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FRAZEY FORD - Live In Session (2020) Flac

Celtic Connections 2020
Another Country with Ricky Ross
BBC Radio Scotland FM Stereo

Tuesday 21 January 2020 / 9-11pm

Live music with Frazey Ford, Pieta Brown and Robert Vincent performing 'In The Round' at Cottiers Theatre as part of Celtic Connections 2020, Glasgow's annual winter music festival.

I missed the beginning of the programme and only kept the Frazey Ford section of the show. At the outer edge of FM reception for this BBC radio station, sometimes my recordings are marred by a poor signal depending on weather and atmospheric conditions, fortunately the sound on this one is really A+++

If you are familiar with the Americana genre you will know that Frazey was a member of the Canadian all-female band 'The Be Good Tanyas'. She went solo and released her first album Obadiah in 2010. Four years later it was followed by Indian Ocean and a further six years later by U Kin B The Sun in 2020.

This was one of the last pre-lockdown live sessions on British radio before the ban on live music. The interview is very interesting too, as Frazey discusses her methods of songwriting and her love of Memphis soul, whose influence shines throughout her last two albums and this performance. The musicianship on this live session is stunning and its well worth spending thirty-minutes of your time listening to it. An exclusive on the blog and hasn't circulated elsewhere. Following below the tracklisting are notes by the presenter, DJ and singer-songwriter, Ricky Ross.


Frazey Ford - In The Round Session
Recorded at Cottiers Theatre, Glasgow on 21 January, 2020.
xx. Holdin' It Down (missed, not recorded)

01. Interview pt. 1 (1:42)
02. Money Can't Buy (4:04)
03. Interview pt. 2 (1:42)
04. Let's Start Again (5:03)
05. Interview pt. 3 (2:20)
06. Runnin' (5:43)
07. The Kids Are Having None Of It (5:15)
08. Azad (4:34)

recorded 21 January, 2020
by thebasement67

Denon tuner TU-250L > DAC > Audacity 2.1.3 > 16bit 44kHz Wav > WavLab6 > (tracking and editing) > TLH > Flac 8



There’s something about a round which is very special. To the initiated it’s a Nashville, Tennessee tradition. In truth I’m not certain where it started but its most celebrated home is The Bluebird Cafe on Music City’s west side. On any night of any week you’ll find a first and second house filled up with music loving locals and increasingly, visitors to the city, keen to experience one of the most celebrated experiences the home of country has to offer. The interesting adjoined to all this is that the songwriters in the round may not be familiar to any of the audience; it’s the songs that are the stars.

The format is simple. The writers gather in the centre of the room and seated round them at tables and a few (latecomers only) rows of chairs and a couple of bar-stools are the audience. One of the four will launch into a number and for the best part of two hours with a short intermission four songwriters will tell stories, sing songs made famous by a variety of artists (sometimes including themselves) and your heart will get broken and put back together as you walk out to the cool of a Tennessee night. For $20 or so, it’s possibly the cheapest, best night out ever.

There are legendary stories too. A couple of years ago Kacey Musgraves told us the great story of how she met Ruston Kelly after spying him one night at The Bluebird. It was music of course… but love and marriage followed. We are not expecting that at our annual Celtic Connections round this week although we have had one or two great friendships. We think John Murry met his next producer on a smoke break after one of the nights we hosted. At the Bluebird the story goes that one night in a quiet corner of the room an up and coming singer called Garth Brooks was in to see what was happening. It was there he heard a song he knew was perfect for him. On the night he heard The Dance he told the writer, Tony Arata, ‘When I get a record deal, I’m going to record that song.’ You probably know how that one worked out.

In the AC round this year we have three great writers and some fabulous guest musicians. From Idaho along with guests John McCusker and Michael McGoldrick Music, we welcome Pieta Brown. From Vancouver, for a return to our round, Frazey Ford and her band. And all the way from Liverpool, Robert Vincent. There are stories, a few laughs, the occasional tear and two hours of song after song from three wonderful artists. It was all recorded in Cottiers Theatre in Glasgow on Tuesday night.  (Ricky Ross, 24 January 2020)


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