Friday 16 September 2016

#88 JEFF BUCKLEY - Glastonbury 1995 (Flac)

Glastonbury Festival,
Worthy Farm,Pilton,UK

June 24,1995
Jeff Buckley first toured Europe in March 1994, just after completing the sessions and finalising the tracks for his debut album. A short ten club tour was organised, the aim to establish his presence overseas. These shows provoked such a response that in London, famed tennis star John McEnroe carried Jeff's amp downstairs, after a sell out gig Upstairs at the Garage. The following week the 'Live at Sin-e EP' appeared in London record shops and sold five thousand copies. In a six week period he had become the biggest thing happening in London. 

'Grace' was released on August 23, 1994 the same day as releases from Oasis, Sebadoh, the Jesus & Mary Chain, Public Enemy and Shawn Colvin. Columbia had shipped forty thousand copies to record stores. In its first week 'Grace' sold only two thousand copies. For Jeff to connect with the wider public he needed to perform live.

In June, the 1994-95 'Grace' international tour got underway. Slowly Jeff and his band worked their way up from small clubs such as Albany's 'Valentines' and New York's 'Fez' to festival appearances the following year in Europe. A tour of Australia ended on 6 September 1995, by which time the band had performed 207 concerts and hundreds of promo appearances for TV, Radio and record stores. Exhausted Jeff informed Colombia that enough was enough and further dates in the US were dropped. By this time the album had sold over 180,000 copies in the US and half a million worldwide, primarily in the UK, France and Australia.

This performance, from the Glastonbury Festival, shows a band honed and tight through such a long period of touring, such that if you have never heard Jeff Buckley before you can start here, it's that good.

Sourced from an exact audio copy, extracted from the pre-FM BBC Radio transcription disc. This show could be released tomorrow as a bonus disc on Jeff's superb debut album 'Grace'. Surprisingly it doesn't include "Hallelujah" but seven of the nine songs played live can be found on that debut release

Jeff Buckley
Glastonbury Festival,
Worthy Farm,Pilton,UK

June 24,1995

Lineage: Original BBC Transcription Disc > EAC WAV Extraction > Flac Frontend > FLAC (Level 8)

01. applause
02. Dream Brother
03. Lover, You Should've Come Over
04. So Real
05. Last Goodbye
06. What Will You Say
07. Mojo Pin
08. Eternal Life
09. Kick Out The Jams
10. Grace

Superb SBD Quality : A+
Pre-FM SBD BBC Transcription Disc Of Complete Glastonbury Performance - The Definitve Source > Special!
Extraction/Encoding By Phil 'AintNoBody'


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