Saturday 11 August 2012

#18 THE BEATLES - Esher Demos (Flac)

There are many variations of the Esher demos circulating, speed corrected, phase corrected, remasters etc.
This is as good as you can get at the moment (2012) 

1: Julia
2: Blackbird
3: Rocky Raccoon
4: Back In The U.S.S.R.
5: Honey Pie
6: Mother Nature's Son
7: Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
8: Junk
9: Dear Prudence
10: Sexy Sadie
11: Cry Baby Cry
12: Child Of Nature
13: The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
14: I'm So Tired
15: Yer Blues
16: Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
17: What's The New Mary Jane
18: Revolution
19: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
20: Circles
21: Sour Milk Sea
22: Not Guilty
23: Piggies
24: Happiness Is A Warm Gun
25: Mean Mr. Mustard
26: Polythene Pam
27: Glass Onion
28: Junk (anthology mix)
29: Honey Pie (anthology mix)

Demos from George's house (Kinfauns) and John's house (Kenwood) in late May 1968.
For what it's worth, not only do tracks 1-23 sound better to us than on "From Kinfauns To Chaos" but they're also in the 'correct order', at the correct speed and in true mono for the first time (as best we can tell). Purple Chick PC-135 (2007)



  1. Nice, thank you!

  2. Details! Details!
    Is there a difference between this, listed as The Beatles - The Beatles Deluxe Vol. 3(Disc 1) (from CDR)
    None I can see other than the name and the fan created artwork included... or is there?

  3. It's the same, the notes above the download button give you the clue

    "Purple Chick PC-135 (2007)"

    The artwork is Purple Chick's just inverted to a more appropriate colour!

  4. Excellent. Thank you.

  5. Would this be the same as "Beatles Unplugged" boot that i have? (complete with artwork/inserts)
    I'm assuming it is.
    How does it compare?

  6. The Beatles Unplugged dates from 1995 if its the Invasion Unlimited version you have.
    If there had been an upgrade closer to the master tape it would have created a buzz all over the net but as far as I know Purple Chick is as good as any. Maybe worth downloading and giving us your opinion on both?

  7. the Remasters Workshop version is called Release from Limitations sounds just as good as Pc's I think

  8. thanks in advance let me check

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  10. the permanent download link (free) to The Beatles The Lost Album:

  11. solidfiles seems dead

    1. It's now an official release.

  12. site stop working 2023-07, so Esher link also dead

  13. Please, consider making it clearer that this CD is part of Purple Chick's White Album Deluxe.
    By altering your 'Purple Chick PC-135' 'comment' too say saying something like.
    'This bootleg is (also) Purple Chick PC-135 (which is CD05 of 12CD, Purple Chick's 'White Album Deluxe' (PC-131~PC-142) (2007)).
    Took me ages hunting the Internet, before I realised, I had this already!!!