Wednesday 1 August 2012

#17 THE CURE - L'Olympia, Paris (June 7, 1982) (Flac)

This is the best sounding show from the Pornography tour and a stunning nerve shredding performance. Another bootleg of this show Live At L'Olympia includes Killing An Arab and All Mine but it doesn't have the sound quality of this.

The Cure
L'Olympia - Paris, France
M bootleg - SBD > ? > Bootleg CD > EAC > CDR

1. M
2. The Drowning Man
3. A Short Term Effect
4. Cold
5. At Night
6. Splintered In Her Head
7. Three Imaginary Boys
8. Primary
9. One Hundred Years
10. Play For Today
11. A Strange Day
12. A Forest
13. 10:15 Saturday Night
14. The Figurehead
15. Pornography

Grade: EX+
Source: SBD
Length: 74 minutes
Artwork included 

Original Set Running Order

1. the figurehead
2. m
3. the drowning man
4. a short term effect
5. cold
6. at night
7. splintered in her head
8. three imaginary boys
9. siamese twins  (missing not broadcast available on an audience recording)
10. primary
11. one hundred years
12. the hanging garden (missing not broadcast available on an audience recording)
13. play for today
14. a strange day
15. a forest
16. pornography 

17. 10.15 saturday night
18. killing an arab (missing, see link below)
19. all mine (missing, see link below)

from Live at L'Olympia

Killing An Arab (3:03)
All Mine (10:56)


  1. love it all! keep up the GREAT work.
    never can have enough Cure.

  2. Bit tardy here, but thanks for sharing this. Never knew it existed.

  3. I listened to this version and as an unbiased, objective listener, I can say that this version is clearer and obviously superior to the swinging pig version which I already have. The Swinging Pig version sounds altered, compressed and unnatural although with perhaps slightly less hiss. I prefer the unaltered, clear, natural sound personally! I am not a fan of many noise reduction algorithms due to choppy garbled results which often occur. Just sayin...