Tuesday 2 March 2021

Giggs sits in for Rodigan - 24 February, 2019 (complete show)

David Rodigan was absent from his BBC Radio 1Xtra show throughout February 2019 while he toured Japan, Australia & New Zealand. He invited guest-DJ's to sit in. The shows are usually take over by a fellow colleague on the radio station and these are often just an extension of that DJ's usual show. The best sit-ins take place when someone who is not a regular DJ comes in and takes over the microphone. 

Giggs (and Y.C. his dog) host David Rodigan's 1Xtra show, he selects the music he listened to growing up and that has influenced his own music and also selects his top three Jamaican albums of all time.

This is a superb radio show I've listened to numerous times. Giggs is an absolute natural in front of the microphone. He's warm, genial, witty and exudes a deep love for the music he plays. At one point he warns Rodigan that he's coming after his job - no idle threat when you hear this show.

If you were a Roots Reggae / Dancehall fan in the late 70's and 80's and your interest lapsed after digital rhythms took over. This programme is a perfect primer on what happened next. It includes selections from some of the greatest 90's singles and album artists. Excellent quality on this, play loud for best effect.


Sunday 24 February 2019 / 7-9pm
BBC Radio 1Xtra - David Rodigan show (Giggs sits in)

     part one:
01. Gentleman - Still Around (ft. Beenie Man) (
rel: 19 Jan '19)
02. Kabaka Pyramid - Reggae Music | Kontraband (
rel: 25 May '18)
03. Giggs - (Is It Gangsta?) Yes, Yes, Yes | When Will It Stop (
rel: 2013)
04. Garnett Silk - Lord Watch Over Our Shoulders (Greensleeves) (rel: 1995)
05. Tenor Saw & Buju Banton - Ring The Alarm (
rel: 1993)
06. Bounty Killer - Killer Sounds (ft. Future Troubles) (
rel: 1995)
07. Major Mackerel - Dutty Bungle (Don Ban) (
rel: 1988)
08. Major Mackerel - Disease (
rel: 1992)
09. Tiger - Come Again (Power House) (VP) (re
l: 198x)
10. Cutty Ranks - A Who Seh Me Dun (VP) (
rel: 1992)
11. Baby Wayne - A The Truth (
rel: 1993)
12. Bounty Killer & Ninjaman - Badman A No Cub Scout (rel: 1994)
13. Beenie Man - Blackboard (VP) (
rel: 1996)
14. Ward 21 - Haters (Jammys) (
rel: 1998)
15. Capleton - Raggy Road (Def Jam) (
rel: 1997)

      part two:
16. Capleton - Cooyah Cooyah | Still Blazin'  (VP) (rel: 2002)
17. Mavado - Top Shotta Nuh Miss (VP) (rel: 2007)
18. Koffee - Toast (Sony) (rel: 16 Nov '18)
19. Spragga Benz - Differ (ft. Sean Paul, Agent Sasco & Chi Ching Ching)         
     1Xtra live in JA, 6 Feb 2019 (unrel: 2019)
20. Stylo G - Touch Down (Remix) (ft. The Fanatix, Nicki Minaj & Ding Dong) (rel: 6 Dec '18)
21. Buju Banton - Stamina Daddy | Stamina Daddy #3 (rel: 1992)
22. Buju Banton - Gold Spoon | Stamina Daddy #3 (rel: 1992)
23. Buju Banton – General | Stamina Daddy #3 (rel: 1992)
24. Buju Banton - Laid To Rest | 'Til Shiloh #2 (rel: 1995)
25. Buju Banton – Murderer | 'Til Shiloh #2 (rel: 1995)
26. Buju Banton - Untold Stories | 'Til Shiloh #2 (rel: 1995)
27. Luciano - It's Me Again Jah | Where There Is Life #1 (rel: 1995)
28. Luciano - Who Could It Be | Where There Is Life #1 (rel: 1995)


Recorded from the UK BBC i-player (basement sounds #70)

There is no tracking on this, as it would have introduced unecessary gaps. The show was recorded in two sections, the first hour and second hour for easier listening. It's available in the highest mp3 constant bit rate possible, 320k. Other recordings from digital sources will only be 128k or 192k, if the programme was recorded outside the UK. 


Recommended after hearing the programme

What a track this is, the rhythm hits hard and you can't help move to it, topped up with the most infectious and glorious trumpet solo.


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