Monday 6 January 2014

#24 PATTI SMITH - Musikhalle, Hamburg (Aug 1, 1996) (Flac)

Patti Smith
Hamburg, Germany
August 1, 1996
FM broadcast

Patti performed for the last time as the Patti Smith Group on 10 September 1979 at the Stadio Comunale in Florence, Italy.
She was on stage for part of a benefit concert in Detroit 1980 and except for a few poetry readings in 1981 would not appear live again until a two-song performance with her husband Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Arista Records in 1990.
A benefit show in 1991 for AIDS followed and also an appearance in Central Park during 1993 but it wasn’t until 1995 that Patti again took the stage regularly. She ended the year supporting and appearing as a guest on Bob Dylan’s ‘Paradise Lost tour’ and was accompanied by original PSG band members Lenny Kaye, Jay Dee Daugherty with the addition of Tony Shanahan, Oliver Ray and Tom Verlaine.

This same line-up would perform in 1996 on Patti’s first European tour in seventeen years. The tour promoted Patti’s sixth album ‘Gone Again’ released in June 1996. This Hamburg show on 1st August was broadcast on German FM radio and the recording showcases a stunning performance with crystal clear sound and a superbly balanced stereo mix. This is an exceptional download and one of the very best in my collection.

Lineage:  Onkyo FM tuner > Onkyo Tapedeck(analog) > PC music cleaning lab > CDR > EAC > Flac > wav > Nero > wav > flac  (see original notes with download)

disc one
01. Wing (4:53)
02. People Have the Power (4:04)
03. Dancing Barefoot (5:23)
04. Summer Cannibals (4:00)
05. Wicked Messenger (4:28)
06. Ghost Dance (5:02)
07. Beneath the Southern Cross (5:36)
08. Redondo Beach (4:32)
09. Free Money (4:23)
10. About a Boy (10:02)

disc two
11. The Crystal Ship (3:13)
12. When Doves Cry / Ain’t it Strange (10:10)
13. Wild Leaves (5:39)
14. People Have the Power (2:14)
15. Gone Again (4:40)
16. Please Be My Guy (0:26)
17. Because the Night (4:00)
18. Land / Gloria (9:52)
19. Farewell Reel (3:46)


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm a Smith virgin, so i'm going to hear this fresh.

    1. not the worst place to start, how did you like it?

  2. Always exciting to see Patti and Tom V. together on something. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, I appreciate the lossless compression format and the opportunity to hear Patti and Tom together at what sounds like an epic show. Stuck financially and occupationally in the States until summer at least.
    Clint in Detroit

  4. Thank you for sharing what must have been a hot show in Hamburg, Patti and Tom, Hamburg, hard to beat--and in FLAC, an excellent lossless format. Can't wait to hear it; stuck in the States occupationally and financially until at least summer.

    1. Yes, Tom Verlaine just adds that bit extra, especially on the Kurt Cobain tribute 'About A Boy'

  5. Sounds great, great pics, love FLAC. Have some excellent Further (remains of the Grateful Dead) Flac files, right from the soundboard, these sound just as good. Thanks!

  6. Great sound, great pics, thanks!

  7. Last Night at CBGBs adds a nice chapter to the Smith-Verlaine story.

  8. Thank you very much for this concert. Marvelous sound quality indeed.

    Derek from Paris

  9. Download available here:

    scroll down page to find it