, trumpet
Arthur Richardson - guitar
John Thomassie - drums
Greg Cohen – bass



  1. Thanks for sharing! Some good ol' Tom is always appreciated :)

  2. REQUEST: Bob Dylan original Blood on the Tracks acetate, surely one of the greatest bootlegs ever, before they release it officially with brickwalled mastering.

  3. Thanks, my friend! I've always had this on vinyl, but never took the the time to transfer the show to my digital library. I adore this set. Thanks again!

    - Brett

  4. Hi, it would be Wonderfull to have the link to this bootleg, I have it on vinyl and love it. Would love the FLAC though!
    Best, bas

  5. Tom Waits - Remasters (9 bootleg albums)
    Torrent available all shows recommended
    Use the site mentioned on bootleg #67 listed in the best bootlegs doc.