Tuesday 9 April 2013

#22 ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS - Berkeley, California 1978 (Flac)

There are numerous early Costello recordings available in great quality. Of the three KSAN pre-fm recordings I have this is easily the best.

Elvis Costello & the Attractions
February 7, 1978
Zellerbach Auditorium,
Berkeley, California

This show was first posted in May 2005 by musigny23 and snatched some 500+ times.
Reposted in January 2006 by craig62 and with almost 300 snatches before falling off the tracker in August 2006.
Here it again for anyone who wasn't around in 2005-2006. These are the original flac files except I've split off two long-ish encore breaks (1:24 and 2:36) into separate tracks.

source: pre-FM
sound: excellent
lineage: Transfer of KSAN reels: #594A, #594B 15 ips 1/2 track Engineered by Ed Ely, reels labeled "for Bonnie"  Plybck-Revox A-77>Panasonic SV-250DAT(internal A/D)  DAT plybck Panasonic 3800>Apple G4(Peak editing, sample rate conversion)> Xact from files>upload
2009 edits by john234:
- split off the encore breaks into separate tracks
- added flac tags
Editing lineage: Audacity (track splits) > TLH > FLAC 6 (align SB) > Foobar2000 (flac tags).

01. intro by Bonnie Simmons
02. Mystery Dance
03. (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes
04. Hand In Hand
05. Waiting For The End Of The World
06. No Action
07. Less Than Zero
08. The Beat
09. (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea
10. Little Triggers
11. Radio, Radio
12. You Belong To Me
13. Lipstick Vogue
14. Watching The Detectives
15. Pump It Up
16. encore break
17. I'm Not Angry
18. encore break
19. This Year's Girl
20. outro by Bonnie Simmons
Duration : 62:26

Notes -
- commentary by Bonnie Simmons during the encore breaks
- the "Crawling Through The USA" bootleg torrented in 2007 included eight tracks from this concert.


  1. I had a vynal copy of EC 50,000.000 can't be wrong. The first disc which was a comp of various SB shows is outstanding. Look for it if you can.

    1. thanks narrow dog, will keep an eye out maybe someone has done a vinyl rip

  2. I never heard this one before. Love that 77 US invasion material!
    Thanks for this and many others!

  3. Your welcome, there would have been a lot more US broadcasts through '79 and the early 80's if it hadn't been for the unfortunate Ray Charles incident.

  4. Yes! Miss Bramlett was certainly not a pacifist hippie!

  5. Thanks much for posting. Have heard several shows from this tour but EC sounds a bit more focused on the lyrics here.

    What a career he's had. A world-class treasure who is under-appreciated these days, probably because he's never really tried to be what he was expected to be.

  6. Indeed, he is also such a great fan of music and very knowledgeable about its history.
    Something from the latter years will appear in the future

  7. Thankyou for the early Costello, The American shows from
    this era sound a little more 'guarded' than the UK shows.
    First saw Costello in 1979, have been to over 30 shows
    over the years and never been disappointed by any of
    his guises. A world-class treasure indeed. Cheers

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this, and the rest of your collection. There is some great and interesting stuff on your pages.

  9. cheers Dave, plenty more good music to come

  10. Thanks for this one. From easily my favourite Costello period, from which I enjoy pretty much everything he did. Cheers!

  11. Download available here:


    scroll down to third link

  12. ousterhout.net/ is no longer?

    1. Sadly Ouster passed away because of Cancer. RIP