Sunday, 22 March 2020

#138 LED ZEPPELIN - Texas International Pop Festival 1969

August 31, 1969
Texas International Pop Festival
Motor Speed Way
Dallas, TX

In 1969, Led Zeppelin played over 150 live shows, touring began prior to that on Boxing Day 1968 and then continued through into Mid- February ‘69
After a two-week break the group began a UK tour on March 1st and also fitted in some Scandinavian dates mid-month. This took them into mid-April and immediately they flew to the US and began another tour that ran to the end of May.
Amazingly a second UK tour of the year followed finishing at the Royal Albert Hall on June 29th.
Less than a week later they were in Atlanta Georgia for the beginning of the US Festival season, more dates at conventional venues followed with appearances in Canada before finishing at the Texas International Pop Festival on Aug 31st, in September they took some time off!

On October 7th touring began again in Europe, opening in Stockholm. Their second date, three days later in Paris is the recording that was previously available here, a pre-fm of a radio broadcast. That show is now officially released on the second disc of the Led Zeppelin debut album deluxe 2cd set. (Note that less than half of the final track How Many More Times has been included. Yes, the official release has cut the 23:08 running time down to 11:13 probably to make way for the inclusion of Moby Dick, missing from the bootleg. The official release also has some music cut from White Summer/Black Mountian Side).

A final European date in London on October 12th was followed by more touring of the US and Canada between October 17th and November 7th.
A year that also saw them release their debut album and record and release a second, Led Zeppelin II
What a phenomenal work schedule, these guys certainly worked hard for their success.

This show hasn’t been professionally mixed and therefore can’t match the quality of the Paris ’69 show but it’s still an excellent recording and a great performance, although at the beginning you can hear the soundman struggling to mix Zeppelin’s live sound (much like the Paris bootleg). It soon settles down and provides one of the best sounding live bootlegs from Led Zeppelin's early years.

These audio files are from the Empress Valley title  “The Only Way To fly “ released in 2002.

original notes:
Source: Soundboard Recording with Audience patches to make a complete show.

1. Introduction
2. The Train Kept A Rollin'
3. I Can't Quit You
4. Dazed And Confused
5. You Shook Me
6. How Many More Times
7. Communication Breakdown

Empress Valley has taken the missing segments for the soundboard and added the audience source to fill in the gaps. Sound is excellent for the Sbd and Good/Very Good for the audience source. 



  1. A great show, very populair bootleg. Maybe "essential" ? I've got the 'Texas International Pop Festival Definitive Edition 4CD TCOLZ', let's see how that one compares to this version. And thanks for a new post so soon after the previous one!

  2. I really APPRECIATE what you are doing here with your blog!!!!

    Do you accept monetary donations for you time and trouble?

    I wanted to report that the link to this and several other downloads is apparently non-functional...the "netkups" server link is apparently down? at least for me...Thanks!

  3. Thanks Joe there is a button on the right hand side panel.
    Unfortunately Netkups is currently offline, since yesterday. Hopefully it is only temporary and will come back online soon.

  4. Thanks, this might be my favorite Zep bootleg, they were just on fire down there in Texas