Sunday 24 July 2016

#53 THE BAND - Complete King Biscuit Flower Hour 1976 (Flac)

The Band's performance broadcast on the King Biscuit Flower Hour was one of the first bootlegs I downloaded from the internet. Since those days a pre-FM edition has circulated in superb audio quality. This is the best version available and if you already have this show, check to make sure it's the pre-fm source offered here.

The Band
Complete King Biscuit Flower Hour
Carter Baron Amphitheatre, Washington DC
July 17, 1976

Soundboard pre - FM from King Biscuit discs and reels
Length 71:13 mins    
originally broadcast on August 29, 1976

01 Don't Do It 5:10
02 The Shape I'm In 4:08
03 It Makes No Difference 7:23
04 The Weight 4:44
05 King Harvest 3:45
06 Twilight 3:29
07 Ophelia 3:36
08 Tears Of Rage 5:58
09 Forbidden Fruit 6:11
10 This Wheel's On Fire 3:51
11 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down 4:04
12 The Genetic Method 3:57
13 Chest Fever 4:23
14 Up On Cripple Creek 5:59
15 W.S. Walcott Medicine Show 4:03


William Keats wrote:
The new Last Waltz booklet indicates the DC show date was actually 16 August 1976 (see page 1 of the booklet). The PreFM copy that I have has this setlist, which is not the entire show, but everything that King Biscuit broadcast (from PreFM sources including reels, which is how the Biscuit used to get sent out)
I write: However this date is known to be incorrect, the recording was most likely made on 17 July 1976

Robbie Robertson Guitars, Vocals
Rick Danko Bass, Vocals, Violin
Richard Manuel Drums, Keyboards, Vocals
Levon Helm Vocals, Guitars
Garth Hudson Keyboards, Sax


original shn files > wav > flac (using dbPoweramp)
by thebasement67 (September, 2014)
for 100greatestbootlegs blog


  1. Great, i've been waiting for a new post! :D Thank you very much for sharing. I"ve got The Last Waltz on dvd, but i never got around to watching it yet (save for the performance of 'Caravan' with Van Morrison). I'll start with this one, i guess, cheers!

  2. Hopefully it will inspire you to watch the Last Waltz!

  3. thanks! any true live band material is a treat. the last waltz has got to be the greatest concert film ever despite robbie's overdubbing of the show. i'm sure you know, but there is a audience recording of the last waltz somewhere and recently someone uploaded an audience cam of it to youtube. not the place to start with the last waltz but interesting for anyone like myself who knows it note for note! thanks again

  4. thank you very much!!

  5. Nice addition--been awhile since I've listened to them and the timing is right. Thanks for all you do.

  6. thanks, just the usual ISP problems and the unusual amazing sunny weather this summer