Thursday 12 October 2023

Blog Update

There have been few bootleg posts this year. My spare time has been limited to catching up with CDs that I have bought in Charity/Thrift shops, enabling me to grow my collection of CDs from over five hundred to seven times that. In fact there is a long running thread, dedicated to this very pursuit on the ‘Steve Hoffman Music Forum.’

It’s also satisfying to see younger music fans participating, vinyl is a great medium but is becoming extremely pricey. If you want a physical copy you can’t go wrong with CDs, certainly not at the cheap prices they are available for nowadays.

I have also been listening to radio shows, current and classic. For my generation it was the only way to hear new music, TV shows about music were limited to two weekly, Top of the Pops and the Old Grey Whistle Test.

Record shops in those days had listening booths, where you could put on a pair of headphones and get a preview of an album that you were interested in. Or you could arrive on new release day and the best shops would give you a blast of their latest stock at high volume.

I have posted a few shows on the blog from UK radio DJ’s, that I believe to be the best of their profession. Have a look through these previous posts for John Peel, Andy Kershaw, the Music Planet ladies; Kathryn Tickell and Lopa Kothari, Bob Harris, David Rodigan and Ricky Ross. Links below for easy use...

The next post, Trevor Nelson is the latest in the series. Bootleg fans don’t worry there will be further posts!

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  1. Hi I made the $5 donation, but haven't received the 100 greatest bootlegs document - thank you!