Wednesday 11 July 2012

#16 PORTISHEAD - Live at Tower Ballroom, Blackpool 1995 (Flac)

Next up is another 90's band and again a BBC FM radio production, not pre-fm but a superb performance with sound quality to match.
Portishead released their debut album Dummy in 1994 it's now regarded as a classic and this live set not only features some of the best tracks from that album but includes two songs that would appear two year's later on their second self titled release. Also featured is a live performance of the UK b-side 'It's A Fire which appeared on North American and Australian versions of the debut release.

Tower Ballroom, Blackpool, UK
May 25th, 1995

01. radio intro
02. Numb
03. Wandering Star
04. Mourning Air
05. Strangers
06. Over
07. It's A Fire
08. Glory Box
09. Pedestal
10. Sour Times
11. radio outro

BBC FM Radio broadcast


  1. thanks for sharing, as usual. Never really got into 90's bands, except for Nirvana, Korn and some others, but now i'll give it a try!

  2. You are welcome, some great bands came out of the 90's most of the best current bands began then. Certainly a more productive period for music than the last twelve years in my opinion, but then maybe i'm getting too old!

  3. This needs normalizing when ripped off the cd before encoding. It's slightly clipped & distorted. Decoded it to .wav and loaded in cool edit, it goes of the scale & is clipped.

    Beats my copy i taped off Radio 1 tho.

  4. Link to Internet Archive

  5. Thanks for sharing. I went to this gig. It was such an amazing night in so many ways! Was high as a kite and had a great time. One of the best gigs I’ve ever been to

  6. Looks a great venue to see a gig. This is a great keep sake.