Tuesday 24 March 2020

#139 THE FALL - Sound City (1992-93) (Flac)

Some years ago after watching the BBC documentary, 'The Fall - The Wonderful and Frightening World of Mark E Smith' Watch Here
I realised I had been listening to them for over twenty-five years and still not seen them live. I decided to do something about it. Not long after watching the TV programme, a new tour was announced to promote the 'Interim' album. I bought a ticket, it was the same line-up of the band that recorded 'Fall Heads Roll' released later in 2005.

I got to the venue early as it was new to me and saw a closed metal gate with a paper sign taped to it: Venue Changed – now at the Student’s Union. Feeling fortunate that I hadn't left it until later I made my way to find something to eat and seek directions for the new venue.

Eventually later in the day I stood in a large line, everyone had to sign papers to get into the Students Union. While standing and waiting down the front with emphasis on 'the waiting' an announcement was made that the band’s transport had broken down. So time for another pint.  

Eventually they appeared on stage and judging by the condition of Mark E. Smith, they had evidently broken down near a pub or off licence.

He stumbled on and directed the band straight into Wrong Place, Right Time segueing into the Move’s I Can Hear The Grass Grow just like on the Peel sessions box. It was impressive, extremely powerful and rock solid.
Touch Sensitive saw Mark E. begin to smile as he voiced the 'Hello Hello' chorus obviously relaxed and enjoying himself. Over half of the set was made up of tracks from the new album 'Interim'.
Closing with Mr Pharmacist, the crowd at the front went berserk especially on the sped up parts of the song, a fitting finale. The band trooped off without a thanks or goodbye. The lights never went on, we waited for more but it was not to be. One hour - thirteen songs including Sparta FC, Pacifying Joint and White Lightning.

This recording comes from the previous decade, from two consecutive annual BBC Sound City live performances in 1992 and 1993. The Fall were on the crest of a commercial wave, 'The Infotainment Scan' had broke into the top ten UK album chart. 
Half of that album can be heard live on the 1993 section of these broadcasts. 

This is the 'Mighty Fall' at perhaps their most accessible.  If you’ve steered clear of them in the past, perhaps daunted by their reputation, try this one you may be pleasantly surprised. I would also like to thank stranger09 who recorded these shows and made them originally available via separate downloads.

The Fall
Sound City, Waterfront, Norwich, England
21 April 1992
BBC Radio 1 FM stereo

Nakamichi Tapedeck > CD-R > Audacity > TLH > Flac

01. And Therein
02. Blood Outta Stone
03. Time Enough at Last
04. Free Range
05. Idiot Joy Showland
06. Gentlemen's Agreement
07. Edinburgh Man

The Fall
Sound City, Hallam University, Sheffield, England
7 April 1993
BBC Radio 1 FM stereo

FM > Cassette > Nakamichi Deck > CD > wav > flac

08. Intro
09. Why Are People Grudgeful?
10. Ladybird (Green Grass)
11. Glam Racket
12. Free Range
13. I'm Going to Spain
14. The League of Bald-Headed Men
15. Lost in Music

Great performances and excellent quality recordings.


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